A Tour of Farsight

Conditions: The rain had stopped and gave way to a beautiful 60 degree morning with stars shinning down. I must say the mosquitos were terrible for October, but they will be gone soon enough.

14 Pax circled the flags anxiously waiting to see what Schaffer and Green Acres had in store for them this morning.

The warm-up : 25 SSH IC

25 forward Pennington's hold it 25 reverse Pennington's

The Pax is coming to know that when the warm up is extra short there is a big workout planned. Schaffer led the Pax on a Mosey all around the campus of Farsight where cones had been placed with instructions taped on each one. After the tour, the Pax assembled at cone number one and the Main Thang began.

The Main Thang: After completing the exercise at each cone, the Pax was instructed to run(not Mosey) to the next cone. The circuit would be repeated until time was called.

Cone 1. 10x4ct Merkins

Cone 2. 20x 4ct Air Squats

Cone 3. Lunge walk across Basketball court

Cone 4. 15x 4ct Dips

Cone 5. Bear Crawl down the ramp (always a favorite at Farsight)

Cone 6. 15x 4ct BBS

Cone 7. 10 Pullups

Cone 8. 5 Burpees at the bottom of the hill

Backwards Bear Crawl up the hill

5 Burpees at the top of the hill

Cone 9. 20x 4ct Flutterkicks

Cone 10. 15x 4ct Block Curls

Rinse and Repeat

Schaffer had planned a masterful routine that challenged the Pax and had our FNG wondering what he had gotten himself into. When time was called everyone seemed pleased to head back to the COT until they found out what was in store for them there.

6 MOM : As a tribute to Phil Collins coming out of retirement, Schaffer cued up "In the Air Tonight". The Pax circle up and assumed the high plank position. We held the plak for the entire 5 min 35 secs duration of the song. This is when the real mumble chatter began. Some were convinced that the some must have been 10 mins long. Some began to cry, some rested on their head and played air drums with their noodle arms, others toughed it out and got eaten alive by the swarms of mosquitos who found easy targets in the bulging blood vessels of the planking Pax.

The Moleskin:

Announcements about the special  workout on Friday in McBee Qed by Backdraft before the fundraising 5K for Noah(Lizard Man's son) who was recently badly burned. A hat was passed to collect donations to be given to the family to help with medical expenses.  A presentation will be made on Friday where the family will be presented with a check from F3 Hartsville and Noah will get a F3 2.0 shirt. This is a great way to show support for one of our Pax and to again show the community what F3 is all about.

The Devo: Commitment

A chicken and a pig were walking down the street together. They passed a sign for a local diner advertising its breakfast special: "Ham and Eggs- $2.95" The chicken said "that's our who contribution to society: breakfast food!" The pig replied " For you, it may be a contribution. For me it's a total commitment."

Life in the modern world has programmed us to expect a life of ease. It's merely that we want everything to be easy; who wouldn't want that? What is troubling is that we now expect to receive abundant rewards with minimal effort. If something requires effort or time, it must not be meant to be, and we feel justified giving up. Worse yet are those who feel legitimate goals may be sought through illegitimate means, provided that those means offer a short-cut to the goal in mind.

When I started F3 I made a commitment to myself to get better. After 7 months, I realize that there is much more at stake than just me. The commitment is to each and every one of you. We meet out here early in the morning rain or shin, hot or cold for a hard workout. We do this because it is hard. It is easy to sleep in but there is no reward in that. The commitment that F3 has taught me now translates into every part of my life.

During the mud run Saturday I hurt my knee on the first obstacle. My teammates told me to quit, but I knew that we had to finish as a team or be disqualified. I committed to my team to finish and they committed to me to help me finish. From that point on, it was not about time or rank, it was about being a team and finishing together. One teammate told me that if they had to carry my big ass across the finish line they would do it and we would finish as a team. Another team mate took off his knee brace, forgoing his on needs, and put it on me so I could have extra support. Another teammate had been sick the whole week of the race. He never made any excuses or even though of leaving his teammates hanging on the day of the race. We all know how hard it is to perform when your body is weak. These men showed men what commitment really is.

