When Sally met Block Sliders

Weather: a warm 31 degrees and slightly frosted

YHC signed up to Q WarZone today in an attempt to force himself out of bed. This method hasn't always worked, but today it did. As i was planning last night, i was reminded of how much Eisenhower loves curls, in which case, i left them out of the workout. 7 PAX showed up to get better this morning:

Eisenhower, Wall-E, Mutt, Lovebug, Money Ball, Flopper, and YHC.



15 Reach Thru's IC (Wall-E always asks for a partner for this one, get denied every time)

15 Love Me's IC

15 LBAC IC (front and back) As we finished the last set of LBAC's, Lovebug ran onto the field. Must've spent the night with Cowgirl (who didn't post).

We did 15 more Love Me's so that he wouldn't feel left out. When we finished, PAX moseyed over to the block pile and met at the parking lot in front of the YMCA.

THE THANG: temple style

Round 1: 10 OHP's - 10 Big Boys (with blocks) / 9 OHP's - 9 Big Boys / down to 1 each

Round 2: 10 LBC's (with blocks) - 10 Burpees (some did this with and some without the blocks)

When we finished both rounds, we gathered at the end of the parking lot and did our last burst of the beatdown. This included 5 burpees, block slide to the end of the parking lot, to 15 curls. Rinse and repeat until time was called.


15 Flutter Kicks IC / Hold 6" for 15 seconds

15 Flutter Kicks IC / Hold 6" for 20 seconds

When the PAX saw me with my bluetooth speaker, they knew it was going to bring pain.

Bring Sally Up (in plank position, each "down" is down and each "up" is up and hold until it's repeated. Had to clarify this as we had a few people just lying around. Lovebug decided to take a few laps instead.



We have plenty of AO's available throughout the week. Encourage each other to get out and post so that we can start moving forward together.

Man2Man breakfast is tomorrow morning (2nd friday of every month) at Lakeview Baptist Church in the FLC. This is similar to ALM, but we should ALL be seeking to better our spiritual walks more than once a week. Why not do it together?

Prayer requests:

Multiple people dealing with health issues and some are finally moving forward through the hardship that comes hand in hand with the illnesses.


In John 13, Jesus does the lowliest of menial tasks and washes the disciples feet. When He got to Simon Peter, Peter tried to tell Him no. Jesus replied with something that he wasn't expecting: If I don't do this, you do not belong to me.

Peter then told Jesus to wash him head to toe. Peter knew Jesus and wanted nothing more than to be completely His. Jesus also gave us a CLEAR example of what His heart is: SERVICE. We should be seeking to serve others instead of ourselves.

I posed the question for us to think about this year: If Jesus' heart is service, how close is ours to His?

Wall-E closed in prayer.

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2018 B.C.

Weather: 55° and wet, slight drizzle

YHC hasn’t posted in a long time and saw that the Q was open for Brick City, so I signed up for it knowing I’d get flack for not posting for my last Q at WZ. Little Jack and Wall-E HC’d, so I figured we’d at least have 3 Pax for the last BC workout of 2018.

Pax started filtering in around 5:20am and began the smack talk to YHC and briefly discussed a new name for me as an FNG. At 5:30, BA and BarFly forgot how to circle up and BA had a hard time getting his gloves on.


15 SSH IC / 15 Reach Thru’s IC / 10 Pennington’s (front and back)

We attempted an Indian Run to the block pile, but evidently everyone forgot how that worked. Halfway there, the first person showed up at the front.


We began with partners for some DORA 123’s

Round 1: Pax 1 began Merkins while Pax 2 Dairy Carried hugs to the last light pole and back. Flap jacked until team reached 100 Merkins

Round 2: Pax 1 began LBC’s while Pax 2 ran down to last light pole and back while holding a block extension. Flap jacked until team reached 200 LBC’s

Round 3: Pax 1 began Squats while Pax 2 ran down to last light pole and back with the block. This method was explained to YHC’s partner Wall-E at LEAST 3 times. He couldn’t see what we were doing through his foggy glasses. Flap jacked until team reached 300 Squats

Time was called and we began our second exercise.

Temple Style (evidently the Clinic boys count down by twos??)

10 Overhead Presses, run to third light pole and do 10 Big Boys

10 LBC’s, run to third light pole and do 10 Big Boys (only a few teams began this one)

Time was called again and we began the most confusing Mary known.

Block Extensions until someone gave, them 3 Burpees

Overhead Block Hold until someone gave, them 3 Burpees

15 Flutterkicks with block overhead IC

Our second attempt at an Indian Run back to the parking lot was more successful. BarFly did indeed hold his lead to defeat BA.



Wall-E has a presentation on Jan. 8th at 7:30am arbor Coker. Come buy some life insurance or he’ll chase you down.

YHC has the Q for a New Year’s Day CONVERGENCE at WZ at 7am tomorrow.


spend time this new year being less busy and spending time on the ones and the things that matter most.


Dylan Adams and a few others battling cancer, Lil’ Sweet’s daughter’s surgery/recovery, YHC’s M and pregnancy coming close to delivery time.

