Rinse & Repeat

Weather: Last day of winter, so naturally it was cold

YHC loves to use blocks, bricks, chains and logs. This week we jumped on some block work to get the juices flowing. We had 2 FNG's and one guy that I didn't know was already in F3, so I knew it was going to be interesting.


SSH x 20 IC

Slow Merkins x 20

Slow Squats x 10

Squat Sliders x 10 IC

Blocks Rd 1

Curls for the gurls x 20 IC

Overhead Press x 20 IC

Block merkins x 10 each arm. One arm on the block. One arm off.

BBS with block stretched out past your head to a seated position x 20 oyo. The FNG's started crumbling on this one. It was going to be a long morning.

Bear crawl across the short side of the field, do 10 squats and bear crawl back. Plank on the 6 or pick up the 6.

Take a lap around the park. Plank on the 6 or pick up the 6

Blocks Rd 2

Same same

Bear crawl with 10 merkins and return

Take a lap around the park. Plank on the 6 or pick up the 6. The 6 was waaayyyy back, but those fng's kept coming. T-claps for the pax who picked them up.

Blocks Rd 3

Same same

10 pull-ups

20 box jumps

30 LBC's

Blocks Rd 4

Same same


Box cutters x 20 IC

Slow box cutters holding each position for a 10 count


Count off & Name-o-rama


Oyster Roast 6pm March 30 at Last Rite's house. Bring a side. M's and 2.0's welcome.

The Fox. May 11. Get on a team

Mud Run is coming


Jeremiah was an Old Testament prophet who hated his job. He is known as the weeping prophet, partly because he saw his country falling apart and partly because he was a whiner. His own people threw him in a deep well full of mud and left him for dead. His life sucked. Jeremiah wrote Lamentations, which means "Book of Lament" or crying, but in the middle of that book is an incredible message for all of us.:

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

God never gives up on us, even when we give up on him. No matter how dark the night was, He always has a new batch of forgiveness, grace and mercy waiting for us every morning. All of us face difficult situations. At some point in our lives, all of us want to give up and quit, but God is faithful. He won't ever give up. He won't ever stop pursuing you.

Closed in prayer.


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HC for Waterbug

Weather: Who cares?

F3Hartsville took a gut punch this past weekend. One of our Redwoods, a warrior, known and respected by all, ran his last mile. His finish line came up before any of us expected it to. In retrospect, I can't think of a more fitting way for Waterbug to pass away. He was running with a couple of fellow pax, both of whom came into F3 out of shape and needing encouragement to step up as leaders of men. Both Paula Dean and Skinny Pete have been transformed by their participation in F3 in general and by their relationship with Waterbug specifically. The light shines brightest when the night is darkest.

To honor Waterbug's legacy, everyone agreed that this special Tuesday Convergence should feature some classic Waterbug tortures.

LoveBug led us out.

All pax gathered up and planked in a moment of silence around the flag.

SSH IC x 20

Reach Thrus IC x 20

GroundBlind took over.

Count off in 4's. Everybody got it right until some guy from Revo showed up late and said "FIVE!" We have to give Revo pax a pass, because they chose to stay up from last night's HH and walked over from Mac's. #Respect.

Station 1

Spartan bucket carry and spear throw. Lawn darts in the dark with a flashy hula-hoop while pax run close by is a thing. This ain't no place for sissies. Speaking of sissies, YHC pulled up lame with a busted groin thanks to whuppin' Southern Belle's rump in the NFL Combine queue. The bucket finished YHC off. Judge Judy did my burpees.

Station 2

March Madness. WB was renowned for his work with balls. He loved his balls, especially sharing them with other pax. Only in F3 would that sentence be OK.

10 Merkins right hand on ball

5 Bball burpees/10 leg raises with ball

10 Merkins left hand on ball

5 Bball burpees/10 leg raises with ball

10 Diamond merkins on ball

5 Bball burpees/10 leg raises with ball

10 Elf on the shelf to the right/10 to the left

5 Bball burpees/10 leg raises with ball

10 Squat thrusters with the ball

5 Bball burpees/10 leg raises with ball

Station 3


Waterbug was known for his yoga affinity. Many new pax would snicker until they started doing the workout.

