Breaking Bad and Starting New! Meaning behind the Numbers


Conditions:  Dark, 60 degrees

Warm Up:

YHC wanted to expel some wisdom, and knowledge on the PAX so he informed the PAX that today is about more than working out, it’s about creating new habits, and how numbers can have meaning.

I have been posting numbers to the FarSight group for the last several weeks, with the final post this morning being 21.  More to come on the numbers!!  There was some mumble chatter as the around these random posts of numbers but we quickly moved into the exercises.

9              SSH

31           Pennington’s

21           imperial walkers

After this brief warm up, we moseyed over to the wall.  Here I laid out some more information for the PAX.  I asked them what do they believe is the number required to create or break a habit, i.e. the number of days you must repeat something in order for it to become a habit?  They shouted 21, two weeks, three weeks, and some other stupid stuff, mostly coming from that TARHOLE Divac.  I want to take this opportunity, since it was my Q, and my Backblast, to inform Divac that the real Carolina is coming for his baby blue ass, and it will be kicked and embarrassed on the court!!! Hope they don’t lay down like he did today!!!!

Back to the PAX:  I shared this with them.  Creating new habits, typically means breaking old habits….Hopefully turning bad into good.  Some experts say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. This was/is a popular thought that came around in 1960 with a book by Maxwell Maltz, called Psycho-Cybermetics.  A Self-help book.  Not everyone agrees.

In light of that we are going to run around this parking lot 21 times.

The Main Thang

PAX were informed we would be completing the following exercises and reps for each, and in-between we would be running a lap around the parking lot, a total of 21 laps.  OH the groans and moans that followed made some of the Pax think it was thundering and that perhaps YHC would be cancelling the workout due to a storm on the rise such as was done on Tuesday by the not present Little Jack.  He must have still been a little scared to come outside and play…

So we began.

31           Pushups

31           Dips

31           Mountain Climbers

31           Jump Squats

31           Incline Pushups

9              Burpees

31           Donkey Kicks

We finished the first set of 7, and I again took the time to share some info:  I wasn’t planning on doing this….But Goldilocks was apparently struggling with the work and requested I speak, and I think Judge Judy rumbled some incoherent mumblings about sucking workout, if I would have known I would be running I would not have come…not sure there. But he and Divac must have been having some P200 PSD!!!

So I shared the following:

Truth is, I think no one knows how long it really takes, if you do a Google search on how to break a bad habit you will see,

5 unexpected ways to do this—

3 easy steps                       10 Ways to break

13 steps—                           27 proven steps

12 Strategies                      3 scientifically proven

Now we begin the Next Set, and doing 21 reps with a lap in between.

We managed to finish the second set of 7.

Goldilocks again requested some more information, I think he just wanted me to talk so he would not have to work……He skipped out on the P200, had been in Greenville all week, he should have been well rested…He called for a 10 count before I could begin imparting some knowledge on the PAX:

Once done with ten count I shared the following:

As mentioned there seems to be a lot of ways to break or create a habit but…..

Ultimately it comes down to YOU.  Most of the above mentioned google ways reference having the following: 1. Motivation, a reason, the desire.  2.  Then picking a time, starting point.  3. Mental toughness, that I can attitude, will power.

So we were now ready to start the 3rd and final round.. Time was running tight.

21 reps and a Lap, let’s go!  Judge Judy, “wait the reps need to come down”, No I say suck it up lets go.  We have the motivation, we have the starting point, and together helping each other we have the can do attitude….he didn’t but it, but sucked it up and began.

So we started, with the completion of each lap Goldilocks was constantly updating the group on what time it was: its 6:07, next lap its 6:09, 6:11, and its 6:13!!!!! For my Citadel brothers out there, it was like having a Time Check Knob in my ear!!! That poor guy was really ready to be done.

Due to clock issues (and the persistence of Goldilocks) we came up three laps short, and headed back to the flag to circle up!

I rearranged the circle time and went straight into the meaning of the numbers and devotion!


The Pax were aware that over the course of the last several weeks I had been posting some what they thought were random numbers to our chat group!  I informed them that I was posting the numbers to the web site to hold myself accountable, and in a way allowing them to hold me accountable.  I am now telling you about it in the hopes that you will continue to hold me accountable!  What and Why did I need to be held accountable?  I told them that on march 9th I made a decision to stop a bad habit, “chewing tobacco”, I habit that I had done for 31 years, and today marked the 21st day that I had gone without using any.  This was also to let them know that if there is something in your life that you want to change, it is possible, it can be done.

What does the bible say about Habits?

The bible does not specifically speak of “Habits” as such.  However, much is said about the meaning of the word: “a thing done often, and hence, usually done easily; an act that is acquired and has become automatic.”  We all have habits, whether good or bad.  However, for the Christian, the whole of their lives is one of being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).  This implies exchanging old (bad) habits for new (good) ones, in order to please the Lord.

Regarding habits pertaining to health issues, such as taking drugs, smoking, drinking, sexual immorality, etc., we are told, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?  You are not your own, you were BOUGHT at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

What do the numbers mean….

Well 21, as of today I have been married for 21 years

31 The number of years I chewed tobacco

9th grade is when I started tobacco

9 March ninth is the day I quit tobacco

21 as of today 21 is the number of days I have been free of tobacco

Ultimately it comes down to YOU.  Most of these reference having a motivation, a reason, the desire.  Then picking a time, starting point.  Mental toughness, that I can attitude, will power.

When then counted off, had name-o-rama, and named our FNG Thomas Green “Rain Check”.

Asked for prayer requests and we prayed.  Prayed for Ragtop (health issues) and Divac (knee), and for all Pax present and absent.  In prayer we reminder each other that we can do all things knowing Jesus walks with us, and HE will help us if we are truly doing it for Him and his glory!!

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