2018 B.C.

Weather: 55° and wet, slight drizzle

YHC hasn’t posted in a long time and saw that the Q was open for Brick City, so I signed up for it knowing I’d get flack for not posting for my last Q at WZ. Little Jack and Wall-E HC’d, so I figured we’d at least have 3 Pax for the last BC workout of 2018.

Pax started filtering in around 5:20am and began the smack talk to YHC and briefly discussed a new name for me as an FNG. At 5:30, BA and BarFly forgot how to circle up and BA had a hard time getting his gloves on.


15 SSH IC / 15 Reach Thru’s IC / 10 Pennington’s (front and back)

We attempted an Indian Run to the block pile, but evidently everyone forgot how that worked. Halfway there, the first person showed up at the front.


We began with partners for some DORA 123’s

Round 1: Pax 1 began Merkins while Pax 2 Dairy Carried hugs to the last light pole and back. Flap jacked until team reached 100 Merkins

Round 2: Pax 1 began LBC’s while Pax 2 ran down to last light pole and back while holding a block extension. Flap jacked until team reached 200 LBC’s

Round 3: Pax 1 began Squats while Pax 2 ran down to last light pole and back with the block. This method was explained to YHC’s partner Wall-E at LEAST 3 times. He couldn’t see what we were doing through his foggy glasses. Flap jacked until team reached 300 Squats

Time was called and we began our second exercise.

Temple Style (evidently the Clinic boys count down by twos??)

10 Overhead Presses, run to third light pole and do 10 Big Boys

10 LBC’s, run to third light pole and do 10 Big Boys (only a few teams began this one)

Time was called again and we began the most confusing Mary known.

Block Extensions until someone gave, them 3 Burpees

Overhead Block Hold until someone gave, them 3 Burpees

15 Flutterkicks with block overhead IC

Our second attempt at an Indian Run back to the parking lot was more successful. BarFly did indeed hold his lead to defeat BA.



Wall-E has a presentation on Jan. 8th at 7:30am arbor Coker. Come buy some life insurance or he’ll chase you down.

YHC has the Q for a New Year’s Day CONVERGENCE at WZ at 7am tomorrow.


spend time this new year being less busy and spending time on the ones and the things that matter most.


Dylan Adams and a few others battling cancer, Lil’ Sweet’s daughter’s surgery/recovery, YHC’s M and pregnancy coming close to delivery time.

YHC closed with prayer.


Farewell Farsight

Back in August BA had agreed with Audit of Farsight to switch AO’s in order to keep each of us fresh and engaged.  Whereas Audit had lost his mojo, BA was still pretty damn awesome but BA felt sorry for Audit and agreed to the switch.  Therefore, Audit moved from Farsight to the Clinic and BA from the Clinic to Farsight.  On August 7th at the end of  Beasty Boy’s less than difficult Clinic Q, BA called a trembling Audit to the middle of the circle and announced that BA and Audit would be switching places for the time being and asked the Clinic to be kind to the sensitive Audit.  This was greeted by pleas from the pax for BA not to leave but most importantly not to leave Audit if BA did go (sadly Audit wasn’t able to handle the constant bashing by the likes of Winkles and others and eventually quit).  Brushing away the emotions, BA said it was done and BA quietly disappeared into the gloom.  As BA exited the stage he could hear the laugh of a female hyena (Lil Sweet) saying something about Nueva…….

BA resurfaced at Farsight on August 9th and his first act was to immediately annoy and harass all the pax on the Farsight GroupMe chat.  Noticing there were several names on the chat not recognizable, BA reached out to Linus to inquire who they were and had they been active at Farsight.  What occurred next is what has become known as “Linus’ Massacre.”  Linus basically started chopping off heads and deleting guys from the chat if they, in his opinion, had not been active.  BA tried to intervene and slow the carnage but it was too late.  When it was over Linus had whittled Farsight down to a mere shell of its former self (two of those axed were Stallion and Dumper who had long been kicked out of Farsight).  The 20 pax left standing included:  Divac (Redwood); Daisy Dukes; Mesquite; Purdy Mouth; Linus; Last Rites; Fallguy; Bagboy; Section 8; Pigpen; Guttenberg; Captain Crunch; Ragtop; Billie Jean; Fudger; Carpal Tunnel; Castanza; Body Bag; Lil Jack and Windows.  The brothers of Farsight quaked in their boots wondering would they be next to fall to Linus’ axe.  BA managed to calm Linus’ rage and got him to agree not to cut off anymore heads for the time being.  What happened to those he axed you ask?  Unfortunately those names have been lost to history and will never be known.  Tragic.

Despite the sad and unnerving start with Farsight, BA was graciously and hospitably welcomed into the group.  However, there were a few who were suspicious of BA due to the reputation of the Clinic for being genuine DH’s.  These concerns were allayed when BA jumped in and started Qing and quickly became a regular along with stalwarts Ragtop, Last Rites, Windows and Lil Jack.  These four pax constitute the heart and soul of Farsight; not as awesome as BA but still very close.