YHC closed with prayer.

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13’s on the bench

As YHC walked out of the house this morning, the humidity hit and I knew it was gonna suck this morning. Upon my arrival, I see Kaz, Sludge, and Lovebug taking a breather after running a few miles before. Again, Sludge was the only one to stay because they had work to do. Good job finding a way and time to push!

We started with only a few of us, so YHC has to change the game plan a little.


SSH - IC x20

Pennington’s (feint & back) - IC x15

Lap around WZ


As we passed the benches on our lap around, the PAX didn’t realize that’s where they’d be laying it all out today.

Derkins x13 @ first bench, x12 @ next, x11 @ next...you get the picture.

Dips x13...

Squats x13...

When finished, start over.

We moseyed over to the block pile to trap coupons. Stopping in the parking lot at the Y, we lined up on the curb. By this point, PAX had figured out at least ONE of the excersizes about to go down.

Began with 5 burpees, block slide from curb to the bank, rinse and repeat until time was called.


Kettlebell Swings x25 OYO

Block Extensions until someone dropped. Eisenhower gladly threw his to the ground because, “he was going to have to do 5 burpees anyways.” All the while, Cowgirl was complaining.


Get your money to Oliver for Trent Hill TODAY!


YHC has been praying for God to give opportunities to show love to some of the students and people that are most often cast away and out from the church, homosexuals. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to love them any different than ourselves or our neighbors, so why as leaders or as believers are we so quick to turn them away. We’re ALL sinners and are undeserving of Gods grace, but yet we get it anyways. We’re called to share that with them too. Prayers have been answered in many ways, and we should all strive to show Christ’s love to EVERYONE, not just the ones we’re comfortable around.

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The weather was nice and humid this morning, which means some of the Pax were going to look like they worked harder than they did. Fortunately for them, that wouldn’t be the case this morning. Everyone was pushed.


Gorilla Humpers x25 OYO (Wall-E walked up in the middle of these, mumbling something about how he wishes his form was as good as ours. Eisenhower kept doing them even after reaching 25, because he said, “I just like humping gorillas.”

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Love Me’s IC x15

Cherry Pickers IC x20 (a little confusion set in when YHC didn’t stop at 15, so some missed a few reps.)




While PAX 1 ran down and back, PAX 2 began the reps. Flapjacked until finished.

Burpees - x50

Overhead Presses - x200

Merkins - x200

Big Boys - x200

Squats - x200

Time was called once each team had reached their team reps and helped others finish.

Eisenhower reminded YHC that we still had a few minutes left until Mary, assuming I would forget the crap he gave me last time for finishing a minute early and cheating the PAX in their fitness. We took a lap and stopped at a bench for 20 Dips, then another for 20 Derkins.


Block Holds extended out until someone faltered, then 5 Burpees. Followed by Overhead Block Holds until time was called.

Carolina Dry Docks - x25

Box Cutters (4 count) - IC x15


Today we talked about running the race in pursuit of Christ, not focusing on failures but wins. In doing this, wins can come from many different areas in our lives. We’re called to be examples of our King and to stand out from the world in a way that makes them wonder what our source of hope and joy is, all the while reminding ourselves not to be ashamed to share the source with them in a LOVING and GENUINE way. Be that light. Be that example of Christ’s grace.



Mac Johnson AKA Shagwell spilled it this morning.

Screech was yelled at by Eisenhower for discounting the value of sports in the schools.

Cowboy cant feel his legs, but I’m not sure if that’s a new excuse or not.

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Chix at the Brix


YHC has the Q three times this week, starting with BC. I’m no professional, I just know that if I’m not the Q, I’m less likely to show up. So in an attempt to give Beastie Boy a break from Qing BC all the time, I decided to lead it off.

Upon arrival to the parking lot, YHC and Beastie noticed Coxswain jamming out and getting pumped up in his car. After some further investigation and closer listening, it was established that he was in fact listening to Maroon5. 😑

Pax gathered around the flag and began to get better.



SSH - IC x20

Love Me’s - IC x20

Imperial Walkers - IC x15

Gorilla Humpers - x25 OYO



Indian run to parking lot to gather coupons.

Pax lined up with blocks at the first light pole for a good AMRAP session.

Pole 1 - Big Boys w/ block x10, 9, 8...

Pole 2 - Flutterkicks w/ block over head (2 count) x10, 9, 8...

Pole 3 - Block merkins x10, 9, 8...

Pole 4 - Overhead Presses x10, 9, 8...


Judy and Hans were talking some smack in the chat last night, so they were looking to shut each other down this morning. Stepshow had Judy struggling to keep up, while Hans followed behind Judy, but not by much. Although Judy only posts to give people crap, he did get pretty worn out, so I felt accomplished in my Q.

We followed with Devin Hesters (minus the coupon) down and back, then Indian run back to the flag.


Carolina Dry Docks - x25 OYO

Reverse Crunches - x25 OYO

Hartsville Hammers (2 count) - x25 OYO


were all leaders in some capacity, whether it be work or in our families. We need to start putting aside our own desires and show more compassion, just as Christ does for us on a daily basis.

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