High plank

Floyd Mayweathers (from plank position, reach through and punch, IC)

Catalina wine mixers IC


Low plank

Various planks till time is called

Station 4

12 Days of Christmas, Waterbug Style

It's not the loud talkers that you need to fear. Eisenhower, Barfly and Judge Judy are harmless. It's the quiet pax that scare me. Waterbug sat up late every night thinking of new ways to punish pax. Evidently Christmas time was especially hard for Waterbug, as he chose to take out all his anger and frustration from growing up in Goldilock's shadow on the poor innocent pax who showed up for 12 Days of Christmas.

Perform Day 1 and run to cones and back.

Perform Day 2, then day 1 and run to cones and back.

Repeat and keep adding another day until you get to Day 12, Day 11, etc. etc.

1 x Diamond Merkin

2 x Jump Lunges (2 ct)

3 x Plyo or Hand release merkin

4 x Carolina Dry dock

5 x Burpees

6 x Plank Jacks

7 x Jump Squats

8 x Inchworms

9 x Ranger Merkins

10 x Mountain climbers (2 ct)

11 x Rollups

12 x Groiners


All pax gathered back up around the flag. YHC, aka Blue Falcon, requested a round of Banjo Bear Crawl, but the pax beat me down. Thunderbird came into the center and led the pax in some Jane Fonda/Richard Simmons inspired plank leg thrust twist thingy. Audit pretty much just laid on his side and tried to look like Hugh Hefner. Not sure why he would do that in front of a bunch of men. Judgement Free Zone.


All pax counted off. Revo dudes evidently were fully awake as we got it right all the way around the circle.


In a beautiful display of solidarity, memory and respect, each pax said, "Farrell Talbert. 45. Waterbug" one at a time. It took a while, because we had so many pax, which made it even more powerful. Waterbug's name resonated across the field. His name will not be forgotten. His legacy is written on our lives.


1pm Visitation at the Lakeview Baptist Church Family Life Center (Gym)

2pm Funeral service. All pax are requested by Waterbug's M to sit together and wear an F3 armband.

Graveside memorial with F3 participation. Details to follow

5:30pm Revolution Waterbug Q

BOM and Devo by Divac

One of Waterbug's last Q's was a Convergence Christmas Q, where he opened up about his battle with depression. It was tough for him to get through it, but he did it. The pax stepped up and showed great support for him. Waterbug was excellent at all things, including his Devo's.

Transparency vs. Vulnerability

I thought about telling a highlight reel of stories of Waterbug.  But there have been a lot of stories shared already and I know later today and in the days and weeks to come more and more will be told.  All of these stories are great and true.  But the gloom is meant to get better, to sharpen each other.  That’s what Waterbug did every chance he had so that’s what we’ll do this morning.

A few weeks ago, at the anniversary convergence we spoke about living more out of our true selves.  In the COT we regularly see brothers be transparent.  This is something few men in our society do.  Few men get up in front of others and share what is going on in their lives.  But guys, I’m here to tell you it’s not enough. What we need is not transparency but vulnerability.

"Transparency" means, by definition, the ability to see through something. So when someone's being transparent with you, they're letting you see into their lives. They'll let you know what's going on and even inform you about how they've been feeling. But while people who are transparent will share openly, they do so in a self-conscious, controlled way. In other words, they're presenting a processed, polished version of themselves.

"Vulnerability" though is a little different. When someone's being vulnerable, they're making themselves susceptible to the judgment of others. Vulnerability means they don't just let you know what's going on in their lives - they let you actually see how everything is affecting them. This involves them letting their guard down and relinquishing control. In other words, they're presenting an unprocessed, unpolished version of themselves.

The tricky thing about "transparency" is that it makes us think we know a person. After all, they're opening and sharing about themselves. But that's the thing - people who are only transparent tend to only share about themselves. We know a lot of facts about them, but we don't really know them.

For example, if a friend told me that he lost his job, I'd feel sad and hope he finds a new one soon. However, if he told me he lost his job and now he feels completely lost - I'd feel strangely closer with him. Why? Well when someone loses their job, that tells me about his circumstances. But when he tells me how he's handling his circumstances, that tells me a lot about him.

