Pool Time

YHC woke up at 4am to the sound of rain and thunder. This was going to be a great day.

YHC has noticed a few things over the course of 2+ years in F3:

  1. Belding will NOT post in rain, cold or heat.
  2. Most pax pay too much attention to weather reports.
  3. It almost NEVER rains during a workout.

It’s true. Rain will come before. Rain will come after. Rain almost never happens during a workout. This theory proved true today. That did not prevent a body of water slightly bigger than Lake Superior from forming in the K-Town parking lot, however. YHC started to get excited.

Then YHC showed up at the GridIron parking lot. Nothing. No cars. Crickets. YHC got nervous. After firing off a couple of posts on GroupMe and seeing no reaction, YHC sent a text to GreenAcres, a stalwart of F3Hartsville and a GridIron Redwood.

YHC-“Where are the GI boys? I’m the only one here so far.”

GA-“Shit…I’ll be there in a min. I was fartsacking. People get there late though.”


Just at that moment, YHC received another text string from FreePee, our newest pax:

FP-“What’s the plan when it’s raining?”

YHC-“Work out and get wet. Bring a towel.”

Just at that moment, Goldilocks came in on 2 tires and parted the seas as he drove his stinky truck through the deep end of the K-Town parking lot. Love Bug performed a perfect power slide docking maneuver. GA drove his john boat over from his house. FreePee added extra lifts to his RedRowzee-esque Jeep and splashed water on the upper deck of the stadium.

YHC was once again excited.

The Thang

Four corners-Squats, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers


Between corners-On the long side, we sprinted, ran backwards, did the electric slide and grape vine

Short side-Lunge walks, Dancing in the rain, Rockettes

GA was bitching about form while we were doing Merkins, so YHC took the opportunity to demonstrate perfect handstand push-ups. Goldi stood in awe, jaw agape. Being rather modest, YHC demurred when FreePee asked YHC to do one-handed handstand push-ups. Maybe next time FreePee. Maybe next time. It’s not about me.

FreePee was having none of this Rockettes business and chose to stay well behind the other pax, nervous about what might come next. Thankfully the stadium lights were on and Bo Norris was not present, so he was safe.

LoveBug kept complaining about his vaginitis. Goldi offered to rub it, which I think really freaked out FreePee. He will learn soon enough that Goldi only has the noblest of intentions. Caution is the better part of valor, however, so FreePee gets a free pass.


YHC felt the need to implement the lessons of the Ab Challenge from last month. YHC failed to participate in said challenge, being already a Greek god.

6 inches for 10 count. (The GI pax suck at counting)

We then commenced to do box cutters, but only moving when YHC told them to. This is a listening skills exercise (The GI pax suck at listening)

10 count at each station of the box cutter. (Reference above re: counting ability)

Flutters x 20 IC

Goldi did a great job of counting, but never lifted his legs. LoveBug struck a “Forestry Calendar” pose, resting on one elbow and casting suggestive looks at FreePee the whole time. Evidently he was feeling better after Goldi attended to his issues. Very uncomfortable.


Christmas in April is coming. Mutt has made a sign up sheet. It will be distributed soon to all the AO’s.

We are working on a leadership project with Cypress Adventures to design, build and implement an OCR.


F3’s mission is to develop leaders in the community. YHC has observed that we are becoming somewhat insulated as a group. When we go to parties, we hang out together to the exclusion of others in the room. This is a normal milestone in the history of any group, but it is not a place we need to stop. It is time for us to become uncomfortable again and look beyond ourselves to find that SadClown who is desperate for what we have to offer. Most of our recruiting efforts have been directed toward former F3 pax who have fallen away. While we don’t want to forget them or give up on them, we cannot use them as an excuse for failing to reach out to the new guy. True leadership in the community must happen IN the community. We cannot replace the community. Rather we must enter INTO the communities around us. Let’s renew our efforts to step out and talk to a stranger. Perhaps you dread that more than burpees, but YHC can promise it will pay bigger dividends in the end.






