Pull Up Challenge

The knowledge: These fine pax made the effort of posting this past week in order to get base-lines set for a personal pull-up challenge. This challenge does not care about the total number of reps but rather improving the skill to make us all better together.


  • Pig Pen–4
  • Audit–5
  • Bagboy–11
  • Dumper–7
  • Greenacres–4
  • Southern Bell–2
  • Heehaw–2
  • Schaefer–5
  • Homer–5
  • Sludge–6
  • Eisenhower—10 Sec. Hang-time
  • Mams—10 Sec. Hang-time
  • Wall-E–8
  • Chainsaw–15
  • Postal–20
  • Lil-Sweet–10
  • Judge Judy—15

The Thang:

We want to see improvement by all pax. Not just one, not just two, but motivational improvement. There will be two sets of goals one for March 31 and one for April 21.


March                                                         April

Pig Pen                   3 sets of 4                                                 3 sets of 8

Audit                        3 sets of 5                                                 3 sets of 10

Bagboy                   3 sets of 11                                              3 sets of 15

Dumper                 3 sets of 7                                                 3 sets of 12

Greenacres         3 sets of 4                                                 3 sets of 8

Southern Bell     3 sets of 2                                                 3 sets of 5

Heehaw                 3 sets of 2                                                 3 sets of 5

Schaefer                3 sets of 5                                                 3 sets of 10

Homer                    3 sets of 5                                                 3 sets of 10

Sludge                     3 sets of 6                                                 3 Sets of 10

Eisenhower         3 sets of 10 sec hang                        3 sets of 3

(arms at 90 degrees)

Mams                      3 sets of 10 sec hang                        3 sets of 3

(arms at 90 degrees)

Wall-E                     3 sets of 8                                                 3 sets of 13

Chainsaw             3 sets of 15                                              3 sets of 20

Postal                     3 sets of 20                                              3 sets of 30

Lil-sweet               3 sets of 10                                              3 sets of 15

Judge Judy           3 sets of 15                                              3 sets of 20

How to Improve:

How do we do better than our base line, I have been at this number for 6 months and it doesn’t change…

Start with your baseline, (Example)


1st set do 5

One minute rest

2nd set as many as possible stopping at 5

One minute rest

3rd set as many as possible stopping at 5

Your goal is to get to 3 times your baseline

If your baseline is 5 keep doing set of pull-ups until you get to 15.

Ex: set 1-5, set 2-4, set 3-3, set 4-3

                  Even if it takes 10 sets, make it to 3 times your number

After a while you will notice your sets getting better, when you can get your first and second set to both match your baseline, up your goal from 3 times the baseline to 4 times the baseline.

Ex: set 1-5, set 2-5, set 3-3, set 4-3 (don’t stop), set 5-3, set 6-2

Don’t stop until you get to or pass your goal. By doing this you train your body to get use to more reps allowing you to strengthen your 3 set.

After you hit your baseline on all three sets, you should change your sets to match April’s goal. Meaning your fist set you should go to 10 if you were at 5. Although it will be a struggle to adjust you will slowly build back to three sets of your new number.

Closing: This is not meant to be easy, this is supposed to be a challenge, if you have any other questions let me know and we will help you succeed.

PS: Eisenhower and Mams, work together, after your three sets of hang time do partner assisted pull-ups. 3 sets of 5 each, that will help you build up to doing them on your own


30-Day Challenge – Pull-up Pre-Blast

30-Day Challenge – Pull-up Pre-Blast

Tired of having pull-ups announced during a workout and dreading the exercise? Ready to build that muscle that has been eluding you this entire time. This is the challenge for you!


30-day pull up challenge. The next installment in the 30-day challenge series from F3 Hartsville


The challenge starts on Feb, 12 and ends March, 12. But you will need to set a baseline and get that number to Judge Judy before we start

What we need from you:

Go to a close pull-up bar location, War-zone, Farsight, The Clinic etc. they all have a bar/playground. Use proper form, palms out people, we are doing pull-ups not chin-ups. I will be at Farsight 5:00am and Revolution 5:15pm Tuesday 2/6, and War-Zone 2/8 at 5:00am to get your baseline numbers and demonstrate good form. If you can’t make it to one of these then get your baseline (as described below) and let me know the number.