Fast forward 19 weeks and Farsight finds itself humming along and whipping ass.  Farsight even has a candidate for City Council (Ragtop) and may even be ready to field a 2019 Fox team to dethrone Team DH from the Clinic.  They are definitely closing the gap.  We’re talking smaller than a jolly rancher.  Farsight added to its fold Schroeder (EH’d by Linus who doesn’t just chop off heads), Woodstock (EH’d by Schroeder), Heisenberg (EH’d by Schroeder) and Picasso (EH’d by Audit, yes Audit).  Farsight also brought back Wildman/Re-Run from the ash heap and accepted the transfers of Da Meat and Red/Pathfinder from The Clinic when they determined they didn’t want to be DH’s.

With the growth and overall sound health of Farsight, BA sensed it was time.  It was time to head back to The Clinic and save it from the destruction being brought on by a heinous virus causing wrath and destruction at BA’s former home.  Yes, the Clinic was falling victim to “Ruckeritis,” that awful disease being spread by Skinny Pete and Paula Dean.  They had lured Beasty Boy and Stallion into their web and were now homing in on Barfly, no pun intended.  BA was horrified at the thought of his once glorious Clinic becoming a “rucker” AO.  The horror, oh the horror.

Thus, BA made a fateful decision.  In order to save the Clinic he would have to leave his newfound brothers at Farsight and return to the land of DH and put an end to what Skinny Pete and Paula Dean were spawning.  He knew his Farsight brothers would be heartbroken and was fearful the news may cause the AO to shatter into pieces but BA had to do what he had to do.

December 20, 2018 (Thursday)

BA signed up to Q Farsight one last time.  It would be an emotional day for everyone.  It would be BA’s 250th workout of the year and would be his 30th of 38 Farsight workouts since joining in August.  As BA drove past North Hartsville Elementary (BA’s elementary alma mater where he was a champion in kickball) on his way to the AO he noticed a cluster of cars in front of the school.  Thinking it was either an early gathering for perhaps a Christmas party or it was a gathering of very feminine men, BA paid no mind to the dark specters in the gloom.

Nevertheless, BA went on to the AO to get started.  As BA pulled into the parking lot he thought to himself how the pax gathered had no idea their lives were about to be shattered when BA drops the news he’s leaving.  Poor guys.

BA gathered everyone and announced it was time to start.  The first sign something was askew was when BA spotted Paperboy of the Clinic among the encircled group but chalked it up to the “Gray Man” missing his hero BA and came out to give him some support.  Or maybe Paperboy wanted some separation from the Clinic after Bowtie broke the news of Lil Sweet and Coxswain being in the Jacuzzi together.  Paperboy was wounded but perhaps he just didn’t want to give Coxswain the satisfaction and chose to leave.  We may never know.

Either way, as BA called the troops together in the gloom BA noticed a group of men skipping into the parking lot singing songs from “Boy George’s Greatest Hits” led by their sissy leader, Bowtie aka Sissy Boy.  BA rubbed his eyes to see if it was true; it was.  It was Team DH strolling in with what looked like a cooler while waving a Jolly Rogers pirate flag.  Venom and curse words spewed from the lips of the likes of Barfly, Skinny Pete, Judy (wearing a funny hat) and that foul mouthed Paula Dean.

It was the Clinic!  BA knew they were there simply to disrupt BA’s Q.  BA shook his head with mild aggravation, gathered his wits and got his game face on.  As the pax took their places in the circle, BA announced he was calling the roll.  Immediately BA heard snarky comments from Team DH like “yall still take roll?” (Chainsaw who said something about eating sticks which was confusing) and “we would’ve already run a mile by now (Lil Sweet).”  BA was not distracted by their vitriol and announced, “Gentlemen, BA is calling the roll!”

BA had started a Farsight tradition (not really) of calling the roll prior to the workout.  If a pax HC’d and failed to show it would cost the present pax 10 burpees.  If a pax failed to say he was not coming and failed to show then it would cost the present pax 3 burpees.  This is a favorite of Windows who invented a few new cuss words the last time we did this when four pax HC’d but failed to show.

The roll was as follows:

Daisy Dukes: present

Linus HC: present

Divac (Redwood): present

Last Rites: present

Fallguy HC: present

Bag Boy HC: present

Section 8: 3 burpees

Pigpen HC: present

Guttenberg: excused

Captain Crunch: 3 burpees

Ragtop: excused

Billie Jean HC: present

Fudger: 3 burpees

Carpal Tunnel: 3 burpees

Castanza HC: present

Bodybag HC: present

Lil Jax: 3 burpees

Windows: 3 burpees

Purdy Mouth: excused

Schroeder: 3 burpees

Re-Run/Wildman: 3 burpees

Da Meat HC: present

Woodstock: 3 burpees

Red: 3 burpees *the Clinic DH’s called Red a traitor thinking he was still one of them

Heisenberg: excused

Picasso: excused

Mesquite: 3 burpees

After 33 burpees BA led the pax in a few warmup exercises before heading to the main event.  The workout was as follows:

BA assembled the pax at the top of the parking lot where the blocks had been laid out.  BA called for a Clinic DH to partner with a Farsight pax.  When Chainsaw begged BA to partner with him BA knew his team would dominate Lil Sweet, Bowtie and Stepshow.  As the drizzle turned a steady rain Chainsaw made the observation that “even dogs get out of the rain…..”

