This was YHC’s first Q.  After talking up the event, I couldn’t let it suck less than necessary.  It was supposed to be a co-Q with Wall-E, but that rucker went and did some touchy feely TicklemeElmo workout to prep for the GoRuck.  Benchwarmer filled in for Wall-E, which meant the donuts weren’t lonely.

The Warmup:

10 Side straddle hops.

10 Penningtons

10 Imperial Walkers

10 Mountain climbers

The Pain:

At the far end of the park, there were a dozen donuts.  Tires of various sizes from a 15” trailer tire to a 35” tire for my Jeep.  All were mounted on steel wheels.  There was a thirteenth tire off my 2.0s wagon in case Tater showed up.

Just past that, were two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts supplied by Wall-E (all sitting on the park bench.)

The workout was for time, not quantity.  Everyone continued til the clock reached 0610.  We partnered up, alternating as needed to support tire usage.

20 squats holding a tire.  None of those Tater squats, all the way down, weight on the heels and up slowly.  It was about doing it right, not getting hurt.

Run around the park.

20 Derkins using the tire (upright of course).  A little extra core workout.

Run around the park.

At a minimum, everyone did around 120 squats, 120 derkins, and ran about a mile.

No one wanted a donut from Krispy Kreme.  The ruckers ate ‘em.


Eph 6.

We talked about putting on the armor of God.  It’s the core of our spiritual life, just as we need to work on the core of our body and not just some legwork and arms.

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