And that's why it's probably difficult for us to be vulnerable with others because when doing so, we're letting people get to know the real us. And we don't want people to know the real us because if they do, then they now have the power to reject us. And we don't want that. That's why it's easier to put people at arms-length and tell them just enough so that they don't have to really know us.

We can’t be vulnerable with everyone.  We can’t be vulnerable with our entire AO.  We can be transparent, and that’s a good thing.  But the hard thing, which is what we do in F3, is intentionally cultivating those relationships with a few people where we can be vulnerable.

We love you Waterbug.


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Groundhog Day–All Over Again

Weather–35 degrees. Sunny. Perfect

YHC came in on two wheels after a last minute rendezvous with the toilet, but I was encouraged by the number of cars and all the pax standing around, just waiting for a supreme leader to arrive. YHC was happy to accommodate.

YHC is not much on warming up. Working out is its own warmup. Instructions were simple enough for even the dullest pax to understand. Merkins, Squats, Box Cutters IC. All x 20. After a nice little training session, we got to work.

4 Corners

20 reps at each corner


Squats low and slow

Box Cutters IC

We did Round 1 five times.

We finished off with a little bear crawl across the park then circled up for announcements and devo.


Feb 21 FCA will be having a fund-raising banquet. YHC has reserved 16 seats and is looking for willing pax to fill them. FCA literally saved my life. Prior to making a commitment to Jesus Christ, I was on a path of self-destruction fueled by alcohol and drugs. FCA will always hold a place in my heart, and I look forward to sharing that with you. Please join me in supporting this cause. Come to the banquet or just give. I promise you the reward will be far beyond whatever you donate.

February is the run challenge. Pax are encouraged to run 100 miles during the month. Find a running buddy and make it happen. Aye!

The Fox is coming back. Looks like May is the month. Stay tuned for details.


James is one of my favorite books of the Bible. He doesn't putz around with frivolous details and meaningless chit chat. James gets right down to it in the second verse. "Consider it all joy, brothers and sisters, when you encounter various trials, because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing." (James 1:2-3)

James didn't have time or energy for stinking thinking. Every challenge he faced, and he faced a lot of them, was an opportunity to get better. James made an important choice, right up front. He chose joy, regardless of circumstances. We can even say he chose joy BECAUSE of his circumstances. How many times do we allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity and quit before we see the end? James nailed it. He knew the fruit of sticking it out is perseverance, and the result of perseverance is becoming a better version of yourself.

We faced a grinding Q today. All of us knew what was coming at the next corner. All of us knew how it was going to feel in those last few merkins. All of us knew we were getting better together. I'm proud to call you my pax, my brothers. Aye!

Respectfully submitted,


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Sons of Benches

YHC just realized it has been a looooong time since my last backblast. That is so slack.

Nobody had the Q for today, so YHC stepped up and delivered an appropriately grueling beatdown. The park benches are a special asset at the WarZone and present a unique opportunity to incorporate a little cardio and strength into the same movement.

The Thang:

We have 13 benches along the perimeter of the hallowed ground we call WarZone. At each bench we did the an exercise, starting with 1 rep for the first bench and increases reps for each bench.


Only 12 benches were officially available as we had a guest sleeping peacefully on one of the benches.

Step ups



Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12

We are all working hard to transform our bodies in F3. We should be allowing God to transform our minds too.
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Christmas in April 2018 AAR

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” – Edward Everett Hale

Today F3Hartsville learned some valuable lessons:

  • We are a strong pax.
  • We can accomplish a lot in a relatively short span of time.
  • We have a variety of skills, except Skinny Pete, who doesn’t seem to know how to do anything.

What we did at 616 Howard St:

  • Replaced 6 windows
  • Insulated and sealed all the windows and added trim on the exterior
  • Installed privacy door lock on the bathroom door
  • Installed exterior door lock on the back door
  • Added a full master suite with Jacuzzi tub and Italian marble rain water shower

What we did at Marion St. Cemetery:

  • Spread mulch
  • Clear debris
  • Lean on shovels
  • Eat coffee and donuts

After a light workout Q'd by Little Jack, which basically consisted of high fives and several heated contests of Miss Mary Mack, YHC was ready to get the pax moving in the right direction.