When I look around I see men of F3 showing commitment to their fellow man everywhere. Whether it's helping flood victims, supporting a brother who's child is sick or injured, raising money for wounded warriors, or by helping a brother finish his reps who is struggling through a workout. We learn commitment here in the darkness together and then carry it out to the rest of the world. Make the commitment to these brothers to be here as often as you can and you will soon feel the changes in your life that I have felt in mine.

Hebrews 10:24-25

" And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the day drawing near."

Proverbs 18:1

"Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment."

The word of the Lord           Thanks be to God!



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A Rucking Good Time

12 Faithful Pax posted at the Farsight for a Green Acres Beat Down. Some guys have chosen to train for Go Ruck but on this morning the rest of the Pax had no choice. We passed the ruck sacks around in the gloom to give everyone a little taste of the fun.

Warm Up:


Imperial Walkers 25 IC

Windmills 25 IC

Hill Billy’s 25 IC

Freddy Mercury’s 25 IC

Flutter Kicks 25 IC

The Main Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot and spread out along the curve for Clock Merkins

!2 o'clock 5 inclined Merkins

3 o'clock 5 Merkins with left hand on curve

6 o'clock 5 Derkins

9 o'clock 5 Merkins with right hand on curve

Rinse and repeat twice. Plank when done.

Mosey to the Park Benches

20 dips then run one lap around the parking lot.

15 dips then run one lap around the parking lot.

10 dips then one lap around the parking lot.

5 dips then one lap around the parking lot.

Plank when done.

Mosey to the ramp leading to the lower playground.

Bear crawl down the length of the ramp. Gather at the picnic tables at the bottom on the "Indian Burial Mound" and partner up.

Wheelbarrow to the top of the hill then duck walk down. Flapjack. Rinse and repeat until each teammate has wheel barrowed up the hill twice.

Lunge Walk to the ramp and back up to the top parking area. Then run (not mosey) back to the COT.

This is when the fun with Rucks started. The Pax were on their 6 in a circle. Every other man was given a ruck. The Pax were instructed to pass the ruck to the right while holding the traditional Russian Twist position until QIC called time. Then the rotation was reversed. This was continued until most of the Pax were screaming obsinities  at the QIC.

Partner up for Buddy Big Boy Situps passing the Ruck Sack at the top of each. The count started at 20 reps and decreased by 5 reps until reaching 5. Total of 50


J Lo's 15 IC

Plank-o-Rama until the remaining time was used


Divoc announced that he would be heading to Columbia today to deliver the need supplies that have been collected so far from F3 Hartsville. There are two collection points for more supplies that will be deliver on a subsequent trip. MKA's office on Carolina Ave. and Brown Pennington Funeral Home on Home Ave. .

Tater Salad informed the Pax of the "Go Fund Me" account that has been set up and encouraged all to give generously.

Woodchip expressed his sincere gratitude  for the support F3 Hartsville showed him during the time that his son was in the hospital.

The Devo:

After this time of devastation by flooding in our area, a Devo about helping thy neighbor seems appropriate. QIC talked about how when he started F3 he felt it was only about improving himself. Now after 6 months he realizes it is much more than that. The way that F3 nation has responded to the needs of others, it is obvious that we are all being trained on how to be a HIM. The support F3 provides is much greater than the moral support given to the Pax to make it through a tough workout. Each one of us, through F3, are learning to live of lives more according to God's will.

Proverbs 3:28

"if you can help your neighbor now, don't say come back tomorrow and then I will help you."

When the time is upon us, it is imperative that we act swiftly to give whatever aid we can to those in need no matter the circumstance.

James 2:14-17

"What good is it my brothers if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith alone save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them "go in peace, be warmed and filled" without giving them the things they need for the body, what good is that? So faith by itself, if it does not have works is dead."

Hebrews 13:16

"Do not neglect to do good and share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God"

QIC feels he is "preaching to the choir" sharing these verses in light of the support that has been shown for members of our community, our Pax, and beyond, but feels it is important to remind everyone that what we do is not just out of human decency, it is the will of God and pleasing to him.

Galatians 6:9

"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."