30-Day Challenge – Pull-up Pre-Blast

30-Day Challenge – Pull-up Pre-Blast

Tired of having pull-ups announced during a workout and dreading the exercise? Ready to build that muscle that has been eluding you this entire time. This is the challenge for you!


30-day pull up challenge. The next installment in the 30-day challenge series from F3 Hartsville


The challenge starts on Feb, 12 and ends March, 12. But you will need to set a baseline and get that number to Judge Judy before we start

What we need from you:

Go to a close pull-up bar location, War-zone, Farsight, The Clinic etc. they all have a bar/playground. Use proper form, palms out people, we are doing pull-ups not chin-ups. I will be at Farsight 5:00am and Revolution 5:15pm Tuesday 2/6, and War-Zone 2/8 at 5:00am to get your baseline numbers and demonstrate good form. If you can’t make it to one of these then get your baseline (as described below) and let me know the number.

How you will get your numbers;

We will go to the pull-up bar and demonstrate form followed by as many as you can do before you Stop/Struggle/Cant get quite above the bar. From there I will assign CHALLENGES and a training program for each person.

This challenge is for everyone who wants to get better whether you can do ½ or 20 you will get better and be victorious if you give it all you got.

Training instructions will be given after your individual baselines have been established. Everyone should be advancing as the challenge continues.

What is success:

Stick with the program for all 30 days (no, not every single day) and show progress to complete this challenge.

Await further instructions IYAFYL


Bobby Fuller meet the Temple

The Run club met at the Temple for a little mosey AMRAP.  YHC tried to create a plan for all abilities so no one could make up an excuse to bail.  In sales classes they teach you to handle objections like these:

  • “It hurts my knees or calves to run down Woodland”.  Fine, we’ll go down the gentler slope of Law St. and come up Woodland Dr.
  • “I can’t keep up with you guys”  If you can run a 32 minute mile you can run this route.  You just might get passed.

The theme today was “consistency”.  Set a pace on the first lap and maintain it or beat it.

The route:  Start at Temple, head down Home turn left on Law, left on Greenwood, left on Prestwood, up Woodland Dr. for a 1.4 mile loop.  Based on your pace, do this as many times as possible for 45 minutes.  If you have a few minutes to spare at the end, finish with hill repeats waiting on the 6.

  • 8 min/mile pace–4 laps
  • 10 min/mile pace—3 laps
  • 16 min/mile pace—2 laps
  • 32 min/mile pace—1 lap


  • The Fox 2/4/17.  EVERYONE needs to sign up to run or volunteer
  • Greenacres Grandmother, Arnold Mother-in-law, Woodchip new baby
  • Good luck to Arnold, Bowtie, and 2.0 in the Charleston Half Marathon tomorrow


Talked about being consistent spiritually as well as physically.  Audit closed us out in prayer.


  • Tclaps to prerunners Arnold, Coxswain, and YHC.  Also spotted Valleyboy and Mutt running down Home
  • Upon realizing FIA was there doing their Temple thing on Fridays, Audit and Arnold immediately remove their shirts.  The FIA girls didn’t stay long after that.
  • This is a GB approved course because of the bathroom facilities available at Prestwood (presently out of TP), the Portapotty in front of Stallions house, and Benchwarmers gracious invitation to use his house if necessary.
  • Notable Fartsackers from the neighborhood include Wall-E, Bowtie, Stallion, Schafer, Tater Salad, Heart Attack, Dipstick, Pusher as well as other sad clowns like Dee Brown, Jack Bryan, Hal Cummings, Taters Bro-in-law, etc.







With 4 minutes until go time, YHC messaged that I was the only one so far on the GI chat.  A minute later I saw headlights coming in and realized it was Doc Holiday.  He didn’t let his brother down like the rest of the fartsackers!  Don’t get me wrong – being the day after Christmas, I was not very motivated myself.