We had a problem with Benchwarmer who viciously tried to usurp YHC's authority and speak out nonsense. YHC quickly chastened him back into his place. (previous version used sterner language that may be inappropriate for sensitive ears)

We all met for coffeeteria at 616 Howard St. Ruth's Drive-In provided coffee and biscuits. Miraculously Stallion showed up for food and the group pic immediately afterward. Nobody saw him after that. He mumbled something about checking out other Christmas in April sites to see what kind of food they had.

YHC wisely and shrewdly separated the intelligent pax from the grunt labor. This didn't take long. Basically anybody that brought a tool was on the Howard St. job, while the inmates were assigned to the mulch pile chain gang.

YHC took all the skilled labor pax through a comprehensive Power Point presentation on worker safety and best practices, as well as an in-depth discussion on each step of the window replacement process. Immediately after the presentation, every single pax asked YHC the same exact questions that were discussed ad nauseum just 2 seconds before. YHC began to question the wisdom of committing to a work project that required some element of intelligence and construction acumen. Fortunately YHC has unlimited patience and endured the trial of a bunch of little kindergarten kids asking the same questions over and over again.

Soon enough, we had 4 window teams working simultaneously, just like YHC had envisioned back when he and Krispy Kreme replaced the first window as a test run. T-claps to Krispy for helping organize this whole event. He put together the shopping list and measured out the window sizes. His work behind the scenes made the job possible.

Head, LoveBug and Lee Murph took on one window. PurdyMouth and Audit tackled another. Sludge, Cowboy and Gutterball jumped on one. Twinkle Toes and Audit's 2.0 took the hardest one of all, because it was partially behind a rickety kitchen counter.

Meanwhile, this happened at the mulch pile:


I was truly honored to be a part of Christmas in April with F3. We got a lot of work done and tore down some barriers along the way. My dream is to have an AO in Pride Park or somewhere in that neighborhood. Today was a step in the right direction.

All the pax worked hard and worked together. One of the town volunteers helping with the cemetery was named Willie. He is 80 years old and was slinging mulch alongside everybody else. He lamented that his community wasn't taking care of the cemetery. What he meant was the "black community". I cut him off and told him his community was out here right now. There can no longer be a white community and a black community. It may seem strange to say, but a cemetery is the perfect place to begin stitching our town together. The graveyard is a collection of stories. Marion St. Cemetery was lost for decades due to neglect and apathy, but these stories are emerging once again. They must be told. They must be shared. Too often we try to bury our past without acknowledging and growing from it.

The next logical step is to create a shared story among the living. Working shoulder to shoulder in the hot sun or repairing an elderly couple's home is a powerful way to unite people. We follow the same structure in F3. Show up in the gloom and do stupid stuff, while all the sad clowns sleep. What happens in the gloom, however, is community. We have the secret sauce.



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Sitting the Bench

Everybody knows about the expectations for baseball in Hartsville. IYAFYL was born on the diamond. YHC wanted to be a part of that machine and joined the mighty Dodgers in tee ball. So began an illustrious career in baseball that would affect YHC's trajectory for life. Over the next 9 years, YHC played a total of 9 innings. A complete game (for the pros). In that time, I got hit by 3 or 4 pitches, had a single and took two bases on errors, jumped out of the box on a wicked curve ball, missed an easy grounder under my glove while in right field and made a spectacular jumping catch to end the inning (my last) in Pony League. The rest of the time, YHC rode the pine. This is a very important position. All the bats were lined up. The other teams' signals to the batter were an open book to my hawk-like gaze. Nobody said, "batta, batta, batta, SWING batta!" better than YHC. YHC was a bench-warming champion. Many thanks are due to Larry Johnson, my coach for 7 of those 9 seasons, for recognizing my unusual talents.

What I lacked in playing time, I more than made up for in practice. That was my game. Nobody practiced harder. Nobody ran harder, although some ran faster. Nobody slid harder. Nobody chased flies with more enthusiasm. I was a baseball practice champion.

Sanding the bench smooth while yelling for my team and playing my heart out during practice helped to make me who I am today, a loud-mouthed, practice field terror.