The exercises called for Partner A to run the full loop of the parking lot while Partner B performed the exercise.  When A returned they switched and Partner B would run while A did the exercises.

  • 250 Overhead Presses
  • 50 Burpees
  • 250 Curls
  • 50 Bigboys
  • 250 Chest Presses

*Team Chainsaw-BA dominated throughout; just saying…..

During the last set suddenly a group of men clad in dark clothing began to emerge from the gloom.  They were not as sissified as the Clinic DH’s from earlier but we’re still not talking masculine by any means.  It had begun to rain and our vision was limited but as they drew closer it was clear it was the Warzone Wussies led by Wall-E.  They raced in, caused confusion and disorder and then left as quickly as they had arrived.  It was classic Wall-E.  Evidently Chicken Fried was scheduled to Q Warzone but fartsacked so Warzone ran to his house (which was nearby) and is why and how they wound up messing up BA’s Q.  Pax spotted from Warzone included Ike, Mutt and Wall-E.  Rumor has it Cowboy was in tow but no one saw him.

When the confusion cleared BA ordered the Clinic DH’s to put up the blocks and then have everyone assemble back to the flag for a “Jack Webb” exercise.  The exercise called for every 1 “merkin” it would be followed by 3 “air presses” but the “merkins” would be of the “iron cross” kind.  The pax went all the way up to 10 “merkins” and 33 “air presses.”  When BA saw Pinocchio and Barfly (who knew they were artist too?) struggling, BA reminded them there was no shame modifying to their knees; that this was a judgment free zone.    They immediately obliged.  Funny how “form” matters……..

It was getting close to quitting time so BA called out “recover” which means the end of the workout.  Actually BA saw Chainsaw doing his finger “helicopter style” indicating it was time to wrap it up so BA called time.  As BA called the pax to close ranks and bring the circle in for “count off” BA noticed an “imp like” figure pulling a cooler to the circle.  It was Barfly, 2017 Mumble Chatter King, (Judge Judy is the perceived 2018 front runner) and he announced that it was a Clinic tradition to serve beer on special occasions.  Special occasion?  Lil Sweet asked if they had any girl drinks like Mike’s Hard Lemonade but Barfly said it was only Budweiser this day.  Skinny Pete brought his own 40 oz and chugged it (BA has a picture to prove it if anyone wants to see it) as the pax began popping open cold cans of beer at 6:15 AM.  *Disclaimer: not all pax partook but all of the Clinic guys did……

So what was the special occasion?  BA was about to find out.  The special occasion was revealed when Paula Dean, on behalf of the Clinic, presented BA with a “Rasslin Belt” to honor BA for his “greatness.”  BA was moved and patted Paula Dean on the cheek as Paula Dean let a tear go from the corner of his eye.  Paula Dean whispered or maybe whimpered, “BA, come home man, come home.”

With that BA announced to the 24 assembled pax that today was his 250th workout of the year.  Likely no other pax in F3 Hartsville history has hit 250 each year.  A warm applause ensued as BA acknowledged the recognition but knowing he had to break the bad news raised his hands to bring the cheers to a halt.

BA then announced gingerly, “Men, today will be BA’s last day at Farsight.”  No sooner had BA uttered these words he heard Linus break out in a sob, the kind of sob of a little girl.  Then Pigpen uttered his first words in 19 weeks and said “Say it aint so BA???”  BA turned to them and softly said, “Yes, boys.  Its time.  It’s time for BA to move on.  His work is done here.”  Bodybag broke from the ranks and ran to his car in tears chased by Castanza who attempted to comfort his “special friend.”  Billie Jean exclaimed, “I finally made a GD workout and you are leaving?”  Fallguy bit his quivering bottom lip fighting back the emotions.  Divac made a very strong point when he asked while pointing across the circle to the Clinic DH’s who had been talking during BA’s announcement, “why would you want to work out with those assholes?”  BA really didn’t have an answer and struggled with a response.  All BA could muster was “because they need me Divac.”

When order was restored BA thanked the Farsight pax for welcoming him into their group and for the opportunity to work out with them, fellowship with them and spend time in prayer with them.  Its been a great 19 weeks and BA has enjoyed every moment (except the time Windows Qd and made BA and Ragtop brick bear crawl in the driving rain in 40 degree weather.  That sucked.).  As the pax dispersed and as BA walked to his vehicle one could hear the faint cheers of Fudger and Carpal Tunnel from the comforts of their warm beds celebrating that BA was leaving Farsight and there would be no more GroupMe postings cajoling the pax to the workouts………

That’s all I got to say about that……..

