Tuesday’s WARZONE Brick City

An easy Q if you have enough blocks and bricks…..


15 Love Me’s IC

17 Over Head Claps IC

20? Imperial Walkers IC (Was killing time waiting on Cowboy to get out of the car)

The Thang —- Get 2 bricks and a block (if we have any)

12 Back Flies OYO

12 Front Shoulder raises OYO

12 Block curls IC

12 Tricep Extensions IC on 6

12 Derkins

1-2-6 AB Work (Flutters, leg raises, LBC in order double  each for 5 rounds)

12 Back Flies

12 Brick Curls back against the wall

12 standing tricep extensions

12 Incline Merkins

1-2-6 Abs

12 Back Flies

12 Front shoulder raises

12 Derkins

12 block chest press

20 Flutter Kicks IC

20 Inappropriate Bridges

We never stopped moving this morning although it looked a few may have caught a cat nap instead of a few simple Ab exrecises.




A New Challenge

So no one signed up for the Q at the WarZone(should have been the first hint). Wall-E had the Q at FarSight.(second hint) Eisenhower posts on the WarZone Chat at 0400 that he had a new Ab Challenge he was working on while he was puking his guts out last night.(3rd hint) Leave no man behind they say. Always pick up the 6 they say. Well “they” didn’t post up this morning.


It was simple. Met up with Audit and BagBoy at 0435 and covered 4.2mi at a steady 8:10/mi pace. Did JudgeJudy’s pull-up bench mark thang. Then drove to WarZone.

The Thang

0525 Hmmmm no one here. Mutt is bound to show up before 0530.

Well 0530 no one here, I’ll give them 2 more minutes(really thought about going home)

0532 mosey over to the cylinders(crap forgot they are all still MIA from The Fox) Hey look! found 1.

20 curls with back flat on the wall of Y. (this is boring alone)

20 Tricep extensions

Mosey to swing set

Pull-up Challenge has kinda sorta started (waiting on that fancy patch Divac)

7 pull-ups with 1 sec pause at top and bottom with full extension at bottom

7 burpees

7 Curls IC

7 Tricep Extensions IC (Yep IC by yourself is freakin stoopid)

Then round of 6, round of 5, round of 4 until you hit Zero.

200 Flutter kicks (2 count)

Devo= Screw this I’ll go to The Clinic to see what BarFly will read from my cousin Archibald Rutledge’s poetry book. Instead it was something about fighting and flags.







Weather 60 (shirtless run weather for sure)

YHC tries to keep up with doing daily Burpees, but lately has slipped. I believe it is the fault of these random weird challenges like running 500 miles in a month or doing 50,000 FlutterKicks in a month. Neither of which makes any sense. So, YHC broke out one of ChuckyCheese’s favorites. I even made sure to invite CC, but he said he was busy learning some new Nuclear jargon from Krispy.


15 IC Imperial Walkers

15 IC Reach Thru’s

15 IC Arm Circles

15 IC Love Me’s

15 IC Reverse Arm Circles

Mosey over to the Malloy parking lot

2 minutes of Curb Steps/ 1 minute rest/ 2 minutes curb steps

YHC then asked each PAXC to pick a white line in the lot and plank up. In a Temple style form we did 10 merkins/plank walk left to next white line 9 merkins/ plank walk right back to original line until you hit 0.

The Thang

The flag was in the middle of WARZONE yard which becomes the hub. You do an exercise at the hub the run out to each corner do the same exercise and repeat until you hit all 4 corners of park.

1st round 10 Burpees(of course)

2nd Round 10 Leg Raises 90 degree

3rd Round Side Plank and knee to elbow using left arm down at Hub and right arm down at the corners 5 reps each



We are not victims of our thoughts. We have a vote. We have a voice. We can exercise thought prevention!

“Don’t talk to me”, we say. “I’m in a bad mood.” As if a mood were a place to which we were assigned, rather than an emotion we permit. Or we say, “Don’t mess with her. She has a bad disposition.” Is a bad disposition something we have like a cold or the flu? Or do we have a choice? Paul says we do. In 2 Corinthians 10:5 he says “We capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ.”

