Full Frontal Attack

Todays workout was in honor of Josh aka Rooney, one of the Cadre that helped lead the Goruck HTL in Savannah in March.  It was intended for rucks but we improvised.



Ruck up if you got one.  Mosey to brick pile and grab a coupon if you don’t have a ruck.

The Main THANG

In honor of Cadre Rooney WOD

Start with 400 m coupon/ruck carry (2 laps around islands) then:

5 rounds of the following (but we only had time for 3+)

  • 75 mtn climbers (4 count) (crowd pleaser!!)
  • 75 air squats (single count)
  • 200 m coupon carry (1 lap around islands)
  • 75 flutter kicks (4 count)
  • 75 overhead claps (single count)

Finish with a 400 m coupon carry (2 laps around islands)


We did some stuff


Goruck Star Course—Congrats! to Skinny Pete, Paperboy, Klinger, Linus


Recently through FB, I discovered that Cadre Josh had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  A few weeks ago, I planned a trip to Milwaukee with my 13 year old to watch the Dodgers/Brewers in the NLCS.  Knowing that Josh was from Wisconsin and a huge sports fan, I reached out to him to see if he was planning to be at the game.  He replied immediately and said that he would be there and he gave me pointers on where to eat and what to see while we were in town.  He also agreed to meet my son and I during the game.  We talked for a few minutes and he was in good spirits despite his diagnosis. He has 2 small boys and I couldn’t help but ache for him knowing that he was going to have to endure cancer treatments and not be able to spend as much time with his boys.  His attitude is what struck me the most.  He said he had always been underestimated and never was the smartest or talented.  But he always had a positive attitude and never let the opinions of others define him.

From a recent FB post he quotes his Ranger creed by “going full frontal attack on this enemy” and stating “Surrender is not a Ranger word” and “I will shoulder more than my share of the task, 100% and then some!”  His story reminds me of one of my favorite verses from Romans 5:3-4.

“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope”




25th Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu

The PAX were informed that the theme for the workout would be about the Battle of Mogadishu (made famous by the movie Blackhawk Down.) 25 years ago soldiers embarked on what was supposed to be a quick 1 hour mission.  When 2 Blackhawks were shot down by RPG’s, 1000’s of enemy converged on the site and the men had to fight for 18 hours till they could be rescued.  The last few soldiers had to sprint 1 mile (Mogadishu mile) to their convoy under heavy fire.  19 dead, 73 wounded





Warm up the choppers

  • SSH X 19 IC
  • Clinic Arm Circles x 19

Mosey to the downed helicopters (Blocks staged in the middle of the Brick City parking lot.) Count off in order and listen for instructions

Main Event

Defend the downed Blackhawk

4 corners (central islands in parking lot)

  • Corner 1:  19 thrusters, OH carry to next corner
  • Corner 2:  19 Kettlebell, lunge walk to next corner
  • Corner 3:  19 Block burpees, OH carry to next corner
  • Corner 4:  19 Jump lunge, Each leg, lunge walk to next corner

Drop 1 rep after each circuit. (19 died in battle)

During the 4 corners, each PAX took a turn carrying a casualty around the 4 corners.  Load up as many coupons as possible (50# ruck, 60# sandbag, tire pull, 2 water jugs)  Complete a full lap and return to where you left off in the 4 corners and next man comes up.  When planning this I thought we would get 2 turns apiece, but I’m glad we didn’t


73 flutter kicks (for the number of wounded in the battle) split into 2 sets with 10 BBS in between


Prefontaine at Woodchips neighborhood

Remember flood victims, Tsunami victims, 7 police officers in Florence, #99, Chuck-E-Cheese son Finn


Thanks to Skinny Pete and Paula Dean for the Mogadishu background and soldier stories they learned at the Goruck event last weekend. Take time to thank our soldiers, firefighters, policemen, ems who put themselves in harms way and protect and serve us.






Weather: Nicest we’ve had in quite some time. Seemed like perfect conditions for minimal complaining, however, I knew better.

**Warmup – Started at 5:30am to the second. Of the 10 pax present, 8  showed up at 5:28am. I assessed the demeanor of the warriors and opted for a little light stretching.

