F3 Florence 2-Year Anniversary

Conditions were Wet and Soggy!

Rain stopped just in time for Florence to celebrate our 2 year anniversary workout.  9 PAX did a doubledown MURPH workout at 6am (including BigWorm, who had to leave and go to work)...39 additional PAX arrived for the main event, including 2 FNGs.  Big thanks to Hartsville and Darlington PAX for making the trip over...we definitely have a great group of brothers up the road, who continue to grow and show great community leadership...AYE Hartville/Darlington!

Circle up in parking lot - Disclaimer - Recognize PAX from Hartsville and Darlington for making the trip over to help celebrate - Recognize PAX from first 30 days of Florence

Mosey over to Hoppas yard and make one lap, circling up in the middle for the warm-up as follows:

Thunderbird-SSH, Yogi-Imperial Walkers, Uhaul-Merkins, Jefferson-Thru the tunnel, Milton-Squats, BaNjO-Redneck Rollercoaster Ride (aka Windmill)

After the warmup we did a 1-2-3 countoff and split PAX into 3 groups, rotating every 14 min - 2 Qs per group as follows:

Thunderbird / Milton - Da Hoppas yard "Cone crawl madness...

Banjo / Uhaul - Tennis court wall "Partner Blockarama...

Jefferson / Yogi - Ballfield "Partner alternating cone sprints/exercises...


40 attended Coffeeteria at IGA

It's been a great ride and we hope to spend many more days adding FNGs to the PAX and continually growing together, helping all the Sadclowns out there, near and far.

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Substation Blitz by F3 Florence…Cakes anyone??

QIC and travelling PAX from Flo-town was asked to come down and Q new AO in Darlington, Foxy,Uhaul,Yogi and Magic Man made the trip over...Quickly realizing a pattern with the names before the workout, QIC knew this would be an entertaining crowd: (Honey Bun,Pound cake,Fudge cake,Patty cake,Little debbie,Zebra cake).  20 PAX with 1 FNG made first Thursday morning appearance in Dtown..

Conditions: 52 and slightly cool at the new concrete AO with walls made of buildings.

Warm-up run around the town square, gathering under the flagpole outside the courthouse doors.

QIC calls 100 Burpee buy-in with partner (QIC offers burpee deduction incentive to answer trivia, to add in some historical Darlington.  Question 1: Who won most NASCAR races in Darlington: PAX gave correct answer - David Pearson with 10 wins. Question 2: Who competed in most Darlington races: (QIC heard Mark Martin and Cale Yarborough...Wrong and Wrong...answer was Richard Petty, mumblechatter began as PAX tried to claim someone said it...guess what Q didn't hear so it don't count LOL.  Minus 10 for correct answer...90 Burpees with partner, one person planking while other does burpees (as each PAX member completes they are instructed to help others not finished.

Break back into indviduals for The Thang:

A. 5min AMRAP: 20 Squats / 10 BBS - Run around town square

B. 5min AMRAP: 20 Lunges / 10 mtn climbers - Run across street, past buildings and cross over to Carolina Bank parking lot

C. 5min AMRAP: 20 HR Merkins / V-ups

D. 5min AMRAP: SSH / Side bends

COT, Name-a-rama, BOM

Announcements: Darlington AO "Substation" has boot camp on Tue/Thur at 5:30 and Saturdays at 7am.  F3 Darlington Twitter and facebook accounts are now live.



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F3 Florence 1-year Anniversary/Convergence Pre-blast

On Saturday, May 30th, we will have our first ever Florence Convergence. We will meet at Ebenezer Park, #ScroogeAO, at the usual time: 6:50am and we will celebrate our 1-Year ANNIVERSARY with a CONVERGENCE! This will be the first official convergence for Florence, joining will be the Hartsville and Sumter guys, as well as any other F3 brothers that wanna make the trip.
There will be 4 QICs for this convergence special: Banjo, Da Hoppa, Foxy and Thunderbird, the original “core-four” that helped bring F3 Nation to Flo-town!

Location: Ebenezer Park (#scrooge)
Time: 7-8 am
Invite: All Men, 18+, Any skill level (beginning exerciser to advance)

Be There!

Bring Someone! We all know someone that needs F3!

Get Better, Live Better and Choose to be a leader!

See you on May 30th!

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