We should not ask when we will reap or what we will reap.  Our blessings have come and more will follow. We as Christians know our greatest gift will be when we have the opportunity to sit at the right hand God our Father and are granted the gift of eternal life with him.

Keep up the fight! Don't give up! The best is yet to come!

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I’m Bearcrawlin’

9 faithful PAX decided to take the Little Red Pill for an exciting morning at Farsight filled with new exercises(Backwards Bear Crawls up Indian Hill) and 2 FNG's.  Way to put out guys!!

The Thang


Mosey 1 lap around playground and join up at COP.

  • Side Straddle Hops 25(IC) x 4 ct
  • Hillbillies 20(IC) x 4 ct
  • Plank Jacks 20(IC) x 4 ct
  • Flutter Kicks 25(IC) x 4 ct
  • Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees 5(IC) x 4 ct

Mosey over to school benches.

  • 20 step ups(10 each leg), hold incline plank for the Six.
  • 10 incline merkins, hold incline plank for the Six.
  • 20 dips, hold decline plank for the Six.
  • 10 decline merkins, hold decline plank for the Six.

Mosey over to the concrete ramp for a little Bear Crawl Centipede down the ramp.  (Real crowd pleaser.  Lots of moans and groans.)  Low plank at the bottom of the ramp for the Six.

Mosey over to the monkey bars/pull up bars.  Each PAX does as many pull ups as possible in 1 minute.  Substitute merkins when you can do no more pull ups.

Mosey over to Indian Hill.  Each PAX had to backwards bear crawl up to the top of the hill and complete 5 Burpees.  Crab Walk back to the bottom of the hill and complete 5 Burpees.  Rinse and Repeat.  Plank for the Six when done.  This exercise had everyone talking.  So much fun and can't wait to do it again!!

Mosey over to the basketball court and partner up.

  1. Partner A begins doing Big Boy Situps.  Partner B sprints down and back on the court.  Flap Jack.  Each team does a total of 100 reps.
  2. Partner A begins doing Air Squats.  Partner B sprints down and back on the court.  Flap Jack.  Each team does a total of 100 reps.
  3. Partner A begins doing Merkins.  Partner B sprints down and back on the court.  Flap Jack.  Each team does a total of 50 reps.


  • 20 Russian Twists(IC) x 4
  • 25 Flutter Kicks(IC) x 4
  • Plank-O-Rama(High Plank, Low Plank, High Plank, Low Plank, Right Arm Up, Left Arm Up, etc.


3rd F-HH at Bottle and Tap 5:30pm with possibility of going to Mac's Lounge afterword.


Circle up for BOM.

Colossians 2:2-3, Isaiah 33:6

Approach each new day with a desire to find Me.  Before you get out of bed, I have already been working to prepare the path that will get you through the day.  There are hidden treasures strategically placed along the path.  Some of these treasures are trials, designed to shake you free from earthly-shackles.  Others are blessings that reveal My presence: birds, flowers, sunshine, friendships, and answered prayers.  I have not abandoned this sin-wrecked world: I am still richly present in it.  Search for deep treasure as you go through this day.  You will find me all along the way.

Close in prayer.

Enjoyed the Q this morning.  Tough workout but you guys pushed each other.  Getting better together!




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Monkey Business at Farsight

“Monkey Business is not Child’s Play”

9 Faithful Pax posted at Farsight to push themselves through some torture on the playground. We all quickly learned that the playground was much different than recess this on this morning. Everyone pushed through the pain to make themselves and their brothers better physically and spiritually.

The Warm Up:

SSH 25 IC                                                                 SSH 25 IC

Windmills 25 IC                                                          Mt. Climbers 25 IC

Reach Backs 25 IC                                                    Plank Jacks 25 IC

The Main Thang :

Mosey to the set of three benches.

1st Bench 15 Derkins

2nd Bench 25 Box Jumps

3rd Bench 20 dips

Rinse and repeat three times decreasing by 5 reps each time. Plank when done.

Partner up and run to the top of the "Indian Mound". Partner A performed Prisoner Squats while partner B sprinted down to the playground did 15 modified pull-ups then sprinted back to the top. Flapjack.  Rinse and repeat 3 times decreasing by 5 reps each time. Plank when done.