Capture every thought– you get the impression we’re the soldiers and the thoughts are our enemies. The minute they appear we go into action.

Selfishness, step back! Envy, get lost! Find another home. Anger, you aren’t allowed on this turf!


Mutt and YHC decided to cruise the Turkey Trot route before the BeatDown this morning. Eisenhower talked a good game last night, but must have decided that the ab challenge was more important. Mutt did tell him we waited for about 15 seconds before we left. Not sure why but that was a rough 3+ miles for YHC!

LoveBug was putting miles in when we returned. (guess we didn’t wait long enough, 30 secs next time)

Wall-E and Sludge obviously didn’t do any early work since they were out front all morning.

CowBoy was actually on time this morning and got a whole workout in.

Miyagi must have borrowed CowBoy’s clock. He rolled in at the beginning of the Burpee spokes.

On a side note, Sludge was complaining because he might actually need a shower after this morning’s workout.

Wall-E called today “simple and effective, sort of like rat poison” not sure if that’s a compliment or not. He must want tougher workouts.




Vladimir Bring Pain To City

The following BackBlast may or may not be truthful…. I am not a professional but did hijack Stepper’s BackBlast writing.

Weather- It was Monday, can’t remember that far back so guessing 35 degrees and clear

GroundBlind had sent out a GroupMe message Sunday about the weather being perfect and everyone needed to post up for a record crowd. I pulled up in the parking lot with already 4-5 trucks there. Though “nice crowd already”. I see Stepper’s headlights down at the brick pile area doing donuts around the light poles killing time waiting on everyone. He must have gotten bored so he came and parked with us. We are at 10-11 trucks now. His first words to me were “Are all these trucks here for BrickCity?”.  I said yessir. Next words from him were “oh crap”.


For us normal PAX it was side straddle hops, Imperial Walkers, and WindMills.

For GroundBlind it was 14 mile pre-run, change shirts, and throw on a Ruck.

For BenchWarmer it was 1/4 mi mosey, hide by his truck, and fall in line when we left the splash pad area.

The Thang

StepShow likes to prep the area by setting out all the needed coupons before hand, although he hadn’t planned on but 5-6 to actually show up.

Each PAX had 1 block, 1 cylinder, & 2 bricks

The object was to work until exhaustion in a timed order. It went as follows….

3 minutes each exercise followed by 1 minute of rest

3 min Overhead Press/ 1 min squats w block

3 Curls/ 1 squats

3 chest press/ 1 squats

3 tricep extension/ 1 squats

Knock it down to 2 minutes each exercise/1 min squats & repeat all

1 min exercise/1 min squats & repeat all

Put up coupons & mosey back to the splash zone.


Everyone pushed hard that morning. Everyone ran thru the gamete of weigh that was laid out in front of them. Some felt froggier than other with the block choice. I personally like a block with lips on both ends. Helps get a better grip.

BenchWarmer decided to grab the biggest block in the pile for his block. I saw him use it for the first 15 secs of the first exercise then trade with Coxswain. Then BW used a cylinder, traded down to a busted block. Its a 3 minute exercise Man and we were only 45 secs in. Let it be known that BW also no longer does squats but will sit on the ground and watch everyone else do theirs.

Welcome back Fudger. See ya after tax season now.

HeeHaw=Country Strong

PaperBoy, count down is on until he’s a bionic man like GreenAcres

PigPen, at least 1 Rogers knows where BrickCity meets

Coxswain, only man that will leaving Simpsonville at 0230 to make a workout in Hartsville just to avoid EPO

To the rest of you clowns that were there, Monday is a new day!