How you will get your numbers;

We will go to the pull-up bar and demonstrate form followed by as many as you can do before you Stop/Struggle/Cant get quite above the bar. From there I will assign CHALLENGES and a training program for each person.

This challenge is for everyone who wants to get better whether you can do ½ or 20 you will get better and be victorious if you give it all you got.

Training instructions will be given after your individual baselines have been established. Everyone should be advancing as the challenge continues.

What is success:

Stick with the program for all 30 days (no, not every single day) and show progress to complete this challenge.

Await further instructions IYAFYL


F3 Hartsville Presents the 3rd Edition of The Fox #CSAUP

It’s baaaack!

Mark your calendars now! Back for the third consecutive year on Saturday February 3rd the PAX of F3 Hartsville will host the #CSAUP that F3 Nation will be talking about the rest of the year…The Fox!

You’ve heard of The Goat and The Mule and some little fun run called The Yeti…well The Fox eats Goats, Mules and Yetis for breakfast!  That’s probably not true but after cementing The Fox into the #CSAUP Hall Of Fame last year, YHC and team have raised the bar yet again. Through each stage of planning we have erred on the side of “choosing the hard thing”. You’d think we would be experienced by now…but no, we still don’t exactly know what we’re doing so it will definitely be Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless.

What is The Fox?

This is a team event.  Put your three or four man team together considering speed, strength and endurance will be equally relied upon in this challenge. Don’t have a team? That’s fine, sign up anyway and we will put you on a team!  We will classify teams in four groups and each group will have a staggered start time; Gazelles (6-8 min/mile 10K pace), Thoroughbreds (8-10 min/mile 10K pace), Clydesdales (10+ min/mile 10K pace) & Mules (If you plan to RUCK the event. Minimum weight requirement is 30 lbs).  The course is approximately 11-13 miles (ish) around town hitting at least 5 AO’s full of pain with some extra pain stations built in along the way.  We will start and end at Prestwood Country Club (because we’re classy like that, and Tater Salad is on the board) and the course will be both on and off pavement (WAY off pavement at times).

The Fox 2nd F

We are in the middle of tough negotiations with the band. Last year’s band, Prettier Than Matt, wants a 10 ft perimeter from Arnold at all times! No matter the band, immediately following the event there will be some solid Second F at the club with beer & food provided (bring your own lawn chair). This is really what makes the event worth while, sharing war stories from the event with your brothers, new and old alike. Winners for each class will be announced during this time so be sure to stick around.  I hear there may even be prizes!

The Fox 2.0 Race

Be sure to bring the whole family! We will have a Fox 2.0 course set up for the young guns (boys and girls)! Race will start at 11:15.  Course will be approximately 2 miles with several “obstacles”. We will put 2.0’s on teams based on age or they can form their own team if preferred (sign them up as any racing class…it doesn’t matter) and each team will be accompanied by an adult (certainly your M or yourself are welcome to run as well). You don’t want to miss out on this part! T-shirts will be given to all who register!

The Why

Why give 3-4 hours of your Saturday to such a pointless and stupid event?  Because it’s actually the opposite of that.  You will push yourself to new heights and relish in the victory with your brothers of completing an event as tough as this!  And…because it’s not about you.  It’s about the guy who will be on your team that needs you there so that he can reach the next level.  Don’t let him down!

Who Are The Event Q’s?

Bow Tie, Ground Blind and Divac

Is It Ruck Friendly?

Heck yea!  We can’t promise there won’t be other heavy things to lift but this will be great training for anyone preparing for a GoRuck challenge.

What Kind Of Equipment Do I need?

Flippers, goggles, one of those triathlon unitard things….No really, normal workout gear should suffice.  I would recommend some high socks to protect your shins.  Remember, it’s both on and off pavement.

How Long Will This Take?

We’re not sure.  I would budget for AT LEAST 2.5 hours for the Gazelles (and that will be smoking it!)  Wheels up at 0630 for ruckers and we hope all will be enjoying some Second F by 1100.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing, zero, zilch, nada to participate.  BUT…it does cost to put the event on.  Last year we broke even, almost to the dollar! This year we are donating anything above cost to the Trent Hill Center for Children and Families (Website here) This is a GREAT local organization who are doing much needed work for the community.  So if you are so inclined please send a donation (in the amount of your choice, even $5 helps!) via PayPal to blake_faucette@yahoo.com  Please use “friends and family” method and indicate “The Fox” in the comments section.  All registrants (including 2.0’s) will get an event T-shirt.

