Frozen Tundra turns to Mush

So woke up this morning and checked the weather just to make sure a heat wave didn’t blow in over night. Nope, 19 degrees. So, YHC rolls out at 0415 for FarSight to get a run in. No one was there. Oh well, guess only 1 will get better. As YHC hit Lakeview Blvd he noticed lights turn in behind him. A quick glance back to see Audit headed to the parking lot. That makes 2 getting better. (Stoopid run challenge)

Pull up  at WARZONE expecting no one. Low and behold Sludge was sitting there. So I guess this workout was going down. After changing clothes from wet to dry, and much warmer we got it started.

You always get a odd look when you say “alright we need a block and 2 cylinders a piece”.

10 IC Worst Exercise in F3 aka SSH
25 IC Imperial Walkers
Here is where Back40 pulls up behind YHC’s truck. Sits there for maybe 15 seconds then drives off. Yep, we saw the whole thing.
15 IC Love Me’s
15 IC Overhead Claps

10 Burpees

The Thang

12 Curls (Block)
12 Wide Chest Press ( 2 Cylinders)
12 Skull Crushers
12 Single Arm Bent Over Rows (with Block)
12 Wrist Curls
12 IC Squats (Block on shoulders)

12 calf raises on block
10 OYO Merkins (Hands on 2 Cylinders so you have to hold your core tight to keep from falling)

10 Burpees OYO


Repeated 3 times

Added seated back flies 12 IC on last round


Accountability- all 3 of said if no one else showed up we would have gone home. That’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings, especially when its freaking 17-19 degrees.

Prayer- YHC


Frozen grass will thaw out if you lay on it long enough. Ended up with backs soaked. Thanks to the great snow storm #2.

Its a good idea to make sure your gloves allow for total hand expansion when trying double cylinder presses. Mine apparently have shrank because I couldn’t move my thumbs and dropped a cylinder mid lift.

Mutt channeled his inner Bob Dylan this morning on his counts which threw me off by laughing too much

Sludge was knocking out the work then in between sets he would go check on the Garden of Hope behind the Y. In his words “there’s not much hope over there”.

Back40, what the hell bo?

Stopped by The Clinic to see what was going on after the workout. Holt immediately says he’s cold and has to go. Put some damn pants on man!


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