  • 4 sets – Groiners with merkins (“Gerkins” if you will)

Mosey to beginning of BC parking lot

Sprints on Q’s mark – I’d like to note the instant mumblechatter about the Brick City rules being broken with running. This severely compromised their ability to hear instruction. Note taken and will readjust next time with block sliders and burpees. A few scraped knees, one ego, and Barfly’s pulled wang muscle were the only casualties.

  • Suicide
  • Starting on stomach
  • Starting on your 6 to left turn

**The Thang

4 Rounds (5 min) pax alternate

  • 15 Squats // Squat Hold
  • 5 Block Burpees // 5 merkins into half merkin hold (not on block)
  • 15 block big boys // flutter kicks
  • 15 curls // Block Hold

Sprints on Q’s mark – Much better form and push for this round.

  • Starting your 6 to right turn
  • Back Pedal then turn
  • Sprint – Judge Judy’s pride was heavily damaged when obliterated by Shamu in this sprint. T-Claps to Judy for handling this in a civil manner but he may need a text from you guys later to make sure he’s ok.

**Mary (movements called by the two honorable pax that kept their emotions in check for the entire Q)

20 – burpees on your own (Juice Box’s favorite core exercise)

20 – leg lifts IC (Windows)


Namorama and Prayers up for the guys rucking this weekend.

Devo: I believe it is important to always have someone wise in your life we can learn from. A friend of mine, whom I look up to greatly, once said “Here’s some marriage and fatherly advice. Get up before your family and do whatever you need to do. If you don’t have enough time, get up earlier. Don’t take time from the ones you love. Only take time from yourself. Also, make it the goal of each day to make it home to your family.” This impacts my thought process to this day.

We all need to teach and we all need to be taught. It’s how we learn and it’s another layer of community. So. Who are you learning from? Who are you teaching?


Nothing but a “G” thing

The 3 G’s, Greenacres, Goldilocks, and YHC met up at SOS to take on Tropical Storm Kirk.  But it didn’t take long for it to turn into a Tropical “Depression”.  Here is what had happened.


Always 84 degrees in the pool unless Wall-E relieves himself



Swim a few laps

Main Event

Was hoping for teams of 2, but since only 3 showed up we made it work

3 man DORA

  • Partner A underwater brick slider down and back
  • Partner B Salmon ladders (~125 as a team)
  • Partner C Freestyle down and back

Each man got 3 rounds of each station

Separate OYO

  • 5 Gutter ups, swim with arms only to opposite end
  • 20 two count flutter kicks, swim with legs only back to start

Rinse and repeat 5 x, flutter kicks on the 6

2 PAX tread water with brick overhead while 3rd pax freestyle down and back (Crowd pleaser). Switch out one man at a time until everyone has done a lap.

Cool down mosey down and back

Mary-SOS style

  • Tread water with arms only for 1 minute
  • Tread water with legs only for 1 minute

Prayed for those affected by flooding.   Look out for an opportunity to help our brothers in Conway/Myrtle Beach.


First time Q’ing SOS was loads of fun.  Its not hard to make it suck because there is no break.  The whole body gets a workout without getting beat to death.  Tclaps to Goldilocks who swam without flippers which is much harder.  He also floats much better than YHC who was flailing desperately while treading water.




Double Trouble

I sit here now, reflecting on this morning, eating the first round of hurricane snacks and sipping a warm, over priced bottle of water. I’m reluctantly using up the last bit of internet before the storm ravages Hville and we’re all stranded in our homes playing scrabble and reading a book for the first time since our new year resolutions. Here is my best recollection of this morning’s debacle.

Weather:  70 degrees. Slightly humid. Perfect for carrying a cinder block 3/4 of a mile on your shoulder.

Mood: Moderate mumble chatter from a few of the 18 pax present and a well timed “reach around” joke from Little Jack.

Notable Fartsackers:

  • Benchwarmer who apparently had to finish drying his fluorescent tube top. Luckily was publicly slandered by the brave members present from Farsight.
  • Judge Judy is on week 3 of hanging one picture frame in his new fixer-upper.
  • HeeHaw heard Southern Belle was showing up and bowed out. One can only assume he didn’t want to make him look bad in front of Mayim Bialik, i mean Blossom.