Stay with the same partner. Partner A Wallsits while Partner B ran down the hill to the Monkey Bars traversed them then sprinted back to the top of the "Indian Mound". Flapjack. Rinse and repeat 4 times.

Mosey to the bottom of the playground to the beginning of the ramp. Lunge Walk to the top of the ramp the Mosey back to the COT.

5 minutes of Mary:

Russian Twists 25 IC                                          Flutter Kicks  25 IC

J Lo's  15 IC                                                        Box Cutters  25 IC

LBC's  25 IC                                                        Freddy Mercury  25 IC

The Devo: "Be Your Brothers Keeper"

Proverbs 27:17 " As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."

Galatians 6:2 " Bear one another's Burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ."

James 5:16  "Confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power and it is working"

To be your brother's keeper means to watch out for others that you care about as you would watch out for yourself. The lesson is that brothers in faith are supposed to look after one another, and not harm them or let harm come to them. F3 is about support. Support can come in the form of encouragement during a tough workout as well as by being there for your brother in a time of need. We all forming tight bonds between each man who posts here. Take the same support and encouragement with you as you leave this place and share it with everyone you encounter. That is the way to live as God would have us live.



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Pullups, Planks, and People’s Chair, Oh My!

The second week at the Farsight AO was upon us and the YHC wanted to spice things up a bit and take advantage of the fun equipment at NHE.  11 PAX decided to beat the Fartsack for a little playground extravaganza(pull-ups bars especially!) with some Indian Hill thrown in.

Conditions:  70 degrees, muggy, with fire ant poison in the air

The Thang:


  • 25 - Side Straddle Hops 4 count IC
  • 25 - Imperial Walkers 4 count IC
  • 10 - Merkins 4 count IC
  • 15 - Mountain Climbers 4 count IC
  • 15 - Reverse Crunches 4 count IC

Mosey over to cafeteria wall where all PAX were instructed to assume the People's Chair against the wall.  Perform 10 4 count IC overhead air presses whilst in the Chair.

Mosey over to concrete walkway descending to Indian Hill.  Walkway is a fairly steep decent and about 40-50 yards so YHC decided to try out the Bear Crawl Centipede down the walkway.  Needless to say this was a real crowd pleaser and should be done in many future beatdowns.

PAX split up into four groups with each going to station surrounding pull up bars.  PAX were to perform said station and proceed to do 1 pullup and head to next station.  Cycle through each station while performing 1 pullup after each for 10 minutes.

  • Station 1 - 30 Squats
  • Station 2 - 10 Burpees
  • Station 3 - 20 Big Boy Situps
  • Station 4 - 40 Flutter Kicks

Mosey over to Indian Hill where each PAX bear crawled up and ran back down and then decided to rinse and repeat since they liked it so much.

Mosey over to parking lot for some Wheel of Animal.

  • Frog Hop across and perform 5 Incline Merkins on curb.
  • Bearcrawl back across and perform 5 Decline Merkins on curb.
  • Duck Walk cross and perform 5 Merkins with right hand on curb.
  • Crab Walk back across and perform 5 Merkins with left hand on curb.

Mosey back over to COP for a little Plank Compass.  Start plank at 12 o'clock position, rotate only your hands pivoting on your feet to the 3 o'clock position and perform 3 Merkins.  Rotate to 6 o'clock position and perform 6 Merkins. Rotate to 9 o'clock position and perform 9 Merkins. Finally returning to the 12 o'clock position performing 12 Merkins.


  • 20 Russian Twists 4 count IC
  • 30 Flutter Kicks 4 count IC
  • Plankorama for 3-4 minutes


True Humility:  Being humble is the rarest and fairest of all Christian virtues.  A humble person is not one who thinks meanly of himself; he simply doesn't think of himself at all.  In Phillippians 2, Paul talks about 4 attitudes to abide by in order to understand what true humility is.  Humble people are: not selfish, do not try to impress others, think of others before themselves, and they balance the needs of others with their own.  Our attitudes should be the same as that of Jesus Christ.  F3 is founded on the concept of "I Am Third".  We need to focus our efforts on helping others before we help ourselves.  How would you grade yourself on how well you're avoiding selfish ambitions, while also thinking of others first and putting their needs before your own?

