May the 4th Burpee With You

The next F3 Hartville 30 day challenge begins Friday, May 4th.

What is the challenge you ask?

Simple answer; 1500 burpees between May 4th and June 3rd.

No, workout burpees do not count. 

No, this challenge doesn't require any special equipment.

Yes, it only requires a few minutes of your day.

The purpose of the challenge is to do burpees every day. Pick a number, and complete them. To reach the 30-day goal, you'll need a minimum of 50 per day. If you pick a higher daily number, don't stop at 1500 total, keep going!

An optional challenge for the month will be something we do not focus on very much, nutrition. We're not going to be counting calories or calculating macros, we're simply going to try to give up bread and dessert. If you choose to participate in this portion of the challenge, the group will help with your accountability.

If you're interested in signing up, send me a message and I'll add you to the chat and spreadsheet.

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F3 Camden, Third F

Hartsville and Florence pax made the short trip to Camden to lead the third week of the F3 Camden launch. The group is growing strong with 35 in attendance with 4 FNG's. The visiting pax came bearing gifts, but not necessarily welcome ones.

The group started with a warm-up led by Little Jack.

Penningtons, both forward and reverse, windmills, lots of confusion around the name of the next exercise (reach-thru, chopping wood, touch the grass) whatever you call it, imperial walkers, side straddle hops.

Foxy then moved us to the tennis courts to perform 10 reps of each exercise at the corners circling the courts, then reversing direction back around them. That adds up to 70 of each.

1st trip - Hand Release Merkins, 2nd Trip - Jump Squats, 3rd Trip - Big Boy situps

Backdraft then led the pax to the fountain for some pie. Pax would start in the middle completing the called exercise with the block, then bear crawl around one pie shaped section of the fountain area. Repeat as necessary until time was called.

The called exercises were: curls, squats, chest presses and overhead presses all using the blocks.

YHC then circled up the group for 2 rounds of Tabata with merkins and air chair, then squats and plank. The group ended the workout with Jack Webb.

In the COT a short explanation of the third F was shared and how it has helped our local communities through our outreach and projects. Green Acres also shared his personal story of how the third F has impacted his life.

We appreciate the opportunity to have led F3 Camden.



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The New Gloom

F3 Hartsville started an afternoon AO; you’ll never guess what happened next.

Now that I have the clickbait title out of the way, let’s have a real discussion about an afternoon AO.  I’ll try to keep this short, but I want to make the case that every area should give this a chance.  Hopefully I can address your questions, concerns, and our learnings from this endeavor.  Please don’t take this as any sort of self-promotion, as I mainly hope to spread this idea and grow F3.

We started our afternoon AO the first week of January, in hopes of capitalizing on those looking to get fit as one of their resolutions. Gyms are full of “Resolutionists” in January, but maybe F3 could grab onto and hold some of them.  I don’t miss many Saturday convergences, but due to my work schedule weekdays are mostly impossible for me to attend. I knew there had to be others out there with similar conflicts that were looking for that same brotherhood and opportunity that F3 provides. So, on January 6, 2016, 11 Pax gathered including 3 FNG’s. Of those 3 initial FNG’s, there’s varying results, just like any other AO. One, Scout, never misses an afternoon workout and attends many mornings as well. Another comes fairly regularly and the other has fallen away from the group.   We decided to name the AO “Revolution” since it is held near a war memorial and was also a breakaway from the F3 norm. Revolution has had its ups and downs, with several low points during the winter when only 3 of us got better. These days we average about 15 and are considering a split.

I like to pass along some of our experiences, mistakes, and understandings in building an afternoon AO. So, what does it take to start an afternoon AO? We started with the backing of our local leaders, and one guy, me, determined to make it work. This as it turns out was not ideal, but necessary.  There were many times that it would have been nice to have someone else to turn to for that Q. The local PAX was happy to support when possible, but afternoons do not work for everyone. Do you have the guy that can Q at a moment’s notice? Who has the mental library of various workouts to draw from? You probably do. Ideally you should start with about 3 guys that can commit to afternoons. It also helps if you can get some of your morning Pax to rotate through as they are able. Not just to Q, but to support the group with their attendance.

Let me address some of the objections to an afternoon AO.

“It’s not the gloom” Try a 108 degree heat index afternoon for 45 minutes and then tell me it’s not gloomy.  There’s also something strange about starting in daylight and finishing in the dark during the wintertime.

