Championship Week

Weather 41 Clear, although you would have thought it was 90 with all the sweat LoveBug squeezed out of his toboggan.

As we all know, its Championship week for college football so what better way to spend your morning in The Gloom.


14 LoveMe’s IC

7 Overhead Claps IC

14 Imperial Walkers IC

7 Frankensteins IC

Running Jack Webb- Run to 1st corner of block & do 1 Merkin/4 Overhead Presses then 2 merks/8 press

Next corner 3/12 & 4/16

Next corner 5/20 & 6/24

Next corner 7/28 & 8/32

1/2 mile in so we must go back down

Next Corner 8/32 & 7/28

And back down until finished

1 mile done

Mosey back to the flag

grab the light up football for a little 2 hand touch to close it out.

LoveBug/Bucky vs Sludge/Eisenhower (since there were only 5 I played QB for both the 1st series then position after)

It was a close fierce battle that ended in a 3-3 tie.

Name-o-rama & Announcements

Devo & Prayer




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