Close in Prayer





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The Clinic Convergence

25 Hartsville PAX converged for the first time at The Clinic to see what all the fuss was about.  The YHC’s decided to show the guys some fun things to do while at Byerly Park.  We all found out quickly that football fields can be used in many other ways other than what they are designed for.  It was a punishing, sweaty workout that left every man smelling like something never smelled before.

Weather:  72 degrees with 100% humidity

The Thang:

Warmup exercises:

  • Imperial Walkers IC 4count x 25
  • Windmills  IC 4 count x 10
  • SSH  IC 4 count x 25

Mosey over to football fields and break out into group of three pain stations.

Station 1:  Big 23(Merkins and LBC's)

Start with 23 Merks, 23 LBC's, 21 Merks, 21 LBC's, 19 Merks, 19 LBC's, 17 Merks, 17 LBC's, 15 Merks, 15 LBC's, 13 Merks, 13 LBC's, 11 Merks, 11 LBC's.  Switch to Derkins on park bench.  9 Derkins, 9 LBC's, 7 Derkins, 7 LBC's, 5 wide arm Derkins, 5 LBC's, 3 Diamond Derkins, 3 LBC's, 1 Derkin(halfway down and hold), 1 iron cross and hold.  All Merkins were done with ankles crossed so only 3 pts of contact at all times to improve difficulty.  Total of 144 Merkins and 144 LBC's.

Head over to Monkey Bars.  Partner up and set goal with partner ensuring goal was met.  1 set of pull ups, 1 set of chin ups, 1 set of vaulter pull ups(1 hand forward/1 hand backward).  Flapjack with partner.

Big Boy Sit-ups with partner and sandbag.  Partners sat facing each other feet to feet.  Partners execute sit-up together.  One partner had sandbag and tossed it to partner on the up movement.  AMRAP for 1 minute.

Station 2:  Farm equipment workout(5 stations) 100 reps per 2 man team at each

  • Station 1 - Wrench press(56 lbs):  Partner A chest presses wrench while Partner B sprints across football field, does 5 jump squats, and then sprints back.  Flapjack until all reps are met.  Plank when done.
  • Station 2 - Curls with pipe fitting(43 lbs):  Partner A curls while Partner B sprints across the football field and does 5 Ballerina squats and then sprints back.  Flapjack until all reps are complete.  Plank when done.
  • Station 3 - Overhead pipe press(40 lbs):  Partner A does overhead press with pipe while Partner B sprints across the football field and does 5 knee slaps and sprints back.  Flapjack until all reps are finished.  Plank when done.
  • Station 4 - Upright rows:  Partner A does upright rows with pipe fitting while Partner B sprints across the field and does 5 Monkey Humpers and sprints back.  Flapjack until all reps are complete.  Plank when done.
  • Station 5 - Tractor tire pound:  Partner A pounds tire with sledge hammer while partner B Bear Crawls across the field and back.  Flapjack and repeat until all other teams have completed their exercises.

Station 3:  Suicides, Burpees, & Bear Crawls- Oh My!

  • Round 1:  Partner up.  Partner 1 does AMRAP Burpees during entire sprint exercise.  Partner 2 sprints to first cone(25 yards) and back to start.  Partner 2 then sprints to second cone(50 yards) and back to start.  Partner 2 sprints to last cone(100 yards) and then back to start.    Flapjack.  Plank when both partner have finished.
  • Round 2:  Crabwalk 25 yards to first cone and perform 10 merkins.  Bear Crawl 25 yards to second cone and perform 10 merkins.  Crabwalk 25 yards back to first cone and perform 10 merkins.  Bear Crawl last 25 yards back to start and perform 25 merkins.  Plank when done.
  • Round 3:  Grab sandbag.  Squat with sandbag held in front of chest and throw sandbag as far as possible while coming up from squat.  Broad jump once and lunge remaining length to pickup sandbag.  Rinse and repeat for 50 yards.  Mosey back to start line with sandbag and plank when done.
  • Round 4:  Partner up.  Wheelbarrow 25 yards.  Flapjack. Wheelbarrow 25 yards.  Plank when done.

