Listen up Q

9 PAX arrived to a 56 degree, rain soaked parking lot very reminiscent of SOS. No one was prepared with goggles so we improvised. Hooker racked his first kill of the day demolishing a questionably orange cone. Whether it was intentional or an accident (while switching through his AC/DC greatest hit album) one may never know.


20 – SSH

2 – Gerkins (Groiner each leg w/ 5 merkins)

99 – Pennington’s in support of our boy, #99 Dylan Adams.

Mosey to playground

**The Thang

This is not a race. You’re fighting the voice that’s telling you to quit. Start with one movement, Run 200m, Add a movement and repeat. If you reach the end, continue with ALL movements until Q calls time.

5 – Burpees

10 – Pullups

20 – LBC’s

20 – SSH

20 – Merkins

20 – Big Boys

20 – Squats

20 – Lunge pulse (10 each leg)

20 – Hartsville Hammers 2 count

20 – Flutter Kicks

20 – Should taps 2 count

20 – Burpees


5 – Freddie Kruegers (3 count IC Freddie Mercuries into 6in hold)



  • Reminder that we have Convergence. Let’s get these numbers up.


The voice in your head is one of the only constant things that never leaves us. That also makes it one of the hardest thing to tell “no”. I think we give it too much power and it gets in the way of a lot of our goals and growth.

1 Kings 19:9-13 NIV (ELIJAH fleeing to the wilderness from Jezebel)

There was a great wind, earthquake and fire making noise around Elijah but the Lord chose to speak in a whisper. Is your head voice making a constant loud presence that is distracting you from hearing from the Lord? Call it out. Say no to the lies. Say no to the fartsack. Get quiet and ask the Lord to speak. You may be surprised what he has for you!


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