  • 15 SSH IC
  • 15 Reach Thru’s IC
  • 15 Love Me’s IC
  • Mosey to block pile, acquire block, mosey to playground

**The Thang

Double reps of each exercise after each set. 12 min then switched groups

Group 1

  • 5 Chin-ups
  • 10 OHP
  • 20 Merkins Lunge Pulse (each leg)

Group 2

  • 5 Block Swings
  • 10 Squats
  • 20 Lunge Pulse (each leg)

Mosey back to block pile


  • 2 light doses of AYG High Knees into squat holds before time ran out

Mosey to AO for NameOrama, announcements, FNG ceremony for Skipper.

Prayers up for Little Jack’s family. Continued prayer for Goldie and his family as well. Double prayers for Green Acres for having to put up with Wall-e for more than a one hour span. Good luck and Godspeed to Skipper and Shamu on their upcoming journey into the Service.


Husbands, Friends, Leaders. We all fall into at least one of these categories. When it comes to how we pour into the ones around us, so often we find ourselves doing just enough to say we did a good job. Don’t just get by with your actions and words. Remember that we have more inside of us, gentlemen. DOUBLE even. Give, love, listen, and for God’s sake, SPEAK LIFE INTO THE ONES YOU LOVE. They deserve more than “just enough”. They deserve our best.


Right to Bear Arms

It was a nice morning. Great temp for a beat down. The kind of weather you’d expect PAX to rise early and conquer their inner —–.  Alas, only the elite were able to muster enough courage. Everything was going well and Barfly was on time. All this came to a screeching halt when Coker’s ladies soccer team showed up at the AO at 5:30am to practice. This was the highlight of Barfly’s day neigh month. Made him work harder with minimal mumble chatter throughout the morning. Ike had the most to say but was heavy on the mumble so there is not much to report there.


  • 15 Windmills
  • 10 Love Me’s
  • Mosey to block pile and line up

**The Thang

[Go through set, start over when finished and repeat for 20 min]

10 Single Arm Rows (each arm)

  • Bear Crawl to flag –> 10 merkins

20 OHP

  • Bear Crawl to flag –> 10 merkins

40 Curls

  • Bear Crawl to flag –> 10 merkins

80 Chest Presses

  • Bear Crawl to flag –> 10 merkins


  • 20 squats w/ block and 50 LBC’s on your own
  • 10 sec Curls IC – To the dismay of everyone involved, we finished the entire sequence. Thanks Stepshow.


Nameorama and Announcements: Radar is now even more famous and  it is well deserved. Barfly discussed his retirement schedule. The short version is it’s full of naps.

Devo: We are influencers and the influenced. Make it count. Be mindful of who you’re influencing and how you’re influencing them.



Chix at the Brix


YHC has the Q three times this week, starting with BC. I’m no professional, I just know that if I’m not the Q, I’m less likely to show up. So in an attempt to give Beastie Boy a break from Qing BC all the time, I decided to lead it off.

Upon arrival to the parking lot, YHC and Beastie noticed Coxswain jamming out and getting pumped up in his car. After some further investigation and closer listening, it was established that he was in fact listening to Maroon5. 😑

Pax gathered around the flag and began to get better.



SSH – IC x20

Love Me’s – IC x20

Imperial Walkers – IC x15

Gorilla Humpers – x25 OYO



Indian run to parking lot to gather coupons.

Pax lined up with blocks at the first light pole for a good AMRAP session.

Pole 1 – Big Boys w/ block x10, 9, 8…

Pole 2 – Flutterkicks w/ block over head (2 count) x10, 9, 8…

Pole 3 – Block merkins x10, 9, 8…

Pole 4 – Overhead Presses x10, 9, 8…


Judy and Hans were talking some smack in the chat last night, so they were looking to shut each other down this morning. Stepshow had Judy struggling to keep up, while Hans followed behind Judy, but not by much. Although Judy only posts to give people crap, he did get pretty worn out, so I felt accomplished in my Q.