Each PAX visited every station throughout the morning for a total body workout.  Mosey back over to the AO for a little Mary.


  • Schafer: Flutterkicks 4 count IC x 40
  • Bowtie: 4 man Merkins single count x 10
  • Radar: V ups 2 count IC x 10

Devo:  Green Acres

Act Like Men   1 Corinthians 16 13-14 Be watchful. Stand firm in the Faith. Act like Men. Be Strong. Let all you do be done in Love.  What does this mean?  Don't act like a women and be a source of strength.  Be a leader!  Don't act like an animal.  Animals put their own needs first.  Put others needs before yours.  Our loved ones come first.  Always.  Don't act like a boy.  Put away childish things and act like a man.  Don't act like a superhero.  Every man needs a play to be open with brothers leaning on the Lord.  None of us is everything that God calls us to be.  F3 allows us to rely on each other as men, to help each of us to lean on each other when needed.  A man of God responds and does not react.  The Bible is our guide book to help us respond to hectic and uncomfortable situations so that we make clear, rational decisions.   Hanz closed in prayer.





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Communal Deck of Death

The YHC decided that it was time to call up another round of the Deck of Death at The Clinic.  This time around would be a little different.  All PAX were invited to assist in leading the cadence for each card to enhance the participation of the morning and well as giving the guys that haven't Q'd yet a little more confidence.  New guys even got involved in volunteering exercises for Mary.  Great morning for a Byerly Park sweat a thon!!

Conditions- 63 degrees

The Thang:


  • SSH x 25  4 count / IC
  • Plankorama-High Plank, Right Hand Up, RIght Leg Up/Down, High Plank, Left Hand Up, Left Leg Up/Down, High Plank, Low Plank(hold 10 seconds) High Plank, Low Plank(Hold 10 seconds) High Plank, Recover.
  • Flutter Kicks x 30   4 count/ IC

Deck of Death 

  • 52 card deck with 2 Jokers.  Ace value is 14, King value is 13, Queen value is 12, Jack value is 11 with all remaining cards in the deck face value.
  • Diamonds-Merkins
  • Hearts-Air Squats
  • Spades-Mountain Climbers
  • Clubs-Russian Twists
  • 1st Joker-400m run, 2nd Joker-800m run
  • Cards continuously flipped with no rest between exercises
  • After YHC led first card, each PAX took turns going around the circle leading the cadence for the respective card exercise.  Great to get everyone involved in the workout!

6MOM- YHC once again got PAX involved with new guys stepping up to lead exercises

  • Little Jack - Crunchy Frog 15 x 4ct / IC
  • ReRun - LBC's 15 x 4ct / IC
  • Radar - Plank Jacks 15 x 4ct / IC
  • Audit - Oblique V Ups 12 single count each side(OUCH)
  • Blowfish - Flutter Kicks 15 x 4ct / IC
  • Lucky Charms - 10 Burpees OYO(What a way to finish!)

Devo- YHC

My Brother's Keeper-Our responsibilities are widely felt and the decisions that we make affect many others.  Do we consider our responsibilities to others?  The Bible relates this following the victory at Jericho.  The Israelites allowed sin to cloud their judgment.  Particularly Achan, who disobeyed God by stealing silver, gold, and a robe that he coveted.  The entire Israelite community suffered because of one man's disobedience to God.  Did he think about his responsibility to others?

The New Testament teaches in Romans 12:5 that "we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others".  In sports, one team member's infraction can penalize the whole team.  Your choices impact your family and friends.  When we as Christians act as God's ambassadors on Earth, the ramifications have no end.  We have a gigantic responsibility!  With God's help, we can all make a difference as our influence is greater than we can imagine.  In answering Cain's question, "Am I my brother's keeper?", we can easily say YES.  Never forget that the decisions we make can affect others in ways we never thought possible.