YHC had just written a multi-million dollar life insurance policy for Powderboy and his M, and I needed signatures. The only way he would agree is if I posted at Revolution. That pissed YHC off, as I was ready to go home and take a nap, but the customer always comes first, so off to Revo I went.

Powderboy took us around the WZ field on a bench workout, which brought back a flood of memories and provided the genesis of this workout.


First off, 5 of us got better on a 1 hour ruck. Good start. T-claps to Eisenhower (who refused my idea to carry a telephone pole: aka sissy), Green Acres (who kept a 10mph pace the whole freakin time), Sludge (a ruck virgin no more), Chicken-fried (who used one of his 2.0's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanny packs).

ChuckyCheese (yes that guy) and LoveBug took off in the opposite direction on a "run". Not sure what they really do in the dark, but that is their business. #judgmentfreezone


YHC led some of the pax to the pull-up bar for a few rounds. Swamp Thing, who Eisenhower and YHC scared out of his hotel bed the other day, led the pax with about 1000 reps. He will not be invited back. Twinkle Toes hung upside down like a three-toed tree sloth (his first mistake). Sludge blew out 3 solid sets. Eisenhower made some real uncomfortable looking contortions. YHC graciously allowed Swamp Thing to do more reps since he is a guest.


Since Pathfinder thinks we need to warm up before working out, we all got in the plank and held it while FreePee came in on 2 wheels. We already had bricks. Twinkle Toes ran off to get some for FreePee (Twinkle's second mistake). While the Toe was skipping along, we did some REAL SLOW merkins. All the pax seemed to warm up pretty fast. Evidently people have a problem with doing 5 little merkins. SMH

Then we did some arm stuff with the bricks, basically just to get the blood flowing.

As we took a lap around the hallowed ground of the WZ field, we counted all the park benches. Sludge needed a crayon. ChuckyCheese (yes that guy) and LoveBug walked hand in hand reminiscing about previous "engagements". Eisenhower, being starved for attention as a child, started blurting out the answer before we even took the first step. Evidently repeating the 5th grade four times did actually help him retain information.

Our first workout was decline merkins. Each pax had a choice: Start at 1 on the first bench and 2 on the second bench, etc. Or start at 13 and work down. The pax were instructed to pick up the 6 if they finished early. Mutt just ran each set twice, trying in vain to channel his inner Wall-e (so cute to watch these little ones grow up, sort of like watching a kid with one of those little plastic lawn mowers. Lots of movement, but not much productivity). Swamp Thing started catching the F3 vibe with the mumble-chatter and helping out the slower pax. He would probably be a pretty cool guy if he wasn't in such good shape and making YHC look bad.

Next set was squats. This is where all those previous mistakes by Twinkle Toes started to show up. He has the distinction of being YHC's second Merlot victim. That was satisfying. Gutterball was getting confused on his counting, forgetting whether he was going up or down. YHC helped out and told him he was going up. This made Gutter a little angry, as he was on 8. Sometimes becoming a better man isn't pleasant.

Then dips. Swamp Thing kept yelling out, "Keep your dips low and your standards high." If Swamp Thing was hanging around for a few more days, YHC would probably have to take him to the woodshed a couple of times, just to keep him grounded.

Then step-ups. Screech kept complaining, because his snow suit was getting caught on the edge of the benches. YHC told him to take off his mittens and man up.

By this time Cowboy arrived to the workout. He completed at least 2 reps.

Dumper was doing some kind of monkey bar gymnastics routine along the swing sets that he saw on Ninja Warrior last night. He claims his shoulder hurts, then posts on the pull-up chat that he just did 400 reps. Whatever.

After a completely satisfying round of bench-sitting, which brought back such good memories, we gathered in a circle for name-o-rama, etc. ChuckyCheese (yes that guy) start crying like a little school boy who just got the red licked off his candy cane. After we found a pacifier and got him calmed down, he was able to get out between sniffles that we had not done any burpees. Enough of that business. We took care of his deep need and popped out 15 burpees, one for each pax present.


Christmas in April is coming. Check the F3Hartsville website for the Pre-blast. We need lots of help.

Mud-Run. Sign up. You're in good enough shape. Scholarships are available. They have beer. All your excuses just evaporated.