It takes men away from their families We’ve found this to mostly not be true. Most of the regulars have older kids, no kids, or are too young to have families. On a typical day, the group ranges in age from 18- 55.

Men will leave the morning workouts This has been totally false. So far, we don’t have anyone that has left a morning AO to exclusively move to afternoons. In fact, Revolution has improved our local pax in several ways. Several of the afternoon regulars visit morning AO’s also. Many men who come in afternoon can’t come in the morning due to their schedule. Others, really just don’t like mornings. And we’ve all had EH’s thwarted by the “it’s too early” excuse. Now, you can make them find another lie.  Fartsack this morning? No worries, there’s a chance for you to make it up this afternoon.  And for those that are feeling good on any particular day, it has offered them an opportunity to double down.

One of the main challenges Revolution has faced has been building Q’s. After 7 months, we finally have a base of solid Q’s that we rely upon.  As I mentioned earlier, having those guys that are adept/versatile Q’s and completely committed to an afternoon AO is essential to its success.  I strongly believe that every region should have an afternoon AO.  There are several men who have been impacted in our community that would have never been reached without Revolution. Take the chance, start that afternoon AO, it’s an opportunity to grow and reach your communities in ways that we have been ignoring.



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FIA Anniversary, Fill in Q

In an effort to promote thirdism, the group decided to converge for only 45 minutes so that we could cede the park to FIA for their 1st anniversary. Not surprisingly, no one was complaining about losing 15 minutes of the workout.

A large amount of cylinder work was the order of the day.

The group partnered up and each grabbed a cylinder.

One partner performed an exercise, while the other ran to the other end and did 10 cylinder squats. The pairs swapped places and completed 250 reps of each of the following exercises:

  1. Chest Press
  2. LBC's with cylinder on the chest
  3. Overhead Press
  4. Hammers with cylinder
  5. Curls
  6. Flutter kicks with a cylinder chest press
  7. Merkins with hands on the cylinder
  8. Mountain climbers with hands on the cylinder

Time was called while most groups were somewhere around the flutter kicks. There was a notable exception, as one group seemed to somehow finish. (No comment)

The devo was about being happier, found at the following link.


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The Revolution Continues, Grows

Cylinders, why did we buy those cylinders?

Simple work on a hot Tuesday in Revolution land.

Everyone grabbed a cylinder and partnered up.

One partner started the rep work with the cylinder, while the other went to the designated other end and completed 10 squats holding the cylinder. He then returned and they swapped places.

Rep work was 250 reps of each of the following.

Chest Press, American Hammers, Overhead Press, Plank Knee to Elbow, Curls, Flutter Kicks, Merkins, and LBC's.

Welcome FNG, Peekaboo!

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The Debut of WaterBug 2.0 with a trip to the beach!

YHC took it down a notch with a visit to the volleyball court at the Sonic.

The group split into 4 groups and were assigned to one of the 4 stations.

Groups 1 and 2 started on the volleyball court.

Group 3 headed to the four corners of the court. The exercises were Imperial walkers, bird dog crunches, plank knee to elbow, and shoulder taps.

The last group moved to station 4 for clock merkins, curb hops, and Captain Morgan squats.

The groups rotated to the next station every 6 minutes with each group visiting each station twice.


There was lots of sand in our shoes.

Benchwarmer skipped out before the workout started.

WaterBug's 2.0 finally came to a workout.

One group was given an "atta boy" for calling cadences and working as a team.  This group was downgraded after the workout when it was learned that they did not follow the Q instructions but instead did their own exercises. This will be addressed at a later date. (think, burpees)

Did I say that Benchwarmer left in fear before the workout even started?

One individual complained out the music playlist, what was his problem?

Why did Benchwarmer leave so quickly?

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Dying Escalators

YHC treated the Warzone crowd to the wonders of escalator suicides.