Fraternally, BA

Past Farsight Brick Holders:


Purdy Mouth

Judge Judy




Body Bag


Pigpen (current holder and lets hope he hasn’t lost it)





Call to Action

After Greenacres called out the PAX for not HC’ing to Marion or Convergence, YHC took the cue to Q convergence.   The only ones present at 6:55 were Daisy Dukes, Paperboy, and Coxswain, who remarked “Are they chicken s##t?” or something to that affect.  He said it, I didn’t.  As the warmup began, Lovebug shows up to pull the average age of the PAX down to 52.  Only 5 PAX heeded the call from our Nantan, but work was done.




SSH, Clinic Arm Circles, Windmills, Merkins, Copperhead squats

The Main THANG

Pair up in the center of the field and face each other.  The PAX will move out away from each other and meet up somewhere in between depending on how fast your partner is.  Roughly 5 minutes per round.  Change partners each round.

  • Round 1 (x2):  Bear crawl out, 10 BBS, Bear crawl back, 10 burpees, 10 booyah merkins
  • Round 2 (x2):  Lungewalk out, 10 BBS, Lungewalk back, 10 jump squats, 10 booyah merkins
  • Round 3 (x2):  Crabwalk out, 10 BBS, Crabwalk back, 10 monkey humpers, 10 booyah merkins
  • Round 4 (x2):  Burpee broadjump out, 10 BBS, Burpee BJ back, 10 burpees, 10 booyah merkins

Move to the end of the field and partner up on sidewalk.  Partners mosey opposite each other around the field, stopping at all 19 benches for:

  • Round 1:  10 stepups EL
  • Round 2:  10 bench dips
  • Round 3:  10 jump squats EL

More bench work.  3 sets each of the following:

  • Catalina wine mixers (with bench) x 10 OYO.  From plank position, hands to bench, back to plank, then a full pushup equals 1 rep.  3rd set was a crowd pleaser.
  • Decline mountain climbers x 10 4-count OYO.  Basically same as mtn climber, but feet on bench.

Circle up and plank up.

One at a time, a PAX hops up, runs and does 5 pullups and returns to plank.  2 rounds made for a long plank experience.


Flutter kicks, dollies, v-ups, LBC’s


  • Christmas gift signup.  Look for the spreadsheet and then cuss out Wall-E if you can’t get into the google doc.
  • T-claps for Schafer and Greenacres for q’ing F3 Marion,  Beast Light & YHC on deck for 12/8, Waterbug on 12/15.  Come join us and pay it forward
  • Farsight cleanup day on 12/8 at 9 am??? Lunch provided to those who HC.


George H. W. Bush passed away after a remarkable career.  Joined the navy on his 18th b-day and became an aviator.   Flew 58 missions, was shot down.  Graduate from Yale where he played in the College World Series.  Went into the oil business and became a millionaire.  Served in congress, led the CIA, UN ambassador, liaison to China, VP, 41st President.  Married for 73 years with 6 children.

A lot happened under his watch as President including the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Desert Storm.  However, one domestic initiative still resonates with us today:  His 1000 points of light program.  We are tasked with making the world a better place by volunteering our time, talents and resources.  This could be giving blood, reading to elementary school children, donating to charity, etc.  I encourage you to find ways to become a point of light in the world.




Jax 50 Mile Star Course

Once upon a time, four men had a dream of walking 50 miles. Little did they know, their dream would soon become a nightmare. These men went by the names: Skinny Pete, Klinger, Paperboy and Linus (YHC). This is their story.

I received text from Klinger one random day in June “Hey brother, 50-mile Star Course Jacksonville, FL. You in?…. I don’t want any pussies on this trip.” I remember not wanting to ruck 50 miles, but the thought of not being considered a pussy in the eyes of one of F3 Hartsville’s most distinguished, bad-asses outweighed all reservations.

17:00 Friday, November 9th our team, “The Bookbag Bandits,” arrived in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It was pouring down rain and nervous anticipation was setting in. The two pre-race objectives we had were to find food and buy a street map. We ate at Castillo de Mexico, “high protein and high carbs” we said, “it won’t hurt our stomachs” we said. FL mexican cuisine will not hold a candle to SC mexican cuisine unless you are comparing gas combustibility by farting on said candle. FL would win. After planting seeds of bowel destruction, we began the search for a street map. Four gas stations later, we turned up empty. We found our map at Barnes and Nobles. We all agreed this was the last paper map on the planet.

20:00 we report to GoRuck HQ. The first thing we noticed was there were a lot of people, around 250. Klinger became very excited and drooled at the mouth. The more people the more kills was his thought. Skinny Pete and I started wondering what we got ourselves into. Judging the competition on general physique alone we were in over our heads.

20:30 Cadre Moka Mike gathered the crowd with his booming voice and gave us our “hit list” and explained general rules. Moka Mike then asked one veteran from each branch of the military to come forward, along with first responders and a mother. Klinger represented the army in this ceremony, which YHC thought was an honor. Skinny Pete began to step forward to represent a mother, but Paperboy stopped him. He thought the cadre said mother f@#$er. The cadre play the national anthem and thanked all for their contribution for our country.