Who Is Invited?

All men 18+.  All of F3 Nation is invited and this could be a good chance to get some FNG’s, if they like a challenge.

Do We Need Volunteers?

Yes. We will need volunteers for pain stations, hydration stations, photography, chase car and probably more that we haven’t thought of.  If you or your M or 2.0 would be willing to volunteer, please contact one of the Q’s, indicated in the comment section at the end of the post, or sign up here.

What Is The Route?

Now that would spoil all the fun…

Where Do I Sign Up?

Please sign up here.  Sign up as an individual or a team.  If you know your team make sure that each member includes the SAME team name.  If you sign up without a team we will group individuals together the best we can.


30 Day Challenge: Holiday Prayer Challenge

This challenge is designed to help us grow in our spiritual life with God.

Many of us have our days scheduled. For example, we all schedule our time at work, at play, with family, and the times of our exercises with our F3 brothers. Do we schedule in time to be in prayer with God? This challenge is not difficult. It does require commitment. The commitment is to spend time with God both speaking to God and listening to God.

The Challenge:

  1. Schedule a time each day for reflection and listening for God.
  2. Find a place to be still and quiet, free from distractions.
  3. Quiet one’s mind by talking with God. Pray to God first, and then wait quietly for God’s response.
  4. As the challenge moves forward add one minute every six days following this schedule.
  • Monday, November 27th – Saturday, December 2nd – 5 minutes
  • Sunday, December 3rd – Friday, December 8th – 6 minutes
  • Saturday, December 9th – Thursday, December 14th – 7 minutes
  • Friday, December 15th – Wednesday, December 20th – 8 minutes
  • Thursday, December 21st– Tuesday, December 26th – 9 minutes

We will have a GroupMe page for all participating. Keep track of your own progress and share your experience on the chat to encourage others. The goal is 20 out of 30 days.

Two other important points:

  1. It may take some time at first to get the thoughts of the day clear from one’s mind for conversation with God.
  2. If you miss a day, don’t worry, start again the next day and keep on the schedule. God will still listen.

Are You Up For The Challenge


One of the great things of F3 is the #CSAUP. Whether it’s the Marine Core Mud Run (#F3Superbowl), GoRuck Challenge, P200 or the ultimate test of strength and endurance in what is known as The Fox. CSAUP’s are great for 2 main reasons. 1) They push the Pax to train hard in preparation for the crazy stupid and utterly pointless event that will always take a man beyond what he thought he was capable of. And 2) It brings together Pax who don’t normally see each other at the Tues/Thurs workouts. THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THE #CSAUP is….there isn’t enough of them! Thus the F3 Hartsville 30 Day Challenge was born.


A series of 30-day challenges (goal is 6 per year) that focus on a specific muscle group or discipline. A goal will be defined at the beginning and a Q will be assigned. Each man will keep track of his progress, with the “encouragement” of the other Pax participating of course. Challenges could require double downs and/or solo work. After a Pax has completed 3 challenges within a 12 month time frame he will earn the exclusive F3 Hartsville Challenge Trifecta shirt or patch. Other key pieces of information include:

  • Regional 1st FQ (Goldilocks) will be the program Q with individual challenge Q’s taking the lead on the different 30 day challenges
  • Only one challenge will be active at a time
  • Challenge ideas should be presented to 1st FQ (Goldilocks) for “approval”. Requirements: it must be hard, it must be accessible to all men, there must be a clearly defined goal (preferably relative to a mans starting point)
  • Other stuff as we think of it….


Did you not read the 1st paragraph! We are not here to maintain the status quo. This is an opportunity for all Pax to go beyond their routine and comfort zone then relish with their brothers in the collective sharpening of our 1st and 2nd F.


All Pax. No excuses. Everyone is invited regardless of your starting point.


Read below for launch dates of the first two challenges. After that it’s open but challenges must be approved by 1st FQ (Goldilocks).