We followed with Devin Hesters (minus the coupon) down and back, then Indian run back to the flag.


Carolina Dry Docks – x25 OYO

Reverse Crunches – x25 OYO

Hartsville Hammers (2 count) – x25 OYO


were all leaders in some capacity, whether it be work or in our families. We need to start putting aside our own desires and show more compassion, just as Christ does for us on a daily basis.


Thanksgiving without the turkey Q


  • Gerkins (Groiners w/ 10 merkins between leg switch)
  • Sad version of an Indian run to Playground

**The Thang

Each person grabbed a sandbag. 5 min rounds.

[Station 1]

  • 5 Pull-ups // 10 Lunge Pulse each leg w/ bag

[Station 2]

  • 10 Squats w/ bag // 10 Merkins (alternate hand on bag each set)

[Station 3]

  • 21’s // 10 Bag Boys


  • Freddie Kruegers (3 count Freddie Mercury’s IC w/ 6 inch hold)
  • Indian run back to AO


Updates: Mumble chatter. Keep making an IMPACT.

Prayers: Stallion’s M as he heads into new job training. Consumed’s lighting operator’s daughter.

Romans 12:1-2

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good,

pleasing and perfect will.”

Hebrews 13:15-16

“Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name. But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased” (

Worship – remember to worship him first each day. He is in every decision we make, every conversation, every step and every breath we take. He deserves a lot more than we can give but I think one of the most powerful things we can offer is our thanks. Worship is thanksgiving. We are not where we are without him..we are not who we are without him. Wake up early, remember God’s mercy for us, ask the Lord what he has for us today. Conforming to the pattern or this world can be the pattern of ourselves or our agendas…When we stop and give thanks and listen, we can much more clearly test and approve his will.


Harder AND Smarter Q


  • 15 – 3 count SSH in candence
  • Mosey to block pile and grab 2 bricks and a block.
  • 15 – 3 count Shoulder taps in cadence
  • 4 Groiners w/ 10 Merkins before alternating legs. Held plank other leg called.

**The Thang

5min rounds doing as many times through supersets as possible. Time called after each round and we dropped and did a core exercise together then switched.

[Round 1]

10 Back Squat

15 Sec Squat hold @ 90 degrees

20 Curls

  • 50 LBCs – Hold 6 inches until everyone finishes and Q calls recover

[Round 2]

10 Thrusters

15 Bent Rows

21’s (7 lower, 7 upper, 7 full)

  • 50 LBCs – Hold 6 inches until everyone finishes and Q calls recover

[Round 3]

15 Lunge Pulse (each leg)

20 Merkins


  • 150 chest presses


In a nutshell, don’t just get by with doing things half a$$. Whole a$$ everything  you do or don’t do it. Work smarter AND harder. Iron can’t sharpen iron if it acts like a piece of tin foil.


F3 Hartsville 30-Day Challenge – IMPACT

IMPACT – Forcible contact to strong effect

This is the F3 definition of IMPACT.  In essence it means taking ACTION that has effect on others or the community around you.  It is a VERB. It requires something of oneself without the promise of immediate return to oneself.

The next F3 Hartsville 30 Day Challenge is all about IMPACT.  If you accept this challenge then starting August 1stfor the next 30 days you will each day DO something that makes a positive IMPACT to someone other than yourself.  Not an absolute, but try your best to stay anonymous from the person(s) you are IMPACTING.  The range of ACTION can be anywhere from picking up trash at your AO, paying for the meal of the person behind you in the drive thru, to donating $10,000 to a local non-profit.  The size of the ACT does not matter it is the posture of our hearts we are exercising here with the giving of ourselves while getting nothing in return.

Yes…there will be a chat.  Each day you make an IMPACT you can simply comment “IMPACT” on the chat or if you wish to share what it was you did that is fine too as long as the person IMPACTED doesn’t know it was you.

So…this is truly a challenge for everyone, even you Bench Warmer!  Regardless if you’re traveling, regardless of your work schedule, regardless if you’re injured…everyone can make an IMPACT.

HC to Divac to be added to the chat.