After the ceremony, we looked at our hit list. We had 14 waypoints to make, each of which was a park, monument or other notable structure. To prove we made each waypoint we had to post a group selfie on Instagram with a corresponding hashtag. “What’s instagram?” asked Paperboy, “What’s a selfie?” asked Klinger, “What’s a hashtag?” said Pete, “not to worry” said YHC “these things justify the existence of my generation.”  Paperboy and Skinny Pete began plotting out the course with the GPS while Klinger and YHC plotted with the map. After 30 seconds we decided the map was stupid and we were glad no one made them anymore.

2100 the the horn was blown and the clock started. We loaded our rucks and told our feet we were sorry for what was about to happen to them. The course laid out in a loop, so half the teams went south and the other half north. We were on the north route. We began working our way to the first waypoint. 400 yards out of HQ we stumbled upon a group of teams taking a selfie with a statue of a surfer, but this was not waypoint we were looking for. We were looking for the Jax Beach Pier, and this was not Jax Beach Pier. We should not check this waypoint off, yet. It’s 10 feet away and it will be closer on our way back. As you can see, 10 minutes in we were already outsmarting ourselves. Paperboy started as navigator, but quickly passed the duty on to YHC, which was the best move for the group seeing asYHV was the only one with the Navigator Patch.

The first 3 waypoints came easily. All were within a few miles of the start. waypoint 4 was an hour ruck away through some residential areas of Jax beach. Roughly 3 miles from the waypoint we met a group of 20 or 30 ruckers backtracking in our direction. They informed us that there was a gated community ahead and the security guard on duty was not allowing safe passage. The conservative approach was to back track 2 miles and circle around this private community. We overheard another team planning to dead reckon through the woods. This would cut miles off and put us ahead of the other teams. The ringleader of this outfit ended up being a GoRuck Cadre JC who was Klinger’s Cadre for his Heavy and a Recon Marine. Klinger felt confident in this man’s ability so we took the bet.

Another team from Tampa followed, who YHC called the Tampons. We “broke brush” for 200 yards until we were halted by an 8-foot chain link fence. While contemplating our options, we learned one member of JC’s team was the infamous 001; who was the first man to complete GoRuck Selection. He ended up being a halfwit who seemed light in his loafers. He insisted JC call Moka Mike to bring them a ladder. Paperboy decided that Selection must be pretty easy if this man did it and said he was HC for Selection. After Moka Mike side-buttoned 001’s call, we resorted to climbing the fence. Acting as one cohesive unit, we began passing rucks over and giving boost. YHC thought this was very impressive; three teams would work together, even though we were in competition. As that thought crossed my mind, the last of the Tampons was coming over the fence and I turned to see JC and 001 taking off on their own. Karma quickly caught up to them, because they were discovered by the HOA security. The Bookbag Bandits and the Tampons agreed to work together until we got out of this neighborhood.

Tripping over yard gnomes, patio furniture and dog shit, we stayed between the woods and the houses to remain covered (an area about 10 feet in width). This idea worked well until we came upon a house with a well lit back porch. Inside was an old couple watching Jeopardy. Paperboy wanted to ask if he could sit down for a bit and play along. I’m sure they could exchange hip replacement stories. Not able to keep off the street any longer, we decide that running down the sidewalk was our only way out. Paperboy reluctantly followed. We managed to make it to the exit before crossing paths with the rent-a-cop. For a moment we thought he was going to let us pass without comment, but he apparently had something he needed to get off his chest. This large, angry man informed us the definition of private property and the State of Florida’s penalties for trespassing. There were a lot of things we wanted to say, but didn’t because our mothers taught us better.

From the amount of time it took to climb the fence juxtaposed with the 30 minute lecture from the HOA police, we probably gained 100 yards on everyone who went around. The next waypoint we found Moka Mike and other GoRuck staff. They were handing out oranges and bananas like a bunch of soccer moms; however, the gesture was appreciated. I bent over to tie my shoe next to Moka Mike’s minivan and looking me right in the face was Jason McCarthy’s 4-legged friend, Monster. I have never seen a more apathetic animal in my entire life. I guess a bunch of dudes wearing heavy backpacks was getting old to him.

At this point team morale was at an all, time high. We had some bonus calories in our bellies, and being ahead of schedule had lots of things to talk about, such as: selection is a joke, Marine Recon is a joke, HOA rent-a-cops are a joke, Skinny Pete sucks at climbing fences, etc., etc. The miles went by fast and our competition was seen less and less, which can only mean we were moving faster than expected. We reached waypoint 7 around 0300, which was the welcome sign at UNF. We took 5 to rest our feet and backs and replenish electrolytes. Then, out of the darkness came JC and 001 and the Tampons. We learned that JC’s team was caught by the rent-a-cop, but they were given a ride on a golf cart. We offered some food to 001, which he declined. He explained they had a support vehicle on the way with supplies, and he only eats fruit smoothies while rucking. The fact we were ahead of them, even with this unfair advantage, speaks to how hard the Bookbag Bandits really were.