The word for today is Forbearance. Synonyms are longsuffering and extended patience. All of us face irritants daily. M's, 2.0's, co-workers, fellow pax, bosses, that slow guy in the left lane with his blinker on. When we allow those irritants to bother us, it festers into a jumble of unforgiveness, which makes us grumpy old men. We don't even remember why we're mad. We just are. The challenge is to recognize the irritant for what it is and to grow beyond it, by a generous dose of grace and forgiveness. God has certainly demonstrated incredible extended patience and forbearance with us. Who are we to do any different?


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Christmas in April Pre-Blast

Here’s the details:

Date: Saturday, April 28

Time: After Convergence (coffee and biscuits will be provided)

Place: From WarZone to 616 Howard St.

Directions: Take 6th St to Marion Avenue. Right on Marion. First house on the right just after Pride Park. (This is the back of the house)



We are going to be replacing 6 windows, 1 exterior door and 3 door locks for Dolly Wright and her husband. She is as sweet as a 50# bag of sugar, and I can't wait to help her out. Their home is old and breezy. New windows will provide better insulation than the plastic she has tacked up over the original windows. Currently her back door is an interior hollow core door, which provides zero security and not much more insulation value. Her front and rear doors have no deadbolts and old handles. Her bathroom door has no handle at all. #awkward

Tools: Hammer, flat bar, screwdrivers, level, pliers, cordless drill, sawzall.


Donkey Lips put us on to another project that is just down the street. There is a 100+ year old cemetery at the end of Marion Avenue that was literally covered up by trees and undergrowth. Volunteers have begun to bring it back to where it should be, but now they need some heavy lifting. F3 is tasked with laying a thick bed of mulch over the entire plot of land to kill off the vegetation. We need strong backs and weak minds.

Tools: Wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, pruning shears, maybe a chainsaw or two.


F3's mission is to plant, grow and serve  small workout groups to invigorate male community leadership. Service is a major component of leadership. It is one of my burning desires to build bridges. Across race, age, creed, nationality,  basically any gulf between "US" and "THEM". Working on these projects gives "us" a huge opportunity to reach "them". How many sad clowns live within a 1000' radius of these two projects? How many lives can we impact by leveraging a little bit of our time to help others?

Join us. Sign up and show up.


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Deck of Death

YHC arrived at the Muthaship at 5:12am. Nobody in sight. YHC heard Sludge roll up at 5:15am from about 2 miles away. Evidently he doesn’t know anything about a local noise ordinance, as he was blaring his rock ‘n roll music at 200 decibels.

Not wanting to waste the time, YHC and Sludge got right after it and started pumping out pull-ups like a couple of Greek gods. Mutt and Eisenhower finally showed up just in time to see the awesome display of power. They refused to come near the pull-up bars, however, in a mixture of awe and reverence at what they were witnessing. YHC understands.

YHC left the pull-up bar and moseyed to the car to retrieve the Deck of Death and a phone. By this time, ChickenFried and Myagi showed up. After the magnificent example given by YHC and Sludge, Eisenhower and Mutt were all atwitter to get started, but YHC had to relieve his bladder first, so YHC called out from the bushes for the pax to do SSH in cadence. Eisenhower, being the 7th grade girl that he is starting doing Imperial Walkers instead. SMH.

Somewhere along the way, Cowboy and Dumper showed up.

Slow Merkins x 20

Squats IC x 20

Windmills IC x 20

Love-me's x 20


Spades = Merkins

Clubs = Mountain Climbers

Diamonds = Squats

Hearts = Flutter kicks (Double count)

Face cards = 5 burpees

Ace = 1 lap around the WZ

Every time we made a poker hand, we all did x2 pull-ups.


  1. YHC has trouble remembering things, such as which suit is for which exercise
  2. Cowboy has no idea what the little pictures on the card mean
  3. 60 burpees sucks
  4. A pair of Aces will change your perspective on everything


  • F3 Anniversary partner coming up. Sign up
  • Christmas in April coming April 28. Sign up


For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. (Matthew 6;14-15)

This passage is not talking about salvation. It is about relationships. If you have a broken relationship with another person, you have a broken relationship with God. It's that simple. We must forgive those who have hurt us, before they earn it or even before they ask for it. It is not easy, but it will release you from spiritual bondage to the person whom you are unwilling to forgive.

Closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,



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YHC has been making the rounds of all the AO’s dropping truth bombs, handing out wisdom like a coke dealer on a New York City playground. Most pax just stare in awe when YHC starts talking. It used to make me uncomfortable, but now YHC just accepts it as a necessary cross to bear. Today's blessed recipients were the Clinic pax. When YHC arrived, they were all standing around like school girls about to meet a rock star. Bowtie asked YHC for an autograph. He already has about 10 of them. #embarrassing

The Thang

Evidently The Clinic is populated with pink-o communists and left wing dissenters, because nobody had an American flag. StepShow asked me to be dictator for life. While this is understandable and even appropriate on some levels, YHC knew better than to accept the nomination. #Iam3rd

We started with Slow Merkins x 25. The Clinic is not used to doing these types of exercises. They have trouble counting. They have trouble doing Merkins. Paula Dean kept making slightly erotic grunting noises, which proved quite a distraction for Pinocchio. This was going to be a long Q. YHC could already tell. #omens

Slow Squat Explosions x 15. The pax were instructed to get into the squat formation and hold until YHC called for the Explosion, which is a leap into the air. The Clinic pax once again demonstrated their need for strict, harsh and speedy discipline. Then it occurred to YHC that this was not just a lack of understanding, but a lack of ability as well. Sometimes YHC forgets that other humans cannot levitate. #humbled.

Electric Slide Squats x 15. YHC knows StepShow likes to boogie down, so YHC thought a dance routine would work well. SMH. The Clinic has rhythm like USC has a football team. You know something's there, but it's just not right.

After our little warm-up, we took an easy Indian Run mosey over to the brick pile. Each pax grabbed 2 blocks. Most of the pax had to make 2 trips to accomplish this. YHC had to show the Clinic pax where the brick pile was. Evidently nobody had ever told them it existed. #shameful.

Dora Round 1

Partner A Dairy carry the length of the parking lot.

Partner B Overhead Press x 200, Squats x 300, Monkey Humpers x 400

Again with the strange noises from Paula Dean, especially during the Monkey Humpers. YHC had to separate Paula Dean from FreePee who was not used to  such aggressive and lewd behavior.

Dora Round 2

Partner A Dairy carry

Partner B Chest Press x 200, Flutter x 300 (Dbl count), Jump lunge x 400 (Dbl count)

Woodchip and Winkles skinny-shamed Bowtie, who happened to be YHC's partner for the Dora's. Needless to say, YHC stepped in and roach-stomped their asses and left them curled up in the fetal position. Then YHC went over and bitch-slapped Bowtie for crying in public. StepShow said they handle it the same way at GSSM.  #goodtoknow.

After Dora, we put away the blocks and dropped straight down for a little Mary. Why not? We don't have a flag to circle around, so any patch of grass will do.

Again with the counting and listening deficiencies. Box cutters would not mystify most kindergartners, but the Clinic is a very special group. Up. Out. Down. In. 10 count. With 2 educators and a doctor among the pax, they have more degrees than a thermometer, but they are about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

Mosey back to the spot where the flag should have been. YHC gave Bowtie and Woodchip a 100yd head start and still left them behind. I'm not sure what the Clinic does on Tuesday's and Thursday's, but it must be more closely aligned with Paula Dean's heavy breathing than working out.

YHC counted off for the pax. (See above issues)

Announcements and Devo

It has occurred to me over the last several weeks that we are becoming just like every other organization--comfortable among ourselves. While it is great to have a brotherhood and to see pax at parties, etc., we cannot allow our comfort to supplant our core mission.

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Are we developing leaders? What is the test to see if that is case? In my opinion, leaders beget leaders. Leaders seek out others to develop. Leaders look for opportunities to grow and develop other leaders.

We must begin to look outward and find those SadClowns that live all around us.

As part of that initiative, we have two great opportunities to pursue. The first is Christmas in April, which is a community home repair project. We will be participating on April 28. More details and sign-up sheets to follow.

F3 will be partnering with Cypress Adventures over the next year to design, build and implement a full on Obstacle Course Race (OCR). Our pax will come alongside students who are part of Cypress Adventures to help them do the work. We will be actively developing leaders. More to come. Stay tuned.

