Operation Legacy AAR

Between the hours of 0500 and 0900 on 20190420 EST, Operation Legacy was successfully completed.

GORUCK and the Travis Manion Foundation teamed up and put forth a challenge to the GORUCK Ruck Clubs to carry out service projects in honor of Fallen Heroes. The standards were to have at least 5 members in a team, ruck a few miles, complete a service project of any size, and tag it all using social media.

I started planning as soon as I got the first email on 20 March. I knew I could get 5 to do something but, I wanted it bigger. I saw a post from Carolina's Kids that was shared by Krispy Kreme that showed empty shelves. That tugged at my heart. I had found our objective.
I started posting information once or twice a day on either GroupMe or Facebook. While thinking of who we could honor, I realized that there were names on the wall at my unit of 3 KIA i did not know. Anyone Hero would due but, it bothered me that i didn't thier sacrifice. Names easily forgotten.

By the first deadline on 01 April I had 25 registered. I was excited. My standard for this event was going to be fill a ruck with donations and ruck that as the weight. Even that amount would have helped our objective.

Judge Judy started talking up the donation drive for the AO's to support. That surprised me. He hadn't even registered. Oliver Segars started collecting money donations towards a pallet of canned goods. I knew then my standards had to change.

Fox and Arrow was my main focus. But, other F3 Hartsville PAX were making a huge dent on this objective with thier own donations towards the TMF, the AO bucket collection, and the pallet.
39 donations were pledged on our TMF link which totaled to $425. The money towards the pallet actually became 2 pallets. The total weight of the food from the AO's, rucks, and pallets came to around 2200lbs. Wow!

The actual event had a welcome party, a tactical movement with 3 improvised litters, PT sessions, and time hacks. I even involved the regular Convergence crowd. As much as i like sharing about those 4 hours, it goes against my principles of Silence, Violence, and Silence i use for my Operations.

I want to focus on the impact of this event. Andrea Pulling told me this was very touching to her. Spring Break is a rough time for these kids. We were able to plus them up from that need and secure enough food for the rest of the school year. That's a job well done and some bellies filled. Thank you all for helping and donating to this event.

I use the word "I" a lot in this BB. It was not me, it was Him. I have felt the hand of God throughout this project. I am glad God saw fit to have me lead this. And I am grateful for everyone who stood in this gap with me.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And, may God continue to bless you.


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Operation Legacy Spring 2019: Hartsville, SC/GORUCK DONATION Info


Alright PAX,

We had 25 brave souls sign up for this event.  We have 1 female, 1 F3 Florence PAX, and 2 dudes I do not know attending this craziness.  They will probably quit life after 4 hours with me.  But, that does not include everyone that has donated to this cause.  There are a couple of Unsung Heroes out there.  To The Travis Manion Foundation you have donated $425.  That is awesome!  Now comes the actual event.

I emailed everyone who has registered more details about the event.  The only weight requirement in the bags is whatever donations they can fit inside it.  So if it is all canned spaghetti, that is roughly 20#.  This is your chance to Blue Falcon the Hell out of these 25 goons.  Judge Judy dropped off blue buckets with each AOQ to be filled up with donations.  That will help bring some pain but, we are also looking at getting a pallet of goods too.  If you want to donate to that and make nightmares come true, the information is posted below.  Yes, this is the fun part.

We are currently at $180 towards this pallet.  That's 300 cans.  So, even a $5 donation helps make this event super special for the registered.  And if not to bring pain to your fellow man, think about this.  There are probably children that live next to you that struggle with hunger and you wouldn't know it.  those little faces may smile at you in Church, at the grocery store, and when you are picking your 2.0's up from school.

I thank everyone that has supported this so far from the bottom of my heart.  Now, let's go the second mile.

Hit me or any of the ruckers up if, you want to drop items off.  Other than that,  the 19th and 0445 on the 20th is when we look to collect the donations.

Again, thank you very much.

Osegars@gmail.com is PayPal
Oliver Segars is venmo

"If not me, then who?"

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Fartsacking for GBF

Location: Warzone


Conditions: 40 Degrees

Equipment: 2 fire hose bundles

0430 started with Paperboy pulling up with DMX blasting. His confidence is up because of how well he has recovered from hip surgery last year. So, T-claps to him. We put in 4 miles for GBF in 52 minutes.

0530 started with Eisenhower slinging in lip-syncing Brittney Spears and Little Jack feeling betrayed because Eisenhower didn't have the Q. Q-sheet lied. ;)


20 4ct SSH
20 4ct Monkey Humpers
50 4ct Flutter Kicks

The Thang

1. PAX remained in a Circular formation. I started the event by passing a fire hose to the left and then did a burpee. We had to catch the hose, pass it, and do a burpee for a total of 100 burpees. It took the PAX a hot minute to start counting the burpees.

2. 20 4ct Flutter Kicks
50 LBC
50 Bridges
50 Squats

3. Repeat

We hit a 500 burpees as a PAX. We did different variations of burpees with the hose. We even got two hose circulating in the circle. The hose supplied both difficulty and pace to the workout. You also didn't focus on the fact you were doing burpees.