We had to backtrack 6 miles in order to reach the next waypoint, which really flattened our spirits and killed morale. Klinger and Paperboy began discussing Revelations, which was frightening. Klinger kept mentioning Thor and Odin. Someone needs to check which version of the Bible he reads. YHC discoverd that sleep rucking is possible. One minute YHC was at UNF, and then woke-up and had walked 4 miles. At the same time, Paperboy was talking my head off by telling me that when he grows up he wants to be a hardcore mountaineer such as YHC.

Around dawn we reached waypoint 8. We decided to take 10 minutes to change socks, refill our water and eat. Klinger also was having issues with Castillo de Mexico coming back for revenge. The next waypoint was 8 miles away straight down a road that paralleled the beach. We knew this was going to be the hardest part of the trip. It was 8 miles there and 8 miles back, all on the the same straight road. It was as we expected: long, hard miles. It took about 2.5 hours to reach the waypoint, which was a public beach access known as Mickler’s Landing. Upon arrival we found discouraging news: there was no potable water. Being resourceful, Paperboy began making a small talk with a local soccer mom. She told us we all smell bad, but she had about 1.5 liters of water we could have. This was well received.

For YHC the 8 mile ruck back was a conflict between the mind and body. Mentally, I had a renewed spirit due to the thought we would be finished soon; however my body, particularly my feet, reported they had given me all they had. I walked on through the pain. Skinny Pete entered some sort of catatonic state where he didn’t respond to questions unless it was “do you need a rest?” Klinger and Paperboy walked ahead and finished their discussion about Ragnarok. YHC entertained himself my thinking of the beer waiting at the finish.

After hitting our last few waypoints including the surfer statue, we returned to GoRuck HQ. We were disappointed to learn that JC and the Tampons had beaten us by a few minutes, but we are also very satisfied to place 20 out of 82 teams. Our total time was 17 hours 36 minutes, which is a long time to be walking. We received our patches and had a few sips of beer before heading to the Hotel. How I made the 15 minute drive to the hotel is the greatest mystery to me. We are all pretty sure it was divine intervention.

The questioned that keeps getting asked is “would you do it again?”. It took me 3 days to finally admit I would. All told this was an awesome experience with a great group of guys, and most importantly we gave it our best.

The End,




Pre-Blast – North Hartsville Elementary Service Project

Pre-Blast – 2018 Service Project – F3 Hartsville

B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front) – We are doing a service project. Sign up below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a78rHgsDLRFlsCUb7DmUs8wyb7PGFX7HjSLB5K1eGAQ/edit?usp=sharing

Calling all PAX of F3 Hartsville! You are cordially invited to participate in a clean-up project at North Hartsville Elementary School on Saturday, December 8, 2018.  The schoolyard has served F3 well for several years as home of the Farsight AO and as one of the pain stations during the annual Fox.  Blood, sweat and tears have been left on those grounds in efforts to make ourselves and our fellow PAX better. Now we have an opportunity to pour some of that sweat into work that will make the schoolyard a better and safer place for the kids of NHE.

What is the project?

NHE has a large courtyard area that students are currently restricted from using because it is unsafe. The vision of Kristi Austin, Principal of NHE, is to turn the courtyard into a nice grassy area that is safe and easy to maintain.

The area currently has a fair amount of limbs and other organic debris that needs to be hauled away.  Additionally, there are concrete benches and tables that need to be removed as well as a multitude of bricks and paving stones.

A set of metal risers/bleachers needs to be taken apart and hauled away as well as some smaller wooden structures.

Lastly, some general landscaping work is needed, such as pruning branches and trimming hedges.

When is it?

We will start at 9:00 am on Saturday, December 8th.  This will give you a chance to attend Convergence and then go home to get your tools and or your 2.0’s.

If you are attending the Christmas parade that morning, no problem. Please come after the parade.

Who can participate?

All PAX of F3 Hartsville are invited, as well as their M’s and 2.0’s.  Bring friends along as well!  This is a big area with plenty of room for a multitude of workers.

This is a great opportunity for your high school student to pick up some community service hours!

Why should I do it?

Because we are leaders in our community and we have an opportunity to help fill a need that is not being met!  It is also a great fellowship opportunity. After all, that is what the 2nd F of F3 is all about!

Who are the Q’s?

Divac & Windows

What can I bring?

We will need the following items:

  • Wheelbarrows
  • Saw or Torch to cut metal
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Rakes
  • Shovels/Spades
  • Leaf Blower
  • Trash Bags
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Trailer (to haul pavers, concrete, yard waste, et al. to the dump)
  • Work gloves

How Long?

We’ll work till early afternoon (lunch and drinks will be provided!), but you are encouraged to come for however long you can.  This project will take more than one day to complete, so we expect to schedule a second work day at a later time.

We want the work we do on the 8th to noticeably improve the appearance of the site and to eliminate the areas posing the greatest safety risk to the children.