Up to the Q. Some will be double down at the site determined by Q. Some will require solo work as well.


Tab will be added to the Q sheet for Pax to sign up. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TPKwHL8WNM73wsfy3vw6VHu98irlhHxYVXPdbMesuCI/edit?pli=1#gid=2077069414

When the challenge starts, show up and do the work. #DFQ


  • Oct 10th – Kettle bell Challenge
  • Challenge Q – Green Acres
  • Goal – 10,000 swings in 30 days


  • November (date TBD) – Pull Up Challenge
  • Challenge Q – Divac
  • Goal – 3 pull up workouts/wk – rep specific goal based on starting point

We Can’t Do It Alone


Led By Divac

  • 20 Imperial Walkers

Divac was a little ambitious and started squatting at random counts, he was confusing all the the poor Manning pax

  • Slow count squats were next because Divac needed to make up for the imperial walkers
  • Sally Push-ups—this made manning from manning cry but they eventually made it through

The Thang             Led By Judge Judy

Cones set up equal distances apart for more exercise. Count off 1’s and 2’s.

Leg ends when both partners have gone once and completed the total number of shared reps.

1st leg     Partner 1

– Bear crawl to the end and back doing 10 Merkins at each cone

Partner 2

– 500 squats

Many Pax were a bit worn from sally but the round went quickly, Once completed pick up the 6.

2nd leg   Partner 1

– Crab Walk 25 LBC’s at each cone

Partner 2

– 400 Monkey Humpers

No one is a fan of crab walking but we powered through nicely, Once completed pick up the 6.

3rd Leg   Partner 1

– Lunge Walk KNEE to ground 10 burpees at each cone

Partner 2

– 300 Big Boys

I’m still feeling my legs 3 days later….Once completed pick up the 6.

4th Leg   Partner 1

– Run 20 Catalina Wine Mixers

Partner 2

– 200 Jump Lunges

This was our final exercise but the pax were quite ready for it, Once completed pick up the 6.

Mary     led by linus

  • Captain Thor’s


Proverbs; 27-17

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”

F3 is not just X number of men coming out and pushing to be physically strong. It is also about meeting men in your community with a similar mindset who not only want to be stronger but also better men. It’s about building the kind of relationships that will drop what they are doing when you’re in need, no matter what. Building relationships with people who want to see their community thrive. Hartsville is one of the smallest towns I have ever lived in. But it is also the best place I have ever lived. I have some of the best friends I could ask for. They have helped me get in the best shape of my life, they have helped me secure a job, they have helped me grow spiritually closer to God, they have made me a part of my community, and they have made me desire to search out others that could use the same pick-me-up that I have received. F3 has made me want to seek out other men and bring the same joy to their lives that was brought to mine. We are more than just a workout group, we are a brotherhood of men seeking to make our communities better for our friends and families.

It was a great opportunity to work with the Manning men during their second workout. These men came out ready to push themselves at every turn, they are representing what F3 is about and we look forward to seeing their continued growth!


Up The Pyramid

Being that YHC is a little beat up from the many #CSAUP’s he has dominated over the past 2 months he decided to pick up the Q at #BrickCity and again bring that workout back to it’s roots with more lifting and less running.  Today’s theme was #SunsOutGunsOut and only the strongest of F3 Pax (plus Fudger) took the #DRP and got better this AM.

Conditions: A brisk 44 degrees. Cool enough for a jacket at the start but even though YHC promised no running the outer layers quickly came off as the gun show commenced.

Warm Up

  • Merkin x 10
  • BBS x 10
  • Tempo Merkin x 10
  • LBC x 10
  • Wide arm Merkin x 10
  • Reverse Crunch x 10

Mosey to brick pile. Grab a block and 2 bricks

Main Thang:

Pyramids 5, 10, 15, 20

  • Curls & Overhead Press
  • Curls & Tricep Extension
  • Chest Press & Decline Merkins
  • Curls & BBS
  • Curls & Reverse flys
  • Chest Press & Incline Merkins
  • Curls & Hartsville Hammers (2 count)
  • Curls & Upright Rows

Mosey back to parking lot


“Don’t let routine become religious” – YHC commented on some recent thoughts he had during “morning quiet time”. Scheduled time with the Lord is good…unless it becomes religious. By religious I mean without heart and just going through the motions. This activity is actually unholy and should be avoided at all cost.  YHC realized he sometimes falls into this religious routine and encourages all Pax to seek the Lord’s presence constantly throughout the day in small and big ways.