Round 1

  1. 10 Overhead Press
  2. 20 Shoulder Taps, 10 Overhead Press
  3. 30 LBC’s, 20 Shoulder Taps, 10 Overhead Press
  4. 40 Imperial Walkers, 30 LBC’s, 20 Shoulder Taps, 10 Overhead Press

Round 2

  1. 10 Merkins
  2. 20 Dry Docks. 10 Merkins
  3. 30 Flutter Kicks, 20 Dry Docks, 10 Merkins
  4. 40 Squats, 30 Flutter Kicks, 20 Dry Docks, 10 Merkins

Round 3

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 20 Big Boys, 10 Burpees
  3. 30 Lunges, 20 Big Boys, 10 Burpees
  4. 40 American Hammers, 30 Lunges, 20 Big Boys, 10 Burpees

Round 4

  1. 10 Ranger Merkins
  2. 20 Jump Squats, 10 Ranger Merkins
  3. 30 Lying Toe Touches, 20 Jump Squats, 10 Ranger Merkins
  4. 40 SSH, Lying Toe Touches, 20 Jumps Squats, 10 Ranger Merkins

(Note: Lying Toe touches are not the type done at Clinique where you don’t actually touch your toes but say you did)

Round 5

  1. 10 V-ups
  2. 20 Dips, 10 V-ups
  3. 30 Mountatin Climbers, 20 Dips, 10 V-ups
  4. 40 Jabs, 30 Mountain Climbers, 20 Dips, 10 V-ups

Devo: Many people miss opportunity, as it’s often disguised as hard work.

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Dragging tires, and ass

The Revolution crowd gathered for a combo of WaterBug and Pepe.

The first section of work involved Brick Bombs on either end of the field completing one set of the exercises below and running to the other side and completing another set.  Back and forth until time was called.

  1. 10 Brickees
  2. 20 Overhead Brick Presses
  3. 30 Merkins
  4. 40 Brick Curls
  5. 50 Squats with Bricks.

The second section of work was Tired Mary Dora.

Partners alternated pulling a tire around the park and completing a Dora Mary of:

  1. 100 Flutter kicks
  2. 200 American Hammers
  3. 300 LBC's

Thank everyone that came out. Keep pushing the rock.

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The Tortoise and the Hares

5:28 am, Byerly Park, The Clinic.

The gloom, waited.

The storm, ended.

The buckets, filled.

The crowd, missing.

The mighty Clinique had fallen.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, they descended.

A small group looking for a beatdown.

The mumblechatter commenced quickly as we immediately left the circle around the garish golden flag and moseyed to the BrickCity area. The Pax grabbed their buckets, added 2 bricks to the weight of the sand, and moved over to the sloshy parking area.

Instructions for Bucket BOMBS were then administered, and the pain began.

Simply, each person carried their bucket and bricks back and forth across the parking lot performing exercises on each end.

  1. 10 Brickees
  2. 20 Overhead Brick Claps
  3. 30 Merkins
  4. 40 Brick Curls
  5. 50 Squats

A partial round of Mary Blackjack with Hammers and flutterkicks, then back to the flag for the COT and BOM.

A quick devo about why we make mistakes and ways to correct them was shared.

Quick notes

Guess those that missed were scared. Either of the rain or WaterBug.

Except for Bowtie, he gave some lame excuse about being at Disney or something like that.

This tortoise really enjoyed leading the group of hares.

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Those pesky Bugs

Spring Break Saturday delivered a small crowd for a beatdown by the bugs. Water and Love split the Q, bringing the pain to the Warzone. The park was wet, but the temp was near perfect.

Warmup, nah who needs that? WaterBug started the Tabata timer right away and we were off and hurting.  Squats, lunges, merkins, and plank work were all included, with the worst pair of exercises being burpees and mountain climbers. Wow, that 30 minutes went by quickly. Any complaints about that part of the convergence were quickly hushed by the onslaught that LoveBug unleashed.

The group partnered up, one person bear crawled to one end of the field while the other ran to the opposite end and back. The person running then met up with their partner and firemen's carried them back to the center where the 2 flapjacked. This continued for what seemed like forever, but was actually only 5 rounds.

The group was then split into half for a little competition. The 2 groups lined up facing each other and got into the plank position.   All the pax planked while the first in line went over and then under his planking teammates.  Each person in line then took turns going over and under until the entire team had moved all the way down the field.  Thanks, Herb, that was wonderful. Well, not really, but at least it will help at the mud run where the creativity of going over and under things is utilized repeatedly.

Green Acres then led the group in endless Mary. Somebody got some abs now. We'll all be glad when GA can work something other than his core.

The Pax welcomed an FNG, Warren Wonka, who henceforth will be known as Oompa Loompa.

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