Modified Murph Run

Weather: 35 degrees, 9 mph wind made it chilly at times

Warmup: SSH (20), Imperial Walkers (15), Monkey Humpers (20)

The Thang:
Run down Cargill to Emary St. and back (approximately 1 mile).
Plank and LBCs until everyone joined.

MODIFIED MURPH (no pun intended with the FNG’s name):
10 equal sets of 10, 20, 30, with a lap around WarZone after each set.

100 Burpees
200 Merkins
300 Squats

10 sets were not quite accomplished, but several PAX completed 7 sets before time was called by YHC

Mary: Hartsville Hammers (40), Inappropriate Bridges (20)

Announcements: The Fox: Sign up to Volunteer!!
Start training now…The F3 Beer Run is coming!!
ALM – Wednesdays at First Presbyterian Church (5:30)

Moleskin:   YHC was very concerned at the beginning of the workout due to the pace that Cowboy decided to crawl the mile run.  YHC was afraid that we would be done with the workout before he returned, but Eisenhower went back and lit a fire under him by informing him that we had cookies and milk waiting on him.  The FNG, Scrooge, did extremely well for his WarZone debut.  He kept working at it and it is apparent that he will be giving Eisenhower a run for his money in a few months.  Mams decided to roll out of bed and join us this morning.  He informed YHC that he has been meaning to come back, but his blanket and stuffie are normally too soft to abandon at that hour.  Apparently Wall-E is horrible with technology because after trying to sell Scrooge a life insurance policy, instead of taking a picture of YHC and Scrooge, he turned the phone off and then blamed it on the phone.  YHC’s technical expertise on the other hand allowed him to conjure up 2 photos from deep within the inner workings of the phone.


Devo/Prayer: We talk a lot about guys being a “HIM” (High Impact Man), but truth be told, we are all high impact men.  We all leave a mark on other people whether we are aware of it or not.  Each man’s life touches so many other lives.  When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole  Everyone makes an impact on everyone else.  You have all made an impact on my life either through F3 or outside of it.  Either way, I’m not ashamed to say I’m proud to know you and I admire you.  Keep being you.  Push to be the best you.  In one way or another, whether you know it or not, you’re touching someone else’s life.  Might be your kids, your wife, your coworkers, your acquaintances, or even the guys you spend a few hours a week working out with.  You’re leaving a mark on someone.  We impact people in everything we do.  We’re all high impact men.


Mutt’s Anniversary Q

Weather: A hot 34 degrees after our recent single digit temperatures

21 IC Windmills

The Thang:
YHC has been in F3 for exactly one year and decided that it was only fitting to relive the glory of his first F3 experience (credit to Dumper for the Q). The anniversary Q was originally scheduled to be last Thursday, but Mother Nature had other plans and all AO’s were cancelled for Snowmageddon 2018.

Big 21
YHC had 5 stations placed around the YMCA Block.
Corner of 4th and Cargill— Deep Squats i.e. go parallel or lower
Corner of 4th and Carolina— FlutterKicks in 2 count i.e. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3
Planters in front of Y—- Box Jumps (or step ups for modifying)
Corner of 5th and Carolina—- 90′ leg raises
Corner of 5th and Cargill—– Burpees
We started at the flag, and headed to 4th and Cargill.
The goal was to complete as many laps as possible starting with 21 reps at each stop, and dropping 2 on each lap. 19, 17, 15…….

The Fox – Sign Up

YHC has been in F3 for a year now and have built a great relationship with the WarZone guys.  Hopefully, we can bring in some more PAX for 2018 and we can all work together to make each other better.


ABsolutely ABuse

Weather: 46 degrees

SSH x20
Penningtons X12 each way
Reach Throughs x20

The Thang:
Each PAX grabbed 2 bricks – We moseyed a warm-up lap to go over the exercises.
Laps around the block – Started at 50 reps and each lap, decreased reps by 5.

Corner: Side Plank with Brick Straight Up in Air – Punch up in the air with one brick, switch sides (Do total reps for each side)
Corner: Big Boy Situps Punch Across With Brick (2 punches, 1 for each arm = 1 rep)
Planter: Box Jumps with Bricks
Corner: Hartsville Hammers With Bricks (2 count)
Corner: V-Ups with brick

YHC decided to create a workout to help work on all of that food we will be eating over the Christmas holiday.  Every exercise was designed to work those abs and core.
YHC did not get much sleep last night (4.5 hours) and woke up in a bad mood.  The original plan was to start at 20 reps and decrease by 1 each lap, but due to the grumpiness YHC was exhibiting his morning, he decided to Muttify the workout and increase the reps to 50 and decrease by 5 each lap.  Mission accomplished!  The workout was ABsolutely ABysmal ABuse.  In fact, when YHC finished up his last lap, he saw all of the PAX had finished early and were standing around the flag waiting on him.  YHC is assuming that everyone was about to spill the merlot and this is the reason they all quit early.


