Modified Murph Run

Weather: 35 degrees, 9 mph wind made it chilly at times

Warmup: SSH (20), Imperial Walkers (15), Monkey Humpers (20)

The Thang:
Run down Cargill to Emary St. and back (approximately 1 mile).
Plank and LBCs until everyone joined.

MODIFIED MURPH (no pun intended with the FNG’s name):
10 equal sets of 10, 20, 30, with a lap around WarZone after each set.

100 Burpees
200 Merkins
300 Squats

10 sets were not quite accomplished, but several PAX completed 7 sets before time was called by YHC

Mary: Hartsville Hammers (40), Inappropriate Bridges (20)

Announcements: The Fox: Sign up to Volunteer!!
Start training now…The F3 Beer Run is coming!!
ALM – Wednesdays at First Presbyterian Church (5:30)

Moleskin:   YHC was very concerned at the beginning of the workout due to the pace that Cowboy decided to crawl the mile run.  YHC was afraid that we would be done with the workout before he returned, but Eisenhower went back and lit a fire under him by informing him that we had cookies and milk waiting on him.  The FNG, Scrooge, did extremely well for his WarZone debut.  He kept working at it and it is apparent that he will be giving Eisenhower a run for his money in a few months.  Mams decided to roll out of bed and join us this morning.  He informed YHC that he has been meaning to come back, but his blanket and stuffie are normally too soft to abandon at that hour.  Apparently Wall-E is horrible with technology because after trying to sell Scrooge a life insurance policy, instead of taking a picture of YHC and Scrooge, he turned the phone off and then blamed it on the phone.  YHC’s technical expertise on the other hand allowed him to conjure up 2 photos from deep within the inner workings of the phone.


Devo/Prayer: We talk a lot about guys being a “HIM” (High Impact Man), but truth be told, we are all high impact men.  We all leave a mark on other people whether we are aware of it or not.  Each man’s life touches so many other lives.  When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole  Everyone makes an impact on everyone else.  You have all made an impact on my life either through F3 or outside of it.  Either way, I’m not ashamed to say I’m proud to know you and I admire you.  Keep being you.  Push to be the best you.  In one way or another, whether you know it or not, you’re touching someone else’s life.  Might be your kids, your wife, your coworkers, your acquaintances, or even the guys you spend a few hours a week working out with.  You’re leaving a mark on someone.  We impact people in everything we do.  We’re all high impact men.


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