Back to the Basics

Weather: Precipitation stopped just in time!

Warm Up: SSH x 10, Reach Backs x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Love Mes x 10

Main Event:

Pax members took a mosey to the corner of Cargill and 4th. Once there we treated folks driving by to 5 merkins, 5 LBCs, and 5 jump squats done with perfect form. Mutt and Wall-E murmured about whether to call these jump squats are explosions.  No one else really cared.

Next, the pax headed to the corner of Carolina and 4th. . Those passing by observed us demonstrate perfect form while completing 10 merkins, 10 LBCs, and 10 squats. Dumper planned to skip today, but he was so impressed when he passed by that he stopped to join the workout.

Onward to the planters men! On the way there, Wall-E did his best Paul Blart Mall Cop impersonation as he stopped traffic at the YMCA to allow his F3 brothers to pass safely. 10 decline merkins, 10 box jumps or step ups, and 10 incline merkins were knocked out in no time.

Next, we moved along to the corner of 5th and Carolina where we did 15 merkins, 15 LBCs, and 15 jump squats. Somewhere during this time YHC started to pay the price for sleeping in for a few weeks. Therefore, form became an after thought and survival became top priority.

On our mosey to the corner of Cargill and 5th , Eisenhower pleaded with me to adjust the Q. He wanted to include wall sits and crabs. Everyone was complaining about some squats that were done Saturday, so I decided to spare everyone that misery. We continued on to our destination and completed 20 merkins, 20LBCs, and 20 jump squats.

After arriving back at WZ, we began an 11 ladder. Each pax completed 10 reps of bench press, 10 Hartsville Hammers, and 10 curls before taking a mosey to the other end for 1 burpee. We then returned to the other end of the field for 9 reps of Bench Press, Hartsville Hammers, and curls before running the length of the field to complete 2 burpees. This insanity continued until we made it to 1 rep of bench press, Hartsville Hammers, and curls and 10 burpees. Somewhere on the ladder Cowboy decided to go to the restroom to waste time. He quickly returned saying he could wait until he got home. On the ride home, he mentioned some guy in the restroom asking him to demonstrate monkey humpers!

Wrap Up: Instead of doing a traditional Mary, we concluded by reviewing everything we learned.

10 reps each- merkins, LBCs, Hartsville Hammers, curls, jump squats

5- burpees


  • Prepare to assist with Christmas in April
  • 2nd F opportunity coming soon with Cypress Adventure

Devo: Love Ye One Another; as I have loved you- John 13:34

The world would be a better place if we did nothing else but live this verse.  Think of your spouse, children, parents and others who you love the most.  Find ways to love them more!  Think of those who have wronged you.  Find a way to love them!

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What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Weather: Perfect-No precipitation and warm enough to work up a sweat within a couple of minutes

Warm Up: Mosey to one end of the field and back followed by light stretching

Issac Newton came up with the law of gravity –“what goes up must come down”- after being hit in the head by an apple sitting under a tree. Today’s workout was designed to test Newton’s theory, but you better believe there would be no sitting around under trees.

The Thang:

Round One:   10 -Merkins/Squats/LBCs

Pax members completed one rep of each exercise and then raced to the other end of the filed to completed two reps of each exercise. Next, back to the other end for three reps and so on and so on until we reached 10 reps of each exercise. Eisenhower and Mams picked up the pace big time after they reached five reps to ensure they finished first. However, they were both deflated when they realized “what goes up, must come down.” Although upset, Mams and Eisenhower participated as the pax worked our way back down the ladder to zero.

Round Two: 8- Curls/Monkey Humpers/Flutter Kicks

Once again, I explained to the Pax that we would begin with one rep of each exercise and then travel to the other end of the field to complete two reps of each exercise. The plan was to continue this until we reached 8 and then head back to zero. The Pax eagerly knocked out one curl, one monkey humper, and one flutter kick. Then before sprinting to the other end of the field, Mams realized there was no way of doing curls at the other end of the field. El Jefe couldn’t quite find the words to ask his question, but his eyes said it all. Yes, we would have to carry our blocks each time we switched ends of the field. At some point during this round, Mams decided he had enough and left. He mentioned something about FCA camp, but no one bothered to verify this story. With Eisenhower leading the way again, we made our way up to 8 reps of each exercise and then back down to zero.

Round Three: 6- Chest Press/Donkey Kicks/Hartsville Hammers

As I announced the exercises in Round 3, Back 40 looked at me like don’t you know it is time for the devo! We pushed ourselves up to 6 reps of each exercise and back down to zero.

The Finale: I guess I have been brain washed to believe a workout is not complete unless burpees are included. So our last round included only burpees. We started with one burpee and headed to the other end to complete two burpees. We made our way up to five burpees and then back down. Somewhere during the burpee finale Krispy Kreme left the pax to look for the meds he picked up while vacationing in California. Nothing like 25 burpees to put an exclamation point on a beat down!

Devo: My church held VBS this week. I decided to share our focus for the week with the pax.

Glow For Jesus! Let Your Light Shine

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 (KJV)

We are the light of the world and God intends for us to do good in the world. Jesus saved us to shine. Instead of focusing on the darkness of the world that is focused on daily in the news, YHC challenged the pax to focus on finding ways to serve others so that they may see the light of Jesus thorough our actions.

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