I am third
The Lord is first, my friends are second, and I am third.
The driving force in our lives should be trying to please God. Secondly, we should take into consideration the needs and pleasures of others. With our own pleasures pushed down the totem pole, we will truly be the humble servants of God.


Wall-E’s Missing Impromptu Q (do-over)

Weather: 41 Degrees, Partly Cloudy (great morning in the gloom)

SSH x20
Reach Throughs x20
Imperial Walkers x15
LoveMe’s x15

The Thang:
Four Corners –  (20 then decrease by 2 each lap) On the lengths, we ran and on the widths we bear crawled and lunged.
Hand-Release Merkins
Jump Squats
Monkey Humpers

YHC was extremely nice to Wall-E last Tuesday for missing his own Q.  I figured that I would get payback today and decided that it was only fitting for Wall-E to relive the workout that he missed on his day to Q, when he decided that his covers were too warm to crawl out of.  Of course, I actually made it slightly harder today with bear crawls and lunges even though last week, the PAX were complaining of how difficult the workout was and cursing Wall-E’s name at every available moment.  

When YHC arrived to the gloom, Eisenhower was still complaining about last Tuesday’s workout and begged, pleaded, and bargained to reduce the number of reps by 2 every lap instead of by one.  YHC, feeling guilty for not coming to our pre-run from Farsight this morning to train with him for The Fox, obliged to his request.  FNG Nugget, wondering what in the world he got himself into, spilled the merlot, and he now realizes that he shouldn’t drink so much the night before deciding to come to his first F3 workout.  Miyagi was wishing he hadn’t missed an entire month of workouts and was doing the meteor dance to come and end his misery.  Beldin was deep in thought trying to get in his Holiday Prayer Challenge for the day praying that it would not rain on him.  Dumper was heard by a few of having to Merlot as well.  Too bad we didn’t have a double merlot day, next time I’ll have to push the PAX a little harder.  #NextTuesday

Hartsville Hammers x35 IC
Big Boy Situps x20 OYO
Box Cutters (the PAX lost count so I punished them by making them do about 50)

-Christmas Gift Drive – Bring gifts on Thursday wrapped, will be delivered on Saturday by Beldin and Mutt
-The Fox (Sign Up)
-ALM (Wednesday Mornings)
-WZ Pax needs to work on posting BackBlasts when they are Q.  YHC’s suggestion is to type the BackBlast up before the workout and then just change as necessary after the workout.  It’s much easier this way and doesn’t take much time afterwards.

FNG Nugget

Proverbs 27:17: Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.
This age old proverb is as accurate now as it was when written, and is a fundamental to the 3rd F of F3.  One constant theme in the ball of man is the importance of sharpening each other, as Iron sharpens Iron.  We often seek help to be better husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, bosses, and employees: all the things that men are called upon to be.  The Third F is a realization that just being those things is hard enough without trying to be them without help.  More than that, it is a surrender to this idea: an insistence upon going it alone is not noble; it is selfish and prideful”.

I need you.  We need each other.  I am nothing without you.  I hope you have recognized this same need in your brothers.  You sharpen me; you hold me accountable and lift me up when I want to quit.


Insane Partner Work

Weather: A sweaty 27 degrees

20 Side Straddle Hops
20 Frankensteins
20 Reach Throughs
20 Love Me’s
1 lap around the block

The Thang:
Partner Work:
200 Merkins: One partner does Merkins – Other partner does Lunges from one end of the field and back (reverse lunges on the way back) – Switch until done…Note that Wall-E decided to do the first 3 exercises with a ruck on.  We zoomed through this first workout quickly and I begin to think that I would have to make the PAX rinse and repeat, boy was I wrong.  The meat of the workout was still to come:

500 Mountain Climbers (2 count): Other partner does Block Burpee Throws one way and moseys back with the block overhead – Switch…Eisenhower and Cowboy maned up and did Block Burpee Throws on the way back too.

100 Burpees: Other partner crab walks forwards and then backwards (crowd favorite) – Switch…Cowboy paid for his extra Block Burpee Throws as he could barely even walk by this point in the workout.  He also made the statement that I was trying to kill him.  What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!  Eisenhower took Wall-E’s ruck and added some weight for his portion of the crab walk until the end.