What next?

Sign up HERE 


Full Frontal Attack

Todays workout was in honor of Josh aka Rooney, one of the Cadre that helped lead the Goruck HTL in Savannah in March.  It was intended for rucks but we improvised.



Ruck up if you got one.  Mosey to brick pile and grab a coupon if you don’t have a ruck.

The Main THANG

In honor of Cadre Rooney WOD

Start with 400 m coupon/ruck carry (2 laps around islands) then:

5 rounds of the following (but we only had time for 3+)

  • 75 mtn climbers (4 count) (crowd pleaser!!)
  • 75 air squats (single count)
  • 200 m coupon carry (1 lap around islands)
  • 75 flutter kicks (4 count)
  • 75 overhead claps (single count)

Finish with a 400 m coupon carry (2 laps around islands)


We did some stuff


Goruck Star Course—Congrats! to Skinny Pete, Paperboy, Klinger, Linus


Recently through FB, I discovered that Cadre Josh had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  A few weeks ago, I planned a trip to Milwaukee with my 13 year old to watch the Dodgers/Brewers in the NLCS.  Knowing that Josh was from Wisconsin and a huge sports fan, I reached out to him to see if he was planning to be at the game.  He replied immediately and said that he would be there and he gave me pointers on where to eat and what to see while we were in town.  He also agreed to meet my son and I during the game.  We talked for a few minutes and he was in good spirits despite his diagnosis. He has 2 small boys and I couldn’t help but ache for him knowing that he was going to have to endure cancer treatments and not be able to spend as much time with his boys.  His attitude is what struck me the most.  He said he had always been underestimated and never was the smartest or talented.  But he always had a positive attitude and never let the opinions of others define him.

From a recent FB post he quotes his Ranger creed by “going full frontal attack on this enemy” and stating “Surrender is not a Ranger word” and “I will shoulder more than my share of the task, 100% and then some!”  His story reminds me of one of my favorite verses from Romans 5:3-4.

“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope”




25th Anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu

The PAX were informed that the theme for the workout would be about the Battle of Mogadishu (made famous by the movie Blackhawk Down.) 25 years ago soldiers embarked on what was supposed to be a quick 1 hour mission.  When 2 Blackhawks were shot down by RPG’s, 1000’s of enemy converged on the site and the men had to fight for 18 hours till they could be rescued.  The last few soldiers had to sprint 1 mile (Mogadishu mile) to their convoy under heavy fire.  19 dead, 73 wounded





Warm up the choppers

  • SSH X 19 IC
  • Clinic Arm Circles x 19

Mosey to the downed helicopters (Blocks staged in the middle of the Brick City parking lot.) Count off in order and listen for instructions

Main Event

Defend the downed Blackhawk

4 corners (central islands in parking lot)

  • Corner 1:  19 thrusters, OH carry to next corner
  • Corner 2:  19 Kettlebell, lunge walk to next corner
  • Corner 3:  19 Block burpees, OH carry to next corner
  • Corner 4:  19 Jump lunge, Each leg, lunge walk to next corner

Drop 1 rep after each circuit. (19 died in battle)

During the 4 corners, each PAX took a turn carrying a casualty around the 4 corners.  Load up as many coupons as possible (50# ruck, 60# sandbag, tire pull, 2 water jugs)  Complete a full lap and return to where you left off in the 4 corners and next man comes up.  When planning this I thought we would get 2 turns apiece, but I’m glad we didn’t


73 flutter kicks (for the number of wounded in the battle) split into 2 sets with 10 BBS in between


Prefontaine at Woodchips neighborhood

Remember flood victims, Tsunami victims, 7 police officers in Florence, #99, Chuck-E-Cheese son Finn


Thanks to Skinny Pete and Paula Dean for the Mogadishu background and soldier stories they learned at the Goruck event last weekend. Take time to thank our soldiers, firefighters, policemen, ems who put themselves in harms way and protect and serve us.





Nothing but a “G” thing

The 3 G’s, Greenacres, Goldilocks, and YHC met up at SOS to take on Tropical Storm Kirk.  But it didn’t take long for it to turn into a Tropical “Depression”.  Here is what had happened.


Always 84 degrees in the pool unless Wall-E relieves himself



Swim a few laps

Main Event

Was hoping for teams of 2, but since only 3 showed up we made it work

3 man DORA

  • Partner A underwater brick slider down and back
  • Partner B Salmon ladders (~125 as a team)
  • Partner C Freestyle down and back

Each man got 3 rounds of each station

Separate OYO

  • 5 Gutter ups, swim with arms only to opposite end
  • 20 two count flutter kicks, swim with legs only back to start

Rinse and repeat 5 x, flutter kicks on the 6

2 PAX tread water with brick overhead while 3rd pax freestyle down and back (Crowd pleaser). Switch out one man at a time until everyone has done a lap.