Totally Hijacked,





Frozen Tundra turns to Mush

So woke up this morning and checked the weather just to make sure a heat wave didn’t blow in over night. Nope, 19 degrees. So, YHC rolls out at 0415 for FarSight to get a run in. No one was there. Oh well, guess only 1 will get better. As YHC hit Lakeview Blvd he noticed lights turn in behind him. A quick glance back to see Audit headed to the parking lot. That makes 2 getting better. (Stoopid run challenge)

Pull up  at WARZONE expecting no one. Low and behold Sludge was sitting there. So I guess this workout was going down. After changing clothes from wet to dry, and much warmer we got it started.

You always get a odd look when you say “alright we need a block and 2 cylinders a piece”.

10 IC Worst Exercise in F3 aka SSH
25 IC Imperial Walkers
Here is where Back40 pulls up behind YHC’s truck. Sits there for maybe 15 seconds then drives off. Yep, we saw the whole thing.
15 IC Love Me’s
15 IC Overhead Claps

10 Burpees

The Thang

12 Curls (Block)
12 Wide Chest Press ( 2 Cylinders)
12 Skull Crushers
12 Single Arm Bent Over Rows (with Block)
12 Wrist Curls
12 IC Squats (Block on shoulders)

12 calf raises on block
10 OYO Merkins (Hands on 2 Cylinders so you have to hold your core tight to keep from falling)

10 Burpees OYO


Repeated 3 times

Added seated back flies 12 IC on last round


Accountability- all 3 of said if no one else showed up we would have gone home. That’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings, especially when its freaking 17-19 degrees.

Prayer- YHC


Frozen grass will thaw out if you lay on it long enough. Ended up with backs soaked. Thanks to the great snow storm #2.

Its a good idea to make sure your gloves allow for total hand expansion when trying double cylinder presses. Mine apparently have shrank because I couldn’t move my thumbs and dropped a cylinder mid lift.

Mutt channeled his inner Bob Dylan this morning on his counts which threw me off by laughing too much

Sludge was knocking out the work then in between sets he would go check on the Garden of Hope behind the Y. In his words “there’s not much hope over there”.

Back40, what the hell bo?

Stopped by The Clinic to see what was going on after the workout. Holt immediately says he’s cold and has to go. Put some damn pants on man!



WEATHER: Nice enough for Belding aka Roker to show up. 52 degrees with slight humidity


SSH – x30

Circle merkins – x75

Tunnel of love – While Pax plank side by side, one by one someone crawls under the tunnel of planking pax. Started at flag to far end of Bury Park. The length of which brought out many midwife noises but we persevered.

Mosey over to block pile to grab coupons.


Split up into partners, one team being the Three Amigos (Wall-E, Lovebug, and Dumper). Good to have Lovebug at the Mothership again.

Four corners were the mandated pain stations for this morning.

CORNER #1 – 30# plate attached to a 15ft braided rope- crab walk to extend rope, pull back in (short length of Bury Park)

Partner 2 is doing burpees while waiting on Partner 1. Gutterball broke the plate drag contraption on the first try, assuming he was done, Bootsie took over mid field and Gutterball took the opportunity to move on.

CORNER #2 – Partner 1 – block curls x75/Partner 2 – overhead press x75

Judge Judy did the hard thing by grabbing the golden block (he claims is heavier after he quickly gave it up to YHC).

CORNER #3 – both partners do pull ups x40

CORNER #4 – Partner 1 doing lbc’s x 100/Partner 2 doing v ups x50

Reference Dumper for perfect form on a V-Up. The man is a machine.


Flutter kicks x30 (4 count)

Leg raises x 25 (up/down)


The Fox is quickly approaching, unless you want to keep hearing Divac yell at everyone to sign up (is he running? He’s on the list, but not sure if he’ll show due to his PR of absences over the last month or so), Sign up! February 3rd.


Our identity is found in Christ, not any job we work or things we’re involved in. Those are worldly identifiers, but each one will fail you in some way. God doesn’t fail. Even when David humbled himself to watch the sheep while his brothers sought recognition, he had a plan and purpose for him. David failed but knew that God was still there and his identity wasn’t in the failures


For ChickenFried by Dump


Murphy Christmas

YHC had asked on the BrickCity Chat is anyone was going to post up on Christmas Day before the 2.0’s attacked. YHC went ahead and signed up for the Q just in case last night. Woke up at 0515 and hauled it out the door. Rolled in to an empty lot at 0530.  So no need for bricks today. The Murph it was!




