SB’s Improv Q

The night before, Green Acres asked who had the Q for the gloom, and you could hear a pin drop.  Q sheet was blank.  No one antied up, but surprisingly there were a lot of HC's.  YHC rolled into Gridiron right at 0829, and being last in won YHC the honor of Qing.


Conditions :

No Rain, 60 degrees



30 SSH  IC

30 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Windmills  IC

10 Arm Circles Forward / 10 Backwards IC


The Main Thang :

During the warm-up,  YHC tried to count how many PAX posted while doing warm-ups IC.  Hooker seemed impressed that YHC was multi-tasking, but being from el cid, YHC struggles to count higher than 3.  YHC counted 7 pax (although there were 8) so that determined we would not share the workload since there was an odd number.  Not so impressed now are you, Hooker?  Trying to decide where to begin, YHC brought a block to add to GI's block pile, so why not begin there? We moseyed over to the block pile where there was the perfect number of blocks for every PAX to have their own.  We took our blocks over to the tennis court and got to work.


20-15-10-5 goblet squats. Ran a lap around the tennis court in between each set.

Lunged blocks to the light post /  block sliders back to the starting line.  Hooker pushed his block with so much force it caused the block to split in half.  Saw it with my own eyes.  Now our perfect number of blocks was one short, so Hooker took two halves and made a whole.

20-15-10-5 overhead press.  Ran a lap around the tennis court in between each set.  Added 5 burpees after running each lap.

10 curls IC just for fun.

At this point, YHC was running out of ideas since we'd already done all the exercises that really matter (curls).  Luckily it was 0605 and time to mosey back to the COT for some Mary.



30 Flutter Kicks IC

30 Hello Sally IC

20 Pickle Pounders (One of the PAX let everyone know this was his second time pounding his pickle for the day, awkward)

10 Slow HH IC


Being an improv Q, YHC hadn't prepared a devo.  The first thing that came to mind was YHC's favorite podcast (Team Never Quit) that YHC listened to the day before.  A former Navy SEAL discussed his battle with opioid addiction after getting out of the teams.  After seven overdoses and trying to end his life multiple times, he finally had an awakening.  The main thing that was causing problems in his life was his ego.  He felt that being a Navy SEAL, he had to act a certain way.  This caused him to treat his loved ones poorly, eventually pushing them all away.  While we may not have an ego this extreme, it's important to be humble in all aspects of life.



The FOX on 5/11

It was great seeing some new/old faces.  Great push by all the PAX in attendance.


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