French 101

The weather was nice, the asphalt was not. Great conditions for a second “Bear Hawk Down” esque attempt at GridIron. 15 PAX pushed through the “douleur”.


15 – SSH

15 – Penningtons – 4 WAYS IC

2 Rounds of Gerkins – Groiner w/ 10 merkins between legs

**The Thang

Partner up. 6min Rounds. You’re a team, don’t let your teammate down by slacking off they’re suffering waiting for your relief. Partner 1 runs from AO to covered walkway to perform second workout. Once Partner 1 starts, Partner 2 run to relieve him with 2 burpees. Partner 2 starts that workout while partner one runs back to repeat sequence.

[JAMBES – Legs]

Lunge Pulse (20 each leg) ——> Squats

[BRAS – Arms]

Shoulder Taps ——> Merkins

[BEDON – Belly]

6 inches ——> Freddie Mercuries

Bear Crawl Plank Worm directly into the Red Man Walk. This sucked but Pax managed to stay in line this time proving there IS hope for this exercise.


10 – Freddie Kruegers (Freddie Mercuries 3 count IC w/ 6in holds before repeating)


FNG Naming: Salty Dog aka Brian Heslop

Perspective changes both our view and our attitude. Ask the Lord to help point out the things in your life that you need a different perspective on. A good place to start is looking into the things you’re most judgmental about.


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