BlockCity We Lift Heavy Stuff

YHC decided to pick up the Q for BrickCity since Stepper had been on a roll lately Q’ing and YHC really didn’t feel like carrying 5 gallon jugs for 500 yards again. Plus BenchWarmer let us all know that he was going to be travelling with the family and would not grace us with his presence. He did however make sure we all knew he made every workout last week.(well the only ones he counts anyway, doubt he hit Revolution)

YHC pulled into the empty parking lot at 0515 and felt good and bad. Hey if no one shows up that bed would feel good, but our faithful GreyMan pulled in next. The crowd built to an amazing 4 at 0530. At 0530, which is start time, we head straight for the brick pile for warm-ups. Upon hitting Nutter’s Mountain YHC instructed the PAX to get 1 block and 2 cylinders. Yes, YHC had to say that more than once.  JudgeJudy and Fudger were using the same app Stallion uses for an alarm and roll up after the first exercise.


10 IC Worst Exercise in F3 aka SSH

15 IC Arm Circles (Just for Holt)

15 IC Reverse AC

15 IC Love Me’s

The Thang

All exercises were IC and slow full motion

12 Curls (Block)

12 Skull Crushers (Cylinder)

12 Wide Chest Press ( 2 Cylinders)

12 Pull-overs (Cylinder)

12 Single Arm Bent Over Rows (with Block)

20 OYO Decline Merkins (feet on cylinders)

12 IC Squats (Block on shoulders)

12 Curls

12 Skull Crushers

12 Wide Chest Press

12 Pull-overs

20 OYO Merkins (Hands on 2 Cylinders so you have to hold your core tight to keep from falling)

12 Single Arm Bent Rows

(Pretty sure YHC left a few exercises out)

Put all coupons up(stack however because Holt will come fix it later)

Mosey back to Clinic

Circle up

30 IC FlutterKicks

30 IC LBC’s

Count off & Name-o-rama

Devo—Nothing planned- We discussed the dropping off of F3 gifts to the families along with keeping traditional family gatherings going because we never know when a tradition that we have always enjoyed will end.

Audit closed us out in prayer


PaperBoy got a little worried when he got out of the GreyGhost and I told him he may be my only Guinea Pig for the morning

JudgeJudy talked constantly trying to throw off YHC, when that didn’t work he tried his best BabyBeasley to kill all the other PAX

Audit loves stacking his blocks and taking them down

MagicMike said nothing the entire workout then gave a great story at Devo

Fudger made his 1 workout for the week. Said he didn’t know 12 was such a high number






Reign in the Speed Goats of The Clinic

Weather 48 with grass wet

A few weeks back there was some discussion about Q’s falling off at The Clinic since the start of the new GridIron AO which claimed GroundBlind & Stallion. There was also mention of former Q specialist BarFly being stuck in a tree somewhere near Winnsboro with no way to get down. So YHC decided to try out a workout that had only been used once in the 2+ years I had been in F3.

YHC got to The Clinic a little early just to set up all the equipment needed for the BeatDown and also take a lap around the newly smaller area for distance(0.31mi). Equipment was a busted ass 5 gal bucket at the starting point.


20 IC Imperial Walkers

10 IC Clinic Arm Circles

10 Reverse Clinic Arm Circles

20 IC Frankensteins

The Thang

1 way to keep this crowd together is to make them do timed workouts. If not, they’ll scatter all over the place. (too much ADD & ADHD in the group)

Mosey to corner with bucket

20 FlutterKicks IC

Next Corner

20 Flutter Kicks


Next Corner

20 Flutter Kicks


20 Leg Levers on up count

Next Corner

20 Flutters IC


20 Leg Levers

20 Reverse LBC OYO

The fun begins back at the starting corner—-

5 minutes AMRAP Burpees

Fair warning– Don’t challenge Postal to a Burpee-off. He knocked out 102 of them followed closely by Lil  Sweet with 100. Somehow ChainSaw smoked an amazing 4 out in 5 minutes.