Conditions: 30 degrees, cloudy and cold.

All 2 of us circled up, or squared off, or stood there in front of the red fox for warmups.  We didn’t have anything planned, so YHC made it up on the fly, with Doc adding in an exercise here and there.


The Thang:

SSH x 25 IC

Knee up Jumps x 20

Imperial walkers x 25 IC

Reach Thrus x 25 IC

Penningtons  x 15 front and back IC

Continuing to think on the fly, we grabbed a cylinder to do partner work and get in some cardio to burn off that Christmas goose.

Partner A ran down driveway to the last yellow post on the left and back (.2 miles) while Partner B did cylinder work AMRAPS.  Flapjack.

Exercises were:


Overhead Press

Chest Press


Big Boy Situps

Flutter Kicks

Step Ups

Peter Parker Style leg raises to the side


1.6 miles of running total



LBC x 50 OYO

Heels to Heaven x 20



No devo was prepared, so I emphasized that the two of showing was the perfect example of keeping each other accountable.  You post not for yourself, but for your brother.  My plan was to head to War Zone if no one showed and I would have gotten there late and missed at least 1/3 of the workout.  Luckily Doc showed and we got work in and got on with our day.

YHC led us in prayer.


Excuse Me

A lot of lame excuses were flying around (see Moleskin) Friday so YHC wasn’t expecting a large turnout. Despite all these low achievers, 20 PAX strolled in from all the AO’s including Tater Salad with an FNG.

The plan was to arrive early, figure everything out and get a few miles in.  On the way in I noticed flashing lights near the new Roundabout and thought they had blocked off Home Ave.  It turned out to be Krispy Kreme rucking in Hula/kilt and flashing airport beacon strapped to his arse.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Tclaps to other early workout warriors Jogging FNG Porky, Chuck E Cheese burpee madness, Dumper finishing a 5 miler after 2 days on the bleachers at Gridiron, and Chicken Fried rucking from Farsight.  YHC ran around the block and spent the rest of the time in the Fairfield Inn bathroom.

YHC had a few ideas that took up the first half, but winged the last 30 minutes, so Excuse Me. Here’s what went down.


  • SSH x 25 IC (as usual waiting on Audit)
  • Slow Merkins IC X15
  • Clinic Arm Circles (on your 6 feet 6″  off the ground) X15 IC each way
  • Copperhead Squats X 15 IC

Line up on sidewalk for 12’s (11 Burpees/1 BBS to 1 burpee/11 BBS) Run across length of Burry Park between sets.  When finished add another set of 6/6 and/or complete 10 pullups/10 BBS and run a lap.  Continue this format until everyone finishes the 12’s.

After everybody got good and warmed up, PAX were asked to grab a block and set up on sidewalk behind Y.

Compete 3 block exercises (thrusters, derkins, dips x12) followed by overhead carry (or dairy carry or shoulder carry) to opposite sidewalk and back.  Continue this AMRAP for about 15 minutes until I figure out what we’re going to do next.  Put up blocks and return to sidewalk.  The Clinic guys were dumbfounded when told everyone finishes at the same time on an AMRAP so there is no winner.

To kill some time, and in honor of the Red Foxes playing in the state championship, YHC gave a rousing speech about the Phantom Fox and how Foxes can urinate in 12 different positions.  Some DHOTW candidate (see Moleskin) asked for a demonstration.

We spent the next few minutes working on our ABC & D’s back and forth across the grass.

  • Army crawl (Dumper is fast but would get shot early in real combat)
  • Bear crawl
  • Crab walk
  • Duck walk (questionable form here)

At this point its 7:48 so YHC mentioned that the legs needed some work and pretty sure Daisy Dukes threatened me.   Mosey to Burry for 4 corners.

At each corner alternate jump lunges x 10 and jump squats x 10 each leg.  Do this 3 rounds or until time was called.

