Sandbags, Dirt Mountain, and a StepShow Sunrise

CONDITIONS:  28 degrees


WARMUP:  Mosey to playground



50 burpees:  Knock out x5, run 15 yards and back, repeat with sets of 5 until reaching 50.

Grab sandbag or cylinder and take off for long run

50 jump lunges: Knock out x10, run 15 yards and back, repeat with sets of 10 until reaching 50.

Grab sandbag or cylinder and take off for long run

50 peter parker merkins: Knock out x10, run 15 yards and back, repeat with sets of 10 until reaching 50.

Grab sandbag or cylinder and take off for long run

50 pull-ups / 50 Big Boy Sit-Ups:  Broken up into sets of 10

50 chin-ups  / 50 Big Boy Sit-Ups:  Broken up into sets of 10


Mosey over to “Garrison’s Place” playground by Splash Pad, hop barricade to stupid waterslide park, and form 2 single file lines at bottom of giant dirt mound.  On the whistle, the first 2 men raced up the mound.  Next whistle for next 2 men, etc.  We did 3 rounds and then moseyed back to the AO.



Merkins (1 minute)

-Need Fox volunteers

-Happy Hour (tonight 5:30)

-StepShow has Prefontaine Q Friday morning at the track



-For Postal


Though Judge Judy had a pretty commanding lead for the “1st Place Workout Award”, Paula Dean and Winkles expressed to me they were disgusted by Judy’s form.

Despite missing all of 2018, Stallion was able to pick right up where he left off in 2017.  Amazing!  Congratulations Stallion on winning the “Dead Ass Last Award”.

The “Umpa Lumpa Award”, also known as “The Battle of the Midgets”, was indecisive as both Clinic resident midgets (Lil Sweet & Lil Smokey) killed it today with no decisive winner.

The “Rocky IV Drago Award” goes to Groundblind who nearly needed a leg tourniquet to stop the steady flow of blood coming down his leg.  He is Human!!  Kirk bleeding is totally a notch in my belt!

The “Sissy Award” goes to StepShow who fainted at the first sight of blood this morning.  Fortunately, he fell right into Winkles’ big strong arms.

“Most Improved Wardrobe Award” goes to Pinocchio for not wearing the tacky ass Bama socks over his Spanx as he did Tuesday.

Great push by 1st time Clinic visitor @Beast Lite.  Stick with us man; It will change your life.  Just ask your chauffeur Stallion to show you the side by side pictures of him from his first day vs exactly 1 year later.  After 1 year, he only gained 10, maybe 15 pounds max.

More Advice for Beast Lite:  If someone identifies himself to you as “Bad Ass”, “Benchwarmer”, “Hoover Vac”, or “Hamster Magnet”, tells you it’s a Clinic requirement for new guys to schedule a private photo shoot at his house, don’t fall for it!



Baby Beasley: Spin Class

Lukie:  Preparing for potential spring “outage”

Skinny Pete:  Board members don’t work out.  It’s a tradition.

Chihuahua:  Avoiding us as is a nice guy who is conscious enough of the Clinic’s dark side ways of turning nice guys like StepShow and EPO into bonafide dickheads.

Tinman:  Dead (thanks Stepper)

Fender:  Late night boy band practice

Postal:  Excused.  Prayers up.

Pathfinder:  Visiting VA to have test run on injuries caused when thrown out of Creama.

Radar:  Home knitting blanket for Stallion to use at P200

BarFly:  Up early making some of his world famous collard pies

Chainsaw:  Shit himself on way to Clinic after last night devouring one of BarFly’s nasty collard pies.

Woodchip:  Maternity leave, sore nipples, and postpartum depression


DEVO:  StepShow is coaching my son’s Upward basketball team.  I am helping coach a bit.  Tuesday night, he took the team in the locker room for the devo.  Basically, he asked the kids, “Who can think of a time today where you saw God?”  To get the kids thinking, he gave an example of how that morning he was cooking breakfast, looked out the window to see a beautiful sunrise, and thought, “God made that.”  Well, that same day, I held a difficult meeting with my staff to tell them next Tuesday would be my last day of work as I was stepping down due to medical issues to spend more time with my family.  God provided me a great job that used my talents and provided for my family.  Now, God is allowing me to stay home and spend valuable time with my family.  When we pray, we sometimes do not get the result we think we should get, but God has a plan.  He has always taken care of me and my family and he continues to do so in amazing ways.  God is good.



respectfully submitted by Bowtie


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