Farm Comes to the City

Temp was in high 80s –low 90s with about 100% humidity




15 Imperial Walker Squats

15 Scissor kicks/6in/scissor kicks


The Thing:

Mosey down to the parking lot and waste pool (that we all rolled in during Go Ruck Custom) for the exercises.

Split up into 4 groups.  Groups 1&2 started at pond with exercises at all four corners (Merkins, Squats, LBCs, and Scissor Kicks). Reps were 50,40,30,20 for each. After each set run a lap then start on next set.

Groups 3 & 4 started in the parking lot with the fun stuff.  Log carry (similar to bucket carry in Spartan race) across parking lot and back. Next was the chain drag (cut pieces of barge anchor chain into 4 ft lengths and attached rope) across parking lot and back. Next was the most favorite of all The Farmers Carry (2-99lb tractor weights, if you were man enough, one in each hand across the parking lot and back) , then the last station was the beloved tire flip burpees ( flip tire then do a burpee across the parking lot)


After time was called we took mosey back to warzone and did two rounds of sprints (1 & 2 ran together, 3 & 4 ran together)


Next was devotion and introduction of the FNGs


Sights and sounds:


Everyone was looking for the #1 Rucker in the world but nevertheless he fartsacked when he could have really showed us his strength.

Benchwarmer was heard hollering obscenities across parking lot when he made it to the tiny weights.  But one thing he did say was “I didn’t get across as fast as Sweet and Grounblind, but I would have cut Stallion and Nutter’s ass if they would have been here.

Dumper said he was burning the logs and taking the tires to the landfill this week

Divac was still crowing about the one sprint he whipped YHC on at Kellytown stadium

Lukie would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money in the 100 yd dash

You know it is a good workout when everyone is covered in sweat like they had jumped in water. It wasn’t as smooth of a transition as I wanted from pond to parking lot but we got the job done.  It was a good push by all PAX in the heat to get this done.  Benchwarmer said on the way back that we never needed to use those damn weights again, while me and Groundblind were trying to figure how to use them in more Qs.

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