Mosey to flag for COT


  • The Fox is coming 2/3
  • 5 minute prayer challenge.  Run challenge coming soon
  • Sign up to help buy Christmas gifts for needy families


Set Goals.  Put in the work.  Hold each other accountable. Reap the results.  Get better.

F250, Fox, monthly challenges.  Achieving a goal is great, but the journey is the true reward.


Notable Fartsack Excuses

  • Stallion—Pine Ridge yard sale (Get a free Rebel Flag with purchase of Bong Pipe)
  • Arnold—Farmers Conference with breakout session on Insemination Techniques for Heifers.
  • Greenacres—Dog Hunting (avoiding me for the 2nd time this week.  Thought we were tight)
  • Goldilocks—taking the SAT again in one last attempt to beat his sons in anything
  • Fudger—cleaning up Merlot
  • Judge Judy—doing Zumba with the M
  • Divac—nursing
  • Sir Mix A Lot–nursing
  • Eisenhower—had nightmares about Southpoint High QB

DHOTW candidates

  • All Fartsackers mentioned above
  • Paperboy for gray man photobombing the FNG photo and calling out the Q on his devo
  • Tater Salad for BS’ing an FNG to come out and then won’t show again until his next bday.
  • Chainsaw who is apparently a communist, for bolting during the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Wall-E—showed up at Coffeeteria after “not setting his alarm clock right”





Gridiron Grinder

Todays Groundblind Gridiron Grinder took the boys into the Kelleytown stadium and onto Billy Seigler Field for some bleacher work. 9 pax showed up, mostly on time (would have had double digits if Greenacres or Shaffer showed up). 


Short warmup of SSHx25 IC (waiting on Audit)

Mosey through the gate to the baseball field and onto football field endzone near the locker room.

PAX were instructed on the stadium stair workout. Form was stressed.  PAX were divided into 2 groups and would run opposite directions to increase interaction, encouragement and overall mumblechatter.  Coupons in Endzone 2 included 2 heavy blocks, 2 drag tires, a ruck, and 60# sandbag.

  • Run up and down 4 sets of stairs (at the top 10 stagger merkins/air squats)
  • Cross Endzone 1 Lunge walk
  • Run up and down 5 sets of stairs (at the top 10 stagger merkins/air squats)
  • Cross Endzone 2 Carry/drag a coupon

This went on for about 30 minutes until time was called.  Flutter kicks on the six.

A Groundblind special, 15 up/downs and then haul coupons back to the fence and load the truck.

Mosey back to the baseball field planter

Derkins/dips/plank walks on the six

Circle up for COT


  • The Fox
  • 5 minute prayer challenge
  • Sign up to help buy Christmas gifts for needy families
  • Baby Divac & Baby Sir Mix A Lot
  • Butt Bog at Pine Ridge FD next Thursday. Buy tickets from Groundfault


Set Goals. Put in the work.  Hold each other accountable. Reap the results.  Get better.

Sign up for F250, Fox, monthly challenges.

Truth Nugget by Audit. Achieving a goal is great, but the journey is the true reward.


  • The mosey through baseball field turned out to be the hardest part due to the lack of light and numerous fallen limbs and potholes. Come to find out on Friday, the gate to the field was wide open. Cobains!
  • Darlington County Sheriff patrol car pulled in as we were leaving the stadium. I think the neighbors thought somebody was dying out there.
  • Always a compliment when you get cursed by one of the PAX. Thanks Oliver Segars!
  • Let it be known that Greenacres chose the Fartsack this am. Although he had a somewhat reasonable excuse.
  • Tclaps to the 3 original FNG’s. Hee Haw & Sir Mix A Lot with perfect attendance and Groundfault only 1 absence (went out of town)
  • Great having Bowtie visit from the Clinic even though he cut my tail getting around that stadium!

Always a pleasure!





30 Day Challenge: Holiday Prayer Challenge

This challenge is designed to help us grow in our spiritual life with God.