Cool down mosey down and back

Mary-SOS style

  • Tread water with arms only for 1 minute
  • Tread water with legs only for 1 minute

Prayed for those affected by flooding.   Look out for an opportunity to help our brothers in Conway/Myrtle Beach.


First time Q’ing SOS was loads of fun.  Its not hard to make it suck because there is no break.  The whole body gets a workout without getting beat to death.  Tclaps to Goldilocks who swam without flippers which is much harder.  He also floats much better than YHC who was flailing desperately while treading water.




Whistlestop Tour

Conditions 73F and humid.

I had been planning on doing my VQ in a few weeks. However, I found myself signed up for Convergance after arriving back in Simpsonville from Tuesday’s Clinic. Only problem was fitting all my props in the Camry for the road trip back to Hartsville. It’s hard to top most Q’s done on Saturday. My first post as a FNG was probably the hardest and most memorable by Lil’ Sweet. A dual circuit was in order. Felt the need to give a little more attention to my instructions. So a whistle seemed to be appropriate for the task. I had been called “Naked and Afraid” for removing my shirt after Tuesday workout. Well it was time to see how the PAX reacted after a few beer keg slams, block sliders and merkins.

Introduction of myself to the 20 Pax who were on time. The mission of F3 is to plant,grow and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of the male leadership community.


  • 20 SSHs
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Reach Ins
  • 10 Burpees OYO

Count off 1,2 for Dual Loop Session. Then Mosey to the Pond doing a series of exercises I often did at cross-fit. Lunges to Stop sign,then High Kicks,High Knees,Butt kicks and Cariocas to the Pond..

**The Thang

Separate in groups. 1 for Pond and 2 the Concrete pad. At the Pond for four stations for exercises with four sets After finishing set run to next station:

  • Station #1 Merkins 50,40,30,20
  • Station #2 Squats 50,40,30,20
  • Station #3 Plank Jacks 50,40,30,20
  • Station #4 Freddy Mercuries 50,40,30,20

At the Concrete Pad Six Exercises

  • Pulling chain 30 yds. Down & back
  • Bucket carry 30 yds. Down & back.
  • Sledge hammer tires 30 yds. Down & back
  • Jump rope 100 times. Run down & back
  • Beer keg slam 20 times. Run down & back
  • Block sliders 30 yards. Down and back.

Switch to next location after finishing sets of exercises or when whistle sounds. Most of us finished up two rounds on starting point and one on the alternate. Mosey back to WZ for Marys.


  • Combos 2 Flutter Kicks,4 Leg Raise, 8 LBCs
  • Combos 4 Flutter Kicks,8 Leg Raises,16 LBCs
  • Combos 8 Flutter kicks,16 Leg Raises,32 LBCs
  • Combos 16 Flutter Kicks,32 Leg Raises,64 LBCs

Completed after YHC had a little problem keeping the totals right on each round. Disclaimer came after exercise so a few threats of liability and lawsuits surfaced. #Learning from my mistakes.


Nameorama and Anouncements:Credos to Oliver Segars and F3 Hartsville for helping pay for opposing team Conway’s meal on Friday. Our team came through with the money.

Devotion: Overcoming Fear to Take Leadership

There has always been some apprehension of leading a Q. Specifically the fear of leading Hartsville F3 in physical activities and then giving a devotion that will have some meaning. Since I started F3 in July 2017 there is always something new that I take from each post both spiritually and physically.These Bible verses tie in how trusting in God’s plan for overcoming those fears:

“So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.” Deuteronomy 31:6.

“For God did not give us a spirit of fear,but of power,love and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 With God on our side we are unstoppable. We do not have to live our lives in fear but rather,we can rest in knowing that God has a plan for us. As his people, he will allow us to prosper.

Well I had a great experience doing the Q. In order to grow in your life you must take on challenges that often cause some level of discomfort .I have been to multiple cities and AOs that have F3. F3 Hartsville has always been helpful and encouraging.Thanks for all the support.


Partner Swapping

Everyone knows the risks of having multiple partners but YHC devised a safe fun and casual way for the PAX to share the load.  The plan was met with some resentment, however, as Paula Dean and Skinny Pete had to be pried apart after Round 1.  Bowtie flat out refused to participate after discovering he couldn’t stay with Arnold and ended up just running around in circles.  Lukie embraced the idea and tried to get with as many PAX as possible.  Here is how it went down.



SSH IC, windmills IC (jilted by Barfly again)

Main Event

Count off into 1’s and 2’s and line up across from each other to meet your first partner

DORA-For better or worse, Partner A does exercise while Partner B does some type of movement.  Early finishers help others finish their reps before beginning next round.  Break up  with your partner after each round.

Partner A/Partner B

  • 100 Burpees/bear crawl
  • 200 Merkins/run around parking lot
  • 300 Monkey Humpers/Crab walk
  • 400 Plank jacks/ run around parking lot
  • 300 Air squats/Lunge walk
  • 200 Donkey kicks/run around parking lot
  • 100 BBS/hold 6”

Count o rama, Name o rama, Announcements


Something about teamwork and working together.  Help a brother out.