This is ever so true as F3 brethren.  The decision we make every day to get up out of bed and get better also affects our fellow PAX.  Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another!  We keep each other accountable by making a decision to come get better physically, mentally, and spiritually and then push each other so that we can all get better.  No man is left behind!  I hope today was a challenging workout and I look forward to leading my fellow PAX again in the Gloom.




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Green Acres VQ

The Thang:


  • SSH 4ct IC x 27
  • Merkins OYO  x 17
  • Imperial Walker 4ct IC x 27
  • Merkins OYO x 17
  • Windmills 4ct IC x 27
  • Merkins OYO x 17
  • Forward Penningtons 4 ct IC x 27
  • Merkins OYO x 17
  • Reverse Penningtons 4 ct IC x 27

Count off 1’s and 2's and form 2 lines behind the flag for an Indian Run to the Grid Iron.  Partner up on sideline facing opposite each other.  Partner 1 does LBC's while Partner 2 lunges across then does 15 Burpees and then sprints back across.  Flapjack.  Partner 1 does Flutter Kicks while Partner 2 lunges across then does 10 Burpees and then sprints back across.  Flapjack.  Partner 1 does Russian Twists while Partner 2 lunges across then does 5 Burpees and then sprints back across.  Flapjack.

PAX then circled around the flag for "Banjo's Bear Crawl".  Each PAX faced out and held a high plank.  YHC did 3 Merkins and then Bearcrawled around the circle.  After each PAX was passed they would wait 5 secs, do 3 Merkins and then Bearcrawl around until all PAX had completed.

Mosey back toward the AO.  Halfway back, YHC asked for the strongest and fastest runner to come forward.  BowTie volunteered and took the flag.  The PAX was instructed this was now a Fox Hunt.  BowTie was the fox and was given a 3 sec headstart and the hounds were release to give chase.  Only our FNG, Funnel Cake was able to catch the fox!

YHC called for PAX who had not yet Q'ed to step up and lead an exercise.  Winkles led a stretching exercise.  Body Bag led 11 reps of High Plank/Low Plank.  Blowfish led a Plankorama.


Building on Proverbs 27:17

As Iron sharpens Iron one man sharpens another.  Our shirts state this but we as men of F3 live it.  It takes the support of each to make the whole stronger.  Individually, we are week but together we are strong.  Closed in prayer.


Posted on behalf of Green Acres

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“The Dragstrip”

23 Pax ascended on The Clinic this morning.  It is not a rumor; There was in fact car pushing that no doubt could and should be embellished at future happy hours.  Also, don't forget to embellish it with your wife as she is sure to be impressed with your manliness.  All in all it was a good morning as there were no fender benders, tire tracks on sneakers, or fatalities!

Conditions: 71 degrees and humid as heck

The Thang:

Warmup in Circle of Pain

  • SSH x 25      4 count in cadence
  • Big Boy Sit-ups(with partner) AMRAP per partner for 1 minute each
  • Big 21(on Q's count) 21 merkins, 21 LBC's, 19 merkins, 19 LBC's, 17 merkins, 17 LBC's, 15 merkins, 15 LBC's, 13 merkins, 13 LBC's, 11 merkins, 11 LBC's, 9 merkins, 9 LBC's, 7 merkins, 7 LBC's, 5 wide arm merkins, 5 LBC's, 3 diamond merkins, 3 LBC's, 1 merkin half way down and hold for 10 secs, 1 Iron Cross and hold for 10 secs.  Total of 121 merkins and 121 LBC's.

Count off and split up for 2 stations.

Station 1 (Grenade Drill):  Partner up.  Partner 1 throws football to 1st cone-10 yards. Partner 2 sprints to ball, jumps on it, and sprints back. While Partner 2 sprints, Partner 1 does mountain climbers.  Flapjack.  Partners continue to repeat sequence for a total of 5 cones with each cone being 10 yds further than the previous.  Mosey over to soccer goals.  Each partner does 2 sets of pull ups(AMRAP).  Once complete, jog around parking lot.