Many of us have our days scheduled. For example, we all schedule our time at work, at play, with family, and the times of our exercises with our F3 brothers. Do we schedule in time to be in prayer with God? This challenge is not difficult. It does require commitment. The commitment is to spend time with God both speaking to God and listening to God.

The Challenge:

  1. Schedule a time each day for reflection and listening for God.
  2. Find a place to be still and quiet, free from distractions.
  3. Quiet one’s mind by talking with God. Pray to God first, and then wait quietly for God’s response.
  4. As the challenge moves forward add one minute every six days following this schedule.
  • Monday, November 27th – Saturday, December 2nd – 5 minutes
  • Sunday, December 3rd – Friday, December 8th – 6 minutes
  • Saturday, December 9th – Thursday, December 14th – 7 minutes
  • Friday, December 15th – Wednesday, December 20th – 8 minutes
  • Thursday, December 21st– Tuesday, December 26th – 9 minutes

We will have a GroupMe page for all participating. Keep track of your own progress and share your experience on the chat to encourage others. The goal is 20 out of 30 days.

Two other important points:

  1. It may take some time at first to get the thoughts of the day clear from one’s mind for conversation with God.
  2. If you miss a day, don’t worry, start again the next day and keep on the schedule. God will still listen.

Leave it all on the Field

The Pax were fully geared up this chilly November morning so YHC was on a mission to get everyone undressed. Today, we left the frozen tundra of the Kelleytown stadium parking lot to explore a little bit of what the Gridiron AO has to offer.


It was a defrost the windshield kind of morning.

Everyone circled up at the planter by the entrance to the baseball field for a little warmup. YHC likes a warmup before taking off in order to ridicule the “tardy” PAX as they show up.  Sure enough, Schafer, Sir Mix-a-Lot, and finally Gutterball arrive during SSH, but no Itallion Stallion.  Stallions HC’s are about as trustworthy as Trump’s twitterfeed.  Typically Sir Mix A Lot runs through red lights while driving the HFD fire truck and barrels in to the AO right at 5:29.  But today he claims to have been stalled by Schafer at the red light while driving his wife’s Prius.  Either way, he kept his perfect attendance streak intact.  To the workout…  



  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Air Squats x10 IC
  • LBC x10 IC
  • Diamond merkins x10 IC
  • Copperhead squats x10 IC
  • Flutter kicks x10 IC
  • Hand release merkins x 10 OYO
  • Monkey humpers x 20 IC
  • BBS x10 OYO

Main Event

Indian Run to West Hartsville Elementary parking lot and partner up.

Speed-dating DORA

Partner A does work while Partner B sprints around the parking lot. Change partners after each round.

  • Rd 1:   100 Burpees (At this point every long sleeve shirt is on the ground, but thankfully no bare bodies like Arnold and Dumper at a Spartan race)
  • Rd 2:   200 Merkins
  • Rd 3:   300 Squats

Mosey back to flag.

As we wait on the 6 to arrive, 2 rounds of Derkins/Dips/Stepups X 10 IC on the planter.

Mary–Flutter kicks, boxcutters, v-ups and finish up with Plank-o-rama (Crowd Pleaser)


  • Turkey day triple down starts at 5:30 at Gridiron, 6:30 at Warzone, Turkey Trot at 8:00
  • The Fox is coming 2/3/17. Stay tuned.


In a world of negativity, we have so many things to be thankful for: food, shelter, jobs, families, friends, freedom, safety, etc. Be thankful.


  • The PAX literally left it all on the field. Whether shedding extra layers of clothing, spewing Merlot, or dropping Groundblind scat, the PAX left their mark at the Gridiron.
  • With Ground Faults absence today, Sir Mix-a-Lot and Hee Haw are the only original FNG’s left with perfect attendance. Good Work, men.
  • Between farmers Hee Haw and Greenacres, Schafer, and HFD fire truck, the Gridiron burns more diesel fuel than any other AO.

A pleasure to lead Grid Iron