200 Box Cutters: – Other partner Bear Crawls and Bear Crawls Backwards – Switch…by this point in time Beldin was rolling on the ground like a newborn asking when it would all be over.

The PAX got half way done with the Box Cutters before time was called.

Box Cutters was the Mary due to time constraints

The Fox – sign up with or without a team

Holiday Prayer Challenge

Christmas Gift Drive – purchase what you can on the list and put your name down so no one else gets the same item.  We need ALL WZ PAX to work hard at getting some of these items:

Need more guys to attend WarZone…get a commitment to try your very best to get one additional person out to WZ this week or next.

FNG’s – Need More

Get those guys to come out that have not shown.


Indian Block Run

Weather: Temperature: 41 degrees, WindChill: 36 degrees, 8 mph wind, Partly Cloudy…PERFECT morning to workout in the gloom!

Warmup: SSH x 20

Frankensteins x 20

Penningtons x 10 both ways

Love Me’s x 20

The Thang: Given that YHC hates all forms of blocks, I decided to have an Indian Run around town while holding a block the entire time.  Seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  In reality, most of the PAX gave up on the Indian Run idea after ½ of the workout.

The Route: Down Cargill Way through the Vista to 2nd Street up to Home Ave, back down to 4th St. to Carolina Ave., up to the planters in front of the Y, and back to the WarZone.  During the Indian Block Run, we did exercises at various random points:

Squats, Block Burpees, Dairy Carry, Air Chair with Block over head, Chest Presses, Reverse Rows, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, Planks, Step Ups, Inclined Merkins, Dips

Mary: 25 Big Boy Situps (running close on time)

Cowboy decided to show up after the entire Warm-up was complete, and almost missed the whole workout since it was a traveling workout.

Wall-E decided that he would once again be the WarZone mascot and cheer the guys on throughout the workout.  Not bad for a guy who doubled down.

Dumper had a hard time deciding if he was even going to attend our workout, he was finally convinced by Krispy Kreme (who did not show up).  After “moseying” the entire workout without a block, he had the look of a kid who lost his best friend.  YHC takes the fault on Dumper being cheated and should have had some alternate exercises planned for him.

Eisenhower is obsessed with blocks and wanted to do curls the entire workout and comment on how running was STOOPID.  To his dismay, we never did.  That’s not to say that he never did, but the rest of us didn’t.  I’m sure the running did him good though and he probably burnt off another pound or two.

Beldin had enough at some point in time and decided to run away from the group.  We just figured that he had to head out early for some important reason.  To our surprise, when we circled up for the Mary, here comes Beldin out of the shadows.  He circled up with us and finished out the workout.  Maybe he had to go and sit in his truck because he felt Eisenhower’s sweat flying off of his impromptu curls and thought it was about to rain.

Notable FartSackers: Krispy Kreme, GutterBall, ChickenFried, Mams, Uber

Announcements: Be there for your F3 brothers and their families through tough times, Act Like Men and Temple on Wednesday

Devo/Prayer:  “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

When teaching your body to run and workout, to begin with the going is tough. Building up your lung capacity and the leg muscles needed for running sucks. But you persevere knowing it will get easier.

Once it gets easier, there are many more enjoyable moments. But that doesn’t mean it’s always fun!

There are the hills that take the breath from you. And then there are those days when you just can’t get into a good rhythm and you have to will yourself forward every step of the way.

And then there are those days when you feel so lazy you can’t even get into your workout gear let alone start pounding the pavement.

Application: Our commitment to following Christ can sometimes follow the same path as learning to jog. You start out all enthusiastic, but it takes time and discipline to get God into your everyday life.

Then, once you hit a healthy routine it can get a little easier… Until an old temptation crosses your path. Then everything takes effort again.

The thing we need to watch for most is becoming so overwhelmed or struggling so much we just decide to quit altogether.

Faith makes our life so much better, but it takes a great deal of commitment and discipline. We continue on knowing we will be the ones who reap the benefit, but it still takes much determination.


1000 Reps and 10 Laps

Weather: 62 degrees 94% humidity

Side-Straddle Hop (20)
Reach Backs (20)
Imperial Walkers (20)

The Thang:
The PAX were told they could do the reps any way they wanted to as long as they ended up with the total reps completed after the designated number of laps.  YHC was nice enough to do the math for the PAX if they wanted to keep it even. All exercises and laps were done with a cinder block:

One Lap, 400 LBC’s (100 each corner)
Two Laps, 300 Goblet Squats (37 per corner for 2 laps, and 4 at the end to get you to 300 reps)
Three Laps, 200 Incline Merkins (16 each corner for 3 laps and 8 at the end to give you 200 reps)
Four laps, 100 Block Burpees (6 per corner for 4 laps and 4 at the end to give you 100 reps)

10 laps and 1000 exercise reps total.