Naked Moleskin

  • Judy talks a lot…like a lot a lot…he wouldn’t shut up! But truth be told it’s just a testament of his strength because he’s sure as hell not short cutting any of the exercises.  Sorry Judith, I will try to push you harder next time.
  • Windows is a BEAST. But i’m sure you knew that already. The new poster boy of F3 ran 3.5 miles to the workout then was throwing around that cinderblock like it was nothing! Although I do think I saw him bumming a ride from Paperboy to get back home after the workout…
  • Has Eisenhower been given the rock yet? Cause this kid is on fire with adding Currahee and now Brick City to his weekly routine. #Strong
  • Paperboy again was begging me to come back to work for him…something about a 10% raise as long as I didn’t put together another beatdown like today! When I told him no he threw his 18 GRT patches in my face and called me a pansy. Sore looser…
  • Benchwarmer was without a doubt the star of Brick City today. His 12 mile run before the workout and added difficulty of curling 2 blocks at a time made the rest of the pax drool with envy. Also his comment about covering the HH bar tab this week of every Pax who posted this morning just shows you his 2nd and 3rd F are just as strong as his first.
  • All of the above points are probably definitely not true…the Brick City crew was yet again an amazing group of men to start the week with.



Who Would of Thought Bricks Could Be This Heavy

YHC decided to take the Q at Brick City after a string of #ClusterQ’s at the AO that he and the one previously known as Backdraft built to be one of lifting heavy things and putting them down…then lifting them again.  Too much cardio had crept in and not enough suck.  Stallion and Paperboy were the latest to taint what Brick City is all about with their #weaksauce tabata and whatever the hell Paperboy did. I kid…I just wanted to lead the strongest group in F3 Hartsville.


High 30’s but not too bad.

Warm Up

  • Imperial Squat Walker x 15 x IC *They say how one moves on the dance floor is a sign of how one moves in the bedroom.  Well Barfly looked like a high school freshman on prom night. Lord help his M*
  • Ballerina Toe Squats – 15 x OYO *Crowd pleaser, brought back memories for Klinger of days past where he and his platoon buddies would hike up their dresses and practice their plie’
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • LBC x 50 OYO

Main Thang

Grab 2 bricks – It’s called BRICK city.

  • Brick Merkins x 15 x IC
  • Plank Punch (alternating arms) x 15 x IC
  • Plank Punch Merkins (alternating arms) x 15 x IC
  • Curls For The Girls x 100 x OYO – Elbows in, controlled going down
  • Shoulder Press x 20 x IC
  • Standing Chest Flys x 20 x IC
  • Raise the Roof Close the Windows x 30 x IC
  • Curls For The Girls x 100 x OYO – Elbows in, controlled going down
  • Leg Thrusts x 10 x IC
  • Jump Squats x 20 OYO
  • Leg Thrusts Jump Squat x 20 OYO *These turned into burpees…because they were burpees*
  • Curls For The Girls x 50 OYO – Elbows in, controlled going down

Form Teams of three. Each team needs 4 bricks and 1 block.

  • Partner 1 cinder block rocker slides to 1st light pole and back
  • Partner 2 and 3 perform Wonderbra while squatting back to back
  • Rinse and Repeat until time is called


  • Hartsville Hammers x 30 x IC
  • Crunchy Frog x 20 x IC
  • BBS x 50 x OYO


You are free

Really…free. Free from the religious bull shit. A pastor once told me there is no B.S. like church bull shit. Free from the mindless & mundane rituals of religion that, although for the most part were developed by well intended men for good purpose, serve no purpose in the pursuit of creating union with God. Union with God. That is the point. Not just a relationship but oneness. John 17:21 Jesus prays for you and I to be one with him as he is one with the father. The religious veil is dangerous. And the devil loves it. It is dangerous because it gives the one practicing it an impression of holiness and lulls them into complacency. When in fact it is unholy and is keeping so many people in today’s church shackled. Speaking to the Pharisees Jesus said “You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean” Mat 23:27. Thanks to Jesus you are free. When confronted with the religious just ask yourself “does this bring union with God”. Don’t remain shackled. Live the full life God has for you.


