Vladimir Bring Pain To City

The following BackBlast may or may not be truthful…. I am not a professional but did hijack Stepper’s BackBlast writing.

Weather- It was Monday, can’t remember that far back so guessing 35 degrees and clear

GroundBlind had sent out a GroupMe message Sunday about the weather being perfect and everyone needed to post up for a record crowd. I pulled up in the parking lot with already 4-5 trucks there. Though “nice crowd already”. I see Stepper’s headlights down at the brick pile area doing donuts around the light poles killing time waiting on everyone. He must have gotten bored so he came and parked with us. We are at 10-11 trucks now. His first words to me were “Are all these trucks here for BrickCity?”.  I said yessir. Next words from him were “oh crap”.


For us normal PAX it was side straddle hops, Imperial Walkers, and WindMills.

For GroundBlind it was 14 mile pre-run, change shirts, and throw on a Ruck.

For BenchWarmer it was 1/4 mi mosey, hide by his truck, and fall in line when we left the splash pad area.

The Thang

StepShow likes to prep the area by setting out all the needed coupons before hand, although he hadn’t planned on but 5-6 to actually show up.

Each PAX had 1 block, 1 cylinder, & 2 bricks

The object was to work until exhaustion in a timed order. It went as follows….

3 minutes each exercise followed by 1 minute of rest

3 min Overhead Press/ 1 min squats w block

3 Curls/ 1 squats

3 chest press/ 1 squats

3 tricep extension/ 1 squats

Knock it down to 2 minutes each exercise/1 min squats & repeat all

1 min exercise/1 min squats & repeat all

Put up coupons & mosey back to the splash zone.


Everyone pushed hard that morning. Everyone ran thru the gamete of weigh that was laid out in front of them. Some felt froggier than other with the block choice. I personally like a block with lips on both ends. Helps get a better grip.

BenchWarmer decided to grab the biggest block in the pile for his block. I saw him use it for the first 15 secs of the first exercise then trade with Coxswain. Then BW used a cylinder, traded down to a busted block. Its a 3 minute exercise Man and we were only 45 secs in. Let it be known that BW also no longer does squats but will sit on the ground and watch everyone else do theirs.

Welcome back Fudger. See ya after tax season now.

HeeHaw=Country Strong

PaperBoy, count down is on until he’s a bionic man like GreenAcres

PigPen, at least 1 Rogers knows where BrickCity meets

Coxswain, only man that will leaving Simpsonville at 0230 to make a workout in Hartsville just to avoid EPO

To the rest of you clowns that were there, Monday is a new day!



Totally Hijacked,





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