Station 2 (Truck Push): Partner up. Sprinted across parking lot and back.  Together, partners pushed 1 of 6 vehicles to other side of parking lot.  Both do 50 SSH's.  Push vehicle back across parking lot.  Jog around parking lot when finished.  Some PAX were lucky enough to draw Green Acres 7 ton tank.  The 747 jets they pull on those strongman competitions have nothing on the Mayor of Kelleytown's American made load of steel.

Circle up for Mary:

  • Spiderman Plyo-Merkins (x 10ish)
  • Tug of War-This was a short battle as the muscle and determination of the winning team was hard to match.  Losing team had to do 15 of Ground Blind's favorites:  Up and Downs.  Victorious team got to do 15 reps of their choice.  Saw a whole lot of "Penningtons" as the winning team basked in their glory!

Devotion/Prayer:  Using F3 as a platform to step out of your comfort zone to Q and thus increase your Christian leadership to your family, peers, and community.


  • Order your F3 shirts.  Green Acres modeled F3 shorts and socks.  Lots of good gear on the website.  Last day is 6/24.
  • Green Acres discussed Couch to 5K starting up again.  Come get better!
  • Bowtie and Baby Beasley ran The Bull in Columbia yesterday.

Posted on behalf of BowTie

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Head Over Heels Cones-O-Plenty

Conditions:  68 degrees and muggy

The Thang:


  • SSH x 15  4 count IC
  • Big 21(on Q's count):  21 Merkins, 21 LBC's, 19 Merkins, 19 LBC's, 17 Merkins, 17 LBC's, 15 Merkins, 15 LBC's, 13 Merkins, 13 LBC's, 11 Merkins, 11 LBC's, 9 Merkins, 9 LBC's, 7 Merkins, 7 LBC's, 5 Wide Arm Merkins, 5 LBC's, 3 Diamond Merkins, 3 LBC's, 1 Merkin half way down and hold(10 secs), 1 Iron Cross(hold 10 secs).  Grand Total of 121 Merkins and 121 LBC's

Mosey over to football fields.

Cone-O-Rama! Cones set up in a diamond formation stretching out entire 100 yards of football field.  PAX started off doing 50 Standing Lunges and 25 Carolina Dry Docks.  Upon completion, PAX sprinted 20 yards at an angle to a cone, backwards 20 yards to next cone, forwards 20 yards to next cone, backwards to last cone.  Upon arrival at 5th cone:

  • Standing Broad Jump Burpees (70 yards) - 20 Merkins upon completion
  • Military Low Crawl (30 yards) - 20 Merkins upon completion
  • Forward Roll and Jump (30 yards) - 20 Merkins upon completion
  • Bear Crawl (35 yards) - 20 Merkins upon completion
  • Crab Walk (35 yards) - 20 Merkins upon completion
  • Early finishers jogged around perimeter of football field

Lots more cones setup on the other football field but time ran out.   Mosey back over to AO for Mary.


Plankorama-Regular, low plank, regular, right arm straight out, left arm straight out, regular, right arm up/right leg up, regular, left arm up/left leg up, regular, walking planks

BOM:   Devotion

From The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

"Imagine that you've died and that four people representing different aspects of your life speak at your funeral:  relative, a fellow church member, a business colleague, and someone else from your community.  What would each one honestly say about your life?"

"Take a few minutes today to seriously think about what these individuals might say about you to a gathered crowd.  They would all most likely say good things about you, but would anyone discuss how strong your faith was?"

"Now take a few minutes to imagine with Jesus would say about your Christian life to this point.  What does he think about your faith?  What does he think about your accomplishments for his kingdom?  Would he describe you as someone growing closer to him each day?"

"Only when we use our faith does it stand a chance of growing."

"Let's look ahead 10 years and repeat the mental exercise.  If you spend the next 10 years investing your faith and wholeheartedly using the gifts God gives you to serve him, what would a relative, a fellow church member, business colleague, and someone else from the community be likely to say at your funeral?  What would Jesus say?

Take Away:

  1. What gifts and opportunities has God provided that you can use for him?
  2. Be honest with yourself.  How have you done at living a life of faith in God?
  3. What aspects of your life have you been withholding from God?  What steps can you take to invest these areas in faithful service to him?

Close in prayer.


Posted on behalf of Bowtie.





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