Simple and Dry

It was a gloomy morning as I pulled in the parking lot. Light drizzle covered my truck, there was one other vehicle running and waiting. We made the decision to stay dry under the pavilion as the others showed up.

After a light warm-up of windmills and imperial walkers, we started the main event.

30 Ranger Merkins
30 Reverse Crunches
Bearcrawl down and back one side of the pavilion
Wall sit on the six

30 Wide arm Merkins
30 Double Count Flutter Kicks
Lunge walk down and back

30 Merkins
30 Big Boy Sit-ups
Crab Walk down and back

30 Carolina Dry Docks
30 Oblique V-ups
Pivot Squat down and back

15 Diamond Merkins
30 Leg Lifts
Burpee Broad Jumps down and back

10 Seal Merkins
30 2 count Freddie Mercury’s
Two laps around the pavilion

We continued with round two bringing the exercises down to 15 but leaving the Diamond and Seal Merkins at the same numbers.

Two laps around the parking lot ended our second set.

Being very aware of the drain on the arms we did simple mary.

Two Minute Wall Sit

Two Minute Low Plank

Maya was definitely pissed at the lack of running, so she decided biting my ankles repeatedly was the best course of action. There was a little grumbling at the end but I am sure the arms of all in attendance will thank me.


We are all called to be leaders. After all it is a central part of F3. Today was a reminder that we must also carry that home for our spiritual lives and the spiritual life of our family. Initiate prayer at the table, find a Devotion to share with your wife and kids, go through it together. Spend time in the word together. Be intentional and help your family and others to see Gods love in your home.


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