After my rousing speech, every pax team received one of YHC's medals from past glorious conquests. The message was simple. Medals and awards mean nothing. What matters is building relationships that last forever. #everyonegetsamedal


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Pool Time

YHC woke up at 4am to the sound of rain and thunder. This was going to be a great day.

YHC has noticed a few things over the course of 2+ years in F3:

  1. Belding will NOT post in rain, cold or heat.
  2. Most pax pay too much attention to weather reports.
  3. It almost NEVER rains during a workout.

It's true. Rain will come before. Rain will come after. Rain almost never happens during a workout. This theory proved true today. That did not prevent a body of water slightly bigger than Lake Superior from forming in the K-Town parking lot, however. YHC started to get excited.

Then YHC showed up at the GridIron parking lot. Nothing. No cars. Crickets. YHC got nervous. After firing off a couple of posts on GroupMe and seeing no reaction, YHC sent a text to GreenAcres, a stalwart of F3Hartsville and a GridIron Redwood.

YHC-"Where are the GI boys? I'm the only one here so far."

GA-"Shit...I'll be there in a min. I was fartsacking. People get there late though."


Just at that moment, YHC received another text string from FreePee, our newest pax:

FP-"What's the plan when it's raining?"

YHC-"Work out and get wet. Bring a towel."

Just at that moment, Goldilocks came in on 2 tires and parted the seas as he drove his stinky truck through the deep end of the K-Town parking lot. Love Bug performed a perfect power slide docking maneuver. GA drove his john boat over from his house. FreePee added extra lifts to his RedRowzee-esque Jeep and splashed water on the upper deck of the stadium.

YHC was once again excited.

The Thang

Four corners-Squats, Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Mountain Climbers


Between corners-On the long side, we sprinted, ran backwards, did the electric slide and grape vine

Short side-Lunge walks, Dancing in the rain, Rockettes

GA was bitching about form while we were doing Merkins, so YHC took the opportunity to demonstrate perfect handstand push-ups. Goldi stood in awe, jaw agape. Being rather modest, YHC demurred when FreePee asked YHC to do one-handed handstand push-ups. Maybe next time FreePee. Maybe next time. It's not about me.

FreePee was having none of this Rockettes business and chose to stay well behind the other pax, nervous about what might come next. Thankfully the stadium lights were on and Bo Norris was not present, so he was safe.

LoveBug kept complaining about his vaginitis. Goldi offered to rub it, which I think really freaked out FreePee. He will learn soon enough that Goldi only has the noblest of intentions. Caution is the better part of valor, however, so FreePee gets a free pass.


YHC felt the need to implement the lessons of the Ab Challenge from last month. YHC failed to participate in said challenge, being already a Greek god.

6 inches for 10 count. (The GI pax suck at counting)

We then commenced to do box cutters, but only moving when YHC told them to. This is a listening skills exercise (The GI pax suck at listening)

10 count at each station of the box cutter. (Reference above re: counting ability)

Flutters x 20 IC

Goldi did a great job of counting, but never lifted his legs. LoveBug struck a "Forestry Calendar" pose, resting on one elbow and casting suggestive looks at FreePee the whole time. Evidently he was feeling better after Goldi attended to his issues. Very uncomfortable.


Christmas in April is coming. Mutt has made a sign up sheet. It will be distributed soon to all the AO's.

We are working on a leadership project with Cypress Adventures to design, build and implement an OCR.


F3's mission is to develop leaders in the community. YHC has observed that we are becoming somewhat insulated as a group. When we go to parties, we hang out together to the exclusion of others in the room. This is a normal milestone in the history of any group, but it is not a place we need to stop. It is time for us to become uncomfortable again and look beyond ourselves to find that SadClown who is desperate for what we have to offer. Most of our recruiting efforts have been directed toward former F3 pax who have fallen away. While we don't want to forget them or give up on them, we cannot use them as an excuse for failing to reach out to the new guy. True leadership in the community must happen IN the community. We cannot replace the community. Rather we must enter INTO the communities around us. Let's renew our efforts to step out and talk to a stranger. Perhaps you dread that more than burpees, but YHC can promise it will pay bigger dividends in the end.





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