We circled back up, prayed, and pledged. Then I got 4 more miles for GBF.

I didn't have a devo planned. Lovebug said something about being thankful. Instead, I walked on into the dark dreading getting more miles under my belt. Could have just gone back home but, I got 1 goal. and that goal isn't accomplished by quitters. "How bad do I really want it?', I thought to myself. It is easy to accomplish goals as a team. It is not so easy to do it alone. Training alone is where intestinal fortitude is forged. It is reinforced and validated by the group. Do they see your hidden work? Am I fit or am I fat? True commitment is what I am really talking about. Because, "the proof is in the puddin."

The New Year is around the corner. PAX, friends, and family will name some ridiculous resolutions that they say they will accomplish in various facets of their lives both physical and spiritual. My question is, why wait? Jesus deals with all our commitment problems as he did when he walked the Earth in flesh.

59. Then He said to another man, “Follow Me.” The man replied, “Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” 60. But Jesus told him, “Let the dead bury their own dead. You, however, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” 61. Still another said, “I will follow You, Lord; but first let me bid farewell to my family.”…(Luke Chpt 9)

Jesus wasn't being harsh to the needs of the these people. He had healed the sick and resurrected the dead and he would have done the same for these souls I am sure. they had Jesus in front of them yet, they still didn't believe nor were they committed. They offered excuses as to why they could not be happy in life and reach their goals. They were fat, not fit.

Let's try something old now, and not next year. Let's let our "No be No, and our Yes be Yes" without taking an oath or making promises we can't keep. That will not just make us better men but, better Christians and everything under that.


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F3 Hartsville GORUCK Custom Constellation Pre-Blast

F3 Hartsville GORUCK Custom Constellation


QIC: Klinger

PAX: 35 willing participants that are not sissies.

(U) Situation:

F3 Hartsville successful completed a Custom Tough almost two years ago. The PAX have become complacent and largely satisfied with only having 1 patch. There was an attempt 1 year ago to save the PAX by planning a HTL. This mission failed and many souls were lost. Presently, the PAX have found comfort in doing spin classes with the plastic ferns and Spartan Races. Stupid thoughts have entered their dumb little brains and that poison has reached their core. They are suffering from Tiny Heart Syndrome.

The enemy is not only at the door, the enemy resides in their fartsacks and is actively turning off their alarm clocks before they can post in the gloom. There is also an HVT operating around the area known as “Thor”. This person of interest preys on the weak by implementing Black Psychological Operations and targeting his victim's sleep patterns.  Other 2.0's and M's have also been accused of and thought to be active anti-F3 terrorists.

Lone Wolf Freedom Ruckers have sprung up and are actively seeking GORUCK events to attend. These are friendly, mostly awkward, forces that are motivated and determined to do.....something.

The QIC’s intent is to disrupt the enemy activity in the Hartsville AO by destroying the supply lines of doubt and laziness. I am determined liberate the oppressed form their misfortunate circumstances and hope to foster an atmosphere that breeds hardcore GRT’s. This will be a slow progression from Constellation, to Heavy, to HTL.

Hartsville F3’s Tater Salad said, “blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah Neptune Island yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah Neptune Island yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep“blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah Neptune Island yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah Neptune Island yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep blah blah blah balh balh yep eyep yep”. Crazy. Right? I know he is excited.


(U) Mission:

Complete a Custom Constellation Event NLT 02 – 03 November 2018 (TY19). This will be a fun event. This type of event is uncharted territory for the Hartsville PAX. I hope this will build stronger bonds and friendships amongst the PAX. All 3 F’s will be involved.


(U) Execution:


-QIC will coordinate event scheduling with GORUCK HQ.

-QIC will start collecting money using PayPal.

*Cost is $190 per PAX

*Half the money ($3,325.00) needs to be turned in 60 days prior to start (31 AUG 2018) to lock in Cadre

*PayPal link is as follows; paypal.me/pools/c/85tAJAN0eN

*Cash can also work

-QIC will build a class roster using Hartsville F3 PAX and surrounding Friendly F3 PAX.

*Battle Roster Information needed to be emailed to QIC

-Christian name (even if embarrassing)

-F3 name

-email address

-phone number

-F3 AO

-Emergency POC and number

-Allergies/MED Tags


(U) Support:                      


-Custom patch design will need to be established.

-T-shirts will need to be designed and coordinated.

-Donations will be needed and appreciated to cover a few of the PAX that may lack training funds.

-Hartsville F3 Board meeting will need to be conducted for oversight.


(U) Command and Signal:

-Primary POC will be the QIC Klinger (Jon Humphries).

-Primary mode of contact will be by email, jonchmm@gmail.mil .

-Secondary mode of contact will be by Groupme. We ask that you download this app to your smartphones so, we can add you into the group’s chat.

-A spreadsheet will be made to track our development and posted to the chat.


NOTE: All major changes or updates will be communicated through email. The chat may reflect but, will not verify.




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