Spring Training

Warm ups:

Arm stretches (10 ct)

Leg stretches (10 ct)

Windmills (IC – 20)

Side-straddle hop (IC – 20)


Suicides [ 1st time through sprint to/ walk back, 2nd time sprint to & back, 3rd time sprint with hose on back]

Ruck Run [ backpack full of baseballs / softballs] each person carries a lap around the ball field.

Around the Bases:

  • Merkins with baseball in hand = 10
  • Hallelujah's {5 x 4 = 20}
  • Supines { coupon b/n knees} = 30
  • Lion Kings = 40

COT:  Prayer request for Crash's M, having surgery.  Prayer's answered for Deer Stands daughter with job interview - got job!!

Vibe Run March 5th @ Darlington Racetrack

Devotion: Romans 12:1-2

Pledge of Allegiance

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Joker’s Wild

Conditions: 21 degrees and frosty.  Mumble could be heard throughout the pax, but were told to hold on things are about to heat up. Mosey to the St. Matthews Church parking lot.

Warm up /  The Thang:

A deck of cards were passed out to the pax and the face value was the number of each exercise.

Diamonds = Bobby Hurley's

Hearts =  Body Builder's

Clubs = Capt. Thor's

Spades = Frankenstein's

Jokers Wild = 15 reps. of pullers choice.

The above was suppose to be only the warm-up but time ran out and it became the thang.  SS will have to reconvene to finish the true workout.

Count Off: 10 brave souls

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Devotion: Hebrews 11:6

-And without faith it is impossible to  please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and the he rewards those who seek him.


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