Next Lap– run to 2nd corner ( halfway around)

20 Flutters IC

Run to Start

20 Flutters IC


Run to Halfway Corner

15 Flutters IC


15 Leg Levers

Run to Start Corner

15 Flutters IC


15 Leg Levers

15 Reverse LBC’s

Next—- 4 Minutes AMRAP Burpees

3rd Lap— Run 3/4 of a Lap

15 Flutters IC


Recover by racing back to the flag(which is the only way this crowd knows how to run)

Count Off


Unorganized Devo—

YHC had a rough past 7 days by having 2 family members pass away. 1 being my 66yr old cousin which had a great affect on  me in life. Also my Grandmother on my Dad’s side which lived a very full life and made it to within 2 months of being 102yrs old. The age is an accomplishment in itself, but just imagine the changes in the World she saw since being born in 1916.


12 PAX knock out 1053 Burpees in 9 minutes, log in 1.25 miles along with a bunch of core!

JudgeJudy would like everyone to know that he beat Postal in the Burpee count although he had 4 more minutes to do it in since Postal put his 102# up and immediately hauled ass.

Arnold(fresh off a beach trip) said he wore out a credit card at the strip club by trying to swipe it through a hot dancer’s slot, but it never accepted the card.

Paula Dean didn’t say much this morning(not that I heard), it may have been the fact that his glasses were too fogged up and he was concentrating on where he was going or he was too tired from erecting a 27 foot Christmas tree at his house. WoodChip got a contract on the tree for chipping come Dec 26.

ChainSaw—ran like Hell on the laps, did  4 Burpees and left. Not sure if he considered it a good workout or not.

BenchWarmer finally figured out that your chest is supposed to hit the ground to count as a Burpee. (Had to explain that to the M when I got home this morning as well…just saying) He also cut a corner or 2 so he could claim a few kills.

BowTie must have woken up angry because he would let everyone get ahead of him running then kill them all.


Its all true, promise,








Well seeing as how there was going to be a new AO launch this morning(11/2) and the pax at WARZONE had talked about abandoning the original AO YHC decided to stick around. With no clue how many would post YHC prepped for 4-5. Turns out 9 beat the fartsack this morning which caused a modification on how we would do the workout, but it still had guys grunting and groaning. YHC broke out some Spartan toys from home. 2 tractor tires, a sandbag, a plate drag, and 2 buckets.

Weather– 55 degrees and clear (perfect)


15 IC Side Strattle Hops

15 IC Frankensteins

17 IC Reach Backs

10 IC ChuckyCheese Squats (ass to heels)

The Thang

Pick a partner

Object was to hit all exercises

  1. Partner A flips tractor tire(provided by Norris Farms and taller than Arnold) to the flag while partner B bear crawls beside A. Partners swap at flag and B flips back to Cargill sidewalk.
  2. Partner A crab walks out 30′ with rope then drags 100lb plate to him. Partner B crab walks beside A and holds reverse plank. This went from one side to the other(Fairfield to Martin’s office) Swap and crab walk back to beginning.
  3. Partner A carries bucket to opposite end of WARZONE and back while partner B does Burpees. Swap when A gets back.
  4. Partner A carries 55lb sandbag for a mosey around WARZONE. Partner B does merkins until A gets back then swaps.

It seems that the attendance of the local FCA by  our resident educators has gone up from the past. We had 4 disappear like Cinderella at the Ball at 0600. The other 5 of us started the rounds over again until Mary was called.


35 IC FlutterKicks

35 IC 90 Degree Leg Raises

10 IC Dying Coachroaches

Count-off & Name-o-rama



Eisenhower graced us with a great one.

Wall-E closed us out in prayer