Naked Man Moleskin

YHC is convinced the Brick City faithful are the strongest Pax we have.  This is the AO for the committed, the ones who recognize the importance of starting the week off strong.  Always a pleasure to lead this group.



March Madness

Warm Up

  • 32 LBCs – OYO
  • 16 Imperial walkers – IC
  • 32 squats – IC
  • 16 penningtons forward and back – IC
  • 16 backwards lunges 8 each leg – IC

Partner up

64’s   Side straddle hops and burpees

  • 64 team side straddle hops
  • 64 team burpees

64 + 8    Each team completes 64 reps of merkins and 8 reps of 1 leg hop suicides

  • Partner A merkins , Partner B 1 leg hop suicides(to half court and back, then to full court and back) alternate legs each direction (2 leg hops if you can’t do 1 leg) then switch
  • 64 team merkins
  • 8 team reps of 1 leg hop suicides

32 Big Boys with medicine ball toss

  • 32 each partner – with ball thrown back to partner

Sweet 16 reps of suicides total for team 

  • Partner A completes 1 rep of suicides , Partner B side jump over blocks,
  • After each rep, alternate
  • 16 total team suicides

Elite 8 parking lot laps ( 8 total for team ) – ball toss claps

  • Partner A runs 1 parking lot lap, Partner B ball toss claps until Partner A returns, then alternate
  • 8 team parking lot laps (cut short to 4 laps – timed out)

Naked Man Moleskin

The day started off easy, but with a clear inability of the VQ to count the rounds properly. More training is clearly in order. After transitioning to workout, the march madness theme was greeted with hard work and some grumbling about the 1 leg hops and the plethora of suicides. In the end, the lengthy rounds of suicides and 1 leg hops required a mid-round retirement of the last set of parking lot runs and ball toss claps.   We will definitely get after these the next time!

We had an FNG, Ken Caputo, who came to us after being invited by Ragtop, and after relocating to Hartsville from Germany after working for NATO for 30 years. While it really makes no sense, he was given the name Assange…..

The devo was a short discussion around THE GREATEST basketball coach of all time, John Wooden, who’s excellence on the court was overshadowed only by his strong character and conviction to mentor his basketball players to be high character leaders once leaving his program. Last Rights closed the session with prayer.


Freeze or Run


  • 25 side straddle hops in cadence. About 15 in Wall-E finally graces us with his presence and does some jumping dance move with no arms…. We think he learned it from his children.
  • 30 windmills in cadence. Would have been 25 but I wasn’t paying attention to the quiet pax as they counted numbers while shivering.

Groundblind arrives…. What’s up with those Askins brothers showing up late. In his defense he ran while I napped in my truck before the workout.

  • 25 imperial walkers in cadence.
  • Run to brick pile

The Thang:

  • Dora exercises with two man teams, except for that one team of three..

Partner 1                                                                                                                                  Partner2

50 man maker hand release merkins                                Tire pull bear crawls to first light and back

66 Kettle bells (cause the Q felt like it)                         Suicides using the first & second light (no tires)

100 Chest press LBC’s                                                    Tire pull sprints to the second light and back

150 curls                                                                       Lunge walk (Knee to ground) 1 light and back

Burpees on the 6, then 100 LBC’s

This would have been perfect but there were some issues figuring out the man maker hand release merkins, and even with a demonstration half the pax struggled to do chest press LBC’s. Two things combined into one is hard #nomultitasking

Because we finished this at 5:56 we needed more. Being my brilliant self I was ready… partner one moves one spot to the right, partner two moves one spot to the left. Then the exercise was repeated in full, with the same struggles… #SMH

Afterwards we ran back to the parking lot for some good old fashion Mary.


Guantanamo, while doing flutter kicks

Banjo bear crawls

At one point I heard Paper-boy saying this was not Brick City because there was too much running. Good thing Monday disagrees and I was the Q, ie. Brick City Running.

Closed it up talking about proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another”

7 men came out to get better and strengthen each other physically, but being there you also realize any of these men will be there for you in your walk with God whenever you need a hand.