No one finished the 1000 reps, but several did get to start working on the Block Burpees.

Hartsville Hammers (30)
Flutter Kicks (35)

Be on the lookout for specific exercise centered challenges coming soon.

At F3’s one year anniversary (3/12/16) A pax from each AO was awarded a painted rock for a man who has really stood out over the past year.  This rock belongs to the AO and can be awarded at any time to another man within the AO.  For WarZone, the rock has been given to:

Green Acres
El Jefe

The WarZone rock symbolizes a man who represents WarZone through his hard work, dedication, and commitment.  

I am handing off the rock to LoveBug, who is an extremely hard worker, consistently attends workouts, and tries to spice things up by bringing some exercises in that we may have forgotten about.  Congrats LoveBug!!  This was a very tough decision as we have so many strong men in our AO.  Other names running through my head were Dumper and Wall-E.  So many awesome men!!


6 Stations of Pain and Gain

Weather: 72 degrees 100% humidity (as always)


Side-Straddle Hop (20)

Reach Backs (20)

Penningtons – front and back (15)

The Thang:

6 Stations: Start at 20, decrease by 1 every lap, until time expires

Big Boy Sit Ups – Corner of Cargill and 4th

Donkey Kicks – Corner of 4th and Carolina

Box Jumps – Planter in front of the Y

Carolina Dry Docks – Corner of Carolina and 5th

Jump Squats – Corner of 5th and Cargill

Block Burpees – On grass behind Y (Crowd Pleaser)

Each member of the PAX made it three laps before collapsing on the ground in complete agony.  They thought that I would decrease the reps by 5 every lap instead of 1, but YHC replied that this was not Daisy Scouts.  YHC thinks that they need to man up and just work harder (hence the devo of doing all the small things the right way).


Banjo Bear Crawl


Happy Hour – Today at 5:30

Trent Hill Center Open House and Bar-B-Que this Saturday 11-2 – Bring the family

Manning AO this Saturday – Hartsville has the Q next Saturday

Luke 12:7

Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.

God notices all of the small things that we do just as he knows of every hair on our head.  Doing little things can often seem so insignificant. Especially menial and tedious things.  The things that you have to do over and over again.  No little thing is insignificant. Little things accumulate and add up to big things. And more important of all, God notices. He is interested in the little things as much as the big things.  When we are working out, we do the little things every day.  We get out of the bed, make it to workout, try to have good form.  These little things all accumulate into us making ourselves better.

When God, who is watching over the walls of your home, sees you faithfully and joyfully embracing your daily tasks, it pleases His heart. He takes notice of it. God takes as  much pleasure in the little things as He does the big things. He created the huge mountains, but put even more intricate design to each tiny snowflake. He created the giant redwoods, but He created the beauty of the little violet as well.  Let’s try to pay attention to the little things because when we do, we will grow stronger physically and spiritually.



Weather: 69 degrees 100% humidity


Side-Straddle Hop (20)

Reach Backs (20)

Frankensteins (20)

Fartsackers (Little Arm Circles front and back) (15)

The Thang:

The PAX were instructed to mosey to the deck of UNO cards for a F3 game of UNO.  Discard pile was in between PAX circle; draw pile was located across the War Zone.  While waiting on an exercise to begin, all PAX were instructed to hold a plank.  If PAX could play a card on their turn, they would lunge to the discard pile and play their card.  All PAX would do the corresponding exercise to the color and add the number of reps to 10 on the card (draw a 4, the PAX will do 14 reps).  If the PAX could not play a card, all PAX would sprint across the WarZone to the draw pile and hold a plank until a card was drawn that could be played.  Then all PAX would mosey back to the discard pile and do the corresponding exercise and reps.  Board was created by YHC’s 2.0, Lilly:UNO Board

In addition, there were 4 player’s choice blank cards that allowed the holder to choose the workout, color, and number.


Dying cockroaches 20

Hartsville Hammers 20

Crunchy Frog 20

LBCs 300

Announcements: ALM on Wednesday, Manning area starting up in August, Welcome back Backdraft

Backdraft - Welcome Back!


1 Corinthians 12:12

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.

