Frost Bite with blocks and bricks

It was a cold Brick city Monday morning.  Great turn out sixteen good men came out from their warm homes to get better.  Proud of everyone that came out despite how cold the weather was AYE.

Warm up

SSH x20

MT Climber x20

Wind Mills x10

Plank Jacks x15

Mosey to the frozen coupons.  Half way there 10 Burpees

Blocks:  Ploy push ups, Lunges, Curls  20 oyo

Bricks:  Triceps extension, Arm circle Butterflies 10 ic

Blocks:  Big boy sit ups, Lateral leg step ups, Kettle bells  20 oyo

Bricks: Hartsville hammer, Squats, Arm flutters  10 ic

Dips ,Merkins, Derkins  Am Wrap 30 sec

Chest press and Over head press 20 oyo

Mosey back and half way back 10 Burpees

Mary:  Flutter kicks, LBC,s, Bicycle, Box cutters

Devo and closed with prayer and a pledge of allegiance


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Bear Crawl school at the Substation

Warm up

Side Straddle hop 25

Mt Climbers 25

Main Thing

Bring Sally up Bring Sally Down Push up Challenge

ABC’s exercises:  A through Z each letter as an exercise.  Object is to spell your F3 nick name.   If you have three letters or less do it twice. When your done mosey around the block. Aye!

Bear crawl Circle: Circle up and bear crawl around the circle.  Three Plank Jacks before you start and one merkin every time someone passes you.  When finished stay in the circle and take on big hop forward then repeat circle.

Bearmuda Triangle:  Set cones up to form a triangle and start with one burpee bear crawl to the next cone two buprees last cone three burpees

Four corner bear crawls: 1. Apollo creed burpees 2. Carolina Dry Docks 3. American Hammers 4. Flutter kicks.  ( Do to some junk talking from one of the Substation paxs, we bear crawled with bricks from corner 1 to corner 2.  Corner 4 we done 70 flutter kicks in cades.)  AYE!


Superman & Banana Boat

Merkin count off circle.


BOM closed out with a short devo and prayer


Needless to say I was waiting on this Qic at the Substation.  When asked I immediately started planning it.  I was told to bring the pain and show know mercy, what better way to do so with bear crawls and burpees.  Fourteen paxs came out for the bear crawl beat down.  All of the paxs pushed hard and finished the work out with a smile on there face and covered in mud. The Substation diffidently holds the water and as the pretties grass in town.  Great Job Men and keep up the hard work and remember the saying ( I AM THIRD) AYE!!!


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Bear crawls come in all shapes and distance

Warm up

Ssh 20

Mt cimber 20

Plank jacks 20

Squats 20

LBC’S 20

V ups 20

Main Thang 

Bear crawl circle: circle up turn to the outside and go to the plank position.  Bear crawl around the circle.  3 plank jacks before you crawl.  Merkins every time some one crawls by.

Bearmada Triangle:  form a triangle with cones 30 yards apart.  Start with one burpee bear crawl to the next cone 2 burpees.  Bear to the next 3 burpees.

4 corner bear crawls: 4 cones in a square 20 yards apart. 1.Apollo creed burpees 2. Carolina dry docks 3. Americans hammer 4. LBFC's (little baby flutter crunches)  (Rise and Repeat)

Merkin ladder:  start 10 Merkins run one end 9 Merkins run back all the way down to one.

Circled up and closed out with a prayer
This was a special workout put together for one of our F3 brother in time of need.  Bowtie was most great full to assist me in writing this back blast being that this is my first one.  AYE!


submitted by Bowtie

Following the workout, PAX headed inside McBee Elementary School where they enjoyed some fellowship, biscuits, and coffee as they recovered from bear crawls, Apollo Creed burpees, and sandspurs. The only one who did not enjoy the Fellowship might have been Tater’s Sister-In-Law Kacy whose office/room Bowtie sent PAX into for recover. It could be weeks before that post boot camp stench leaves her classroom.

At 8:30, there was an assembly for all 429 McBee Elementary Students. The assembly was kicked off by cheers from the MHS cheerleaders. Following the cheers, various members of the MES staff shared how Nickels 4 Noah came to be and why we were doing it. Following this, Noah’s Mom and Dad (F3 “Lizard Man”) took the mic. to thank everyone for everything they had done for their family. Next, Bowtie explained to packed gym that at 7:30 that morning MES had raised $3,000 dollars. By 8:30, that total was up to $6,000. Following a thunderous round of applause, F3 Hartsville was called up to join the McAteer family and present a check for $1,000. That was $7,000 total given to McAteer family. The only mistake during the ceremony was made by Bowtie who made a critical error in judgement by handing the microphone to Tater. Tater told the crowd that we all had nicknames and asked if they wanted to know what Dr. Nutt’s nickname was. He then went on to tell them they were to call him Dr. Bowtie from now until Christmas. Bowtie says he must have been called that 100 times from that point until the end of the day. Thank goodness everyone did not share their F3 name as “Pecker” would have been difficult to explain.

Following the check presentation and Tater standup comedy routine, students filled out the back of the gym. As they exited, students went through a long tunnel of MHS cheerleaders and football players. Following that, the 5K was on. For the most part, F3 guys ran and rucked together. Backdraft even let a few students carry the American flag as we ran.

As F3 Hartsville and MES students blazed along the route, they passed McBee High School where the band and entire student body lined the streets cheering students on. During the run, Backdraft said “Man, this is awesome. This is one of the most humbling things I have ever been a part of”. Near the end of the race, 1 student did overheat and became a bit of a scary situation. The situation turned out to be fine. A parent came up to me afterwards commenting on how impressed she was that when she first said something to someone about the student, Backdraft and Hans sprinted to the scene. Additionally, Shaffer and Green Acres helped encourage and divert students around the scene as they headed towards the finish line.

Once the race was over, students danced (Cha Cha Slide, etc.) on the softball field. At one point, Green Acres commented that he was proud of Hans for not taking his shirt off.

This was good day. Students learned some valuable lessons. F3 Hartsville helped do a good thing!!



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