F3 is made up of different people, physical needs, and backgrounds, but we all are one body when we workout together.  We support each other just as the arms may support the legs for balance.  Just as we are all part of the body of Christ, each man is an integral part of F3 and we work better when all of our parts are here.  When you are in bed debating whether to hit the snooze, or turn off the alarm, or even setting your alarm at night, remember that we need you for F3 to work.  Without you, without us, F3 is nothing, this doesn’t exist.  We are counting on you to show up and give it your all, regardless of your ability level.  Show up, work hard, do your best, and improve.


Where are the blocks? Bear Crawl Drag

59 degrees, 100% humidity, and clear

Side-Straddle Hop (15)
Reach Backs (20)
Fart Sackers (Penningtons): Little Arm Circles front and back (15)

The Thang:
When we arrived to the WarZone in the gloom, it became apparent that something was wrong.  Lo and behold, our cinder blocks were gone.  It didn’t take Yankee long to determine the culprit, RagTop.  That early morning run is paying off Yankee; you have been nominated as the official private investigator of WarZone.  YHC didn’t know if this was an act of war from FarSight, or simply a misunderstanding.  I tended to like the idea of an act of war between the AO’s and felt the need to strike back (for the record, it was a misunderstanding and there will be no need to strike back, this time).  Eisenhower suggested that we retaliate by running over to FS and take them all back.  YHC seriously considered this before realizing that this would entail a 1½ mile run back to the WarZone with at least one block, possibly two, on my shoulders.  It was then determined that the best course of action was to modify the originally planned workout.  The workout, was out of my comfort zone.  I typically try to stay away from anything involving blocks, due to the fact that I think they suck.  During my delirious summer mindset, I decided to embrace the suck and just get better.

Bear Crawl Drag – On Cargill Way, Bear Crawl with a ½ cinder block in front of you then pull the cinder block through your legs back to in front of you.  At each tree, do an exercise.
Tree 1: Incline merkins with ½ block (20)
Tree 2: Overhead Presses with ½ block (30)
Tree 3: Squats with ½ block (40)
Tree 4: Flutter Kicks with ½ block – 2 count (50)
Tree 5: LBCs with ½ block (60)
½ Block Slider back to starting tree
Burpees until everyone is finished
There was an unusual high amount of traffic on Cargill Way this morning.  We even had a car stop and honk, as if they couldn’t see we were trying to get out of the way.

Indian Run to the Vista
3 stations: ½ way past the pond, head of the pond, & ½ way past the pond coming back.
Station 1: Burpees
Station 2: Big Boy Sit-Ups
Station 3: Squats
YHC decided for the PAX to Bear Crawl in between stations during the 1st lap because I felt that the ½ block Bear Crawl Drag wasn’t tough enough, we moseyed laps 2 and 3; we moved as a group.  Eisenhower threatened to throw YHC in the lake if he ever caught me, this put a little pep in my bear crawl in between stations 2 and 3.  Gutter Ball and Krispy Kreme looked like they had been dealt a bad poker hand and couldn’t hide their displeasure.  Remind me to play poker against these two PAX.  
Lap 1: First Station 5, Second Station double to 10. Third Station double to 20.
Lap 2: Repeat with 10 at First Station, double to 20 at Second Station, double to 40 at Third Station.
Lap 3: Repeat with 15 at First Station, double to 30 at Second Station, double to 60 at Third Station.

Boxcutters 30
Flutter Kicks 25
Hartsville Hammers 25
Belden said that YHC needed to stick to his comfort zone from now on and never bring back block sliders.  I think next time, I may do them again just for the fact that we didn’t have the whole cinder block.  I felt cheated.  Apparently Love Bug and El Jefe also felt cheated because after we put up the ½ blocks, they ran back to the flag and started voluntarily doing more exercises.

Stinger from Charlotte used the following in one of his Back Blasts:

-each day is a gift
-live with intention and purpose
-find who you are
-tragedy with Cheech is a reminder of how precious and fragile life is

Psalm 90:12 says
“Lord, teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

James 4:14 says, “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

There’s not much we can do about the past, and none of us knows what lies ahead. So we make the most of the days we’re given. No wasted days. Can’t be living for the weekend, looking ahead to that upcoming vacation, the next job, when the kids are through with this/that stage. So, we try our best to live each day with intentionality, loving those close to us, advancing the missions we’ve been given, and contributing to that which is eternal. And if we’ve never considered, or neglected or deferred, the third F, now’s as good a time as any to aggressively explore and determine where you are, who you are, and why. Cheech’s twitter feed speaks volumes about his intentionality on this front, and hopefully his unexpected passing will spur the rest of us to live more focused lives. No more wasted days.