March Madness Sweet 16

Weather – a little on the chilly side

Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hop x 16 IC

Windmills x 16 IC

Reach Backs x 16 IC

Imperial Walkers x 16 IC

Penningtons x 16 IC

Reverse Penningtons x 16 IC

Big Penningtons on your own

Reverse Big Penningtons on your own

Merkins x 16 SC on your own

Carolina Dry Docks x 16 SC on your own

Big Boy Sit-Ups x 16 SC on your own

Burpees x 16 on your own

The Thang:

WarZone proved we were the most athletic and competitive of the AOs during last week’s Rugby Challenge. This week’s goal was to preserve what was left of the other AOs’ confidence and seek new challenges. Therefore, we decided to take on the field of teams who made the NCAA basketball tournament. Each round of the tournament consisted of 5 exercises: squats, merkins, dry docks, big boys, and burpees. The name and seed of each team who qualified for March Madness was placed in a bag. A pax member was asked to pick one team out of the bag. The seed of the team selected determined the number of reps completed during that round. A short mossy was completed after each round of the tournament.

Round One: El Jefe said bring it on #8 seed Northwestern. 8 squats, merkins, dry docks, big boys, and burpees later the Wildcats bit the dust. WZ pax celebrated with a short mossy.

Round Two: Mutt then challenged #9 Michigan St. 9 squats, merkins, dry docks, big boys, and burpees later the Spartans threw in the towel. WZ again celebrated with a short mossy.

Round Three: LoveBug decided he was tired of playing around with weak competition, so he called out #16 seed South Dakota St. About this time Wall-E was rolling out of the fartsack, and was applauding LoveBug’s ability to draw a #16 seed. 16 squats, merkins, dry docks, big boys, and burpees later the Jackrabbit’s figured out WZ was no place to be jacking around, so they hopped along on their merry way. WZ proudly took another celebratory mossy (many of us secretly hoping no more 16 seeds awaited us).

Round Four: Green Acres couldn’t join in the fun, but he stopped by to give LoveBug a stern lecture on how to stay away form #16 seeds. I think they said something about Wall-E fartsaking, too. Green Acres did stay around long enough to select #10 seed Oklahoma St. He wished us well on our 10 squats, merkins, dry docks, big boys, and burpees as he headed for his vehicle. The Cowboys were ambushed before they knew what hit them, and WZ pax took another mossy.

Round Five: Next, Cowboy selected #2 seed Duke. WZ pax made quick work of the Blue Devils. A little more chatter occurred on this mossy victory lap than the previous four.

Round Six: Eisenhower decided he wanted a piece of #13 seed East Tennessee St. 13 squats, merkins, dry docks, big boys, and burpees were completed by each pax. The Buccaneers left wondering what happened.

Once pax members returned form this mossy, we realized no other teams wanted to play. So, we celebrated our NCAA tourney triumph with a little mary.


16 flutter kicks IC

16 LBCs SC on your own

16 Hartsville Hammers IC

Countoff and Nameroma

Announcements:    Chicken Bog @ St. Luke

Prayers for Pax running P200

Devo: God’s command to love is an absolute. This means there are no exceptions. What about those you have given up on loving because of some reason or another? The command is absolute. No exceptions. Challenge yourself to begin loving that person today.



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Lightning Strikes!

Weather –

Nice refreshing 60 degree morning, much of the sky was stars but off in the distance were a few flashes. Wall-E assumed it was paparazzi following him around Hartsville again. However, Krispy Kreme (back from the outage) knew the pictures were being taken because he was back and in the kilt! As the workout progressed the flashes grew closer making for an interesting commitment at the Warzone. The storm brought back a few originals, back to where it all began, The Muthaship!!

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops IC – 20 reps

Reach Backs IC – 20 reps

Windmills IC – 15 reps

Imperial Walkers IC – 15 reps

Little Penningtons IC – 15 reps (front and back)

Arm Circles – random count


The Thang

Mosey over to the parking lot for agility training. Using the painted lines for parking spaces, each Pax claimed their line.

Side hop over the line as fast as possible – 20 seconds (3 rounds)

20 regular merkins – Rnd 1

20 wide merkins – Rnd 2

20 diamond merkings – Rnd 3

Front to Back hop as fast as possible – 20 seconds (3 rounds)

5 burpees for all 3 rounds

Lap around the field just for a break – Lovebug and Wall-E tried to be smart and run only around the blocks we had laid out for a future beating. YHC quickly redirected them to the longer route.

High Knee Side Hop as fast as possible – 20 seconds (3 rounds)

20 donkey kicks for all 3 rounds

During this set, we were delighted by a few late comers. Divac, Audit, and Little Jack escaped from Farsight (or Farsight quit for the day) and returned to the Mothership for a better more intense beatdown. We greeted them with a few comments but nothing slowed down and they were expected to join right in! Divac was a little extra excited to see Belding. I’m not real sure but I think it has something to do with UNC headed to the Final Four and Duke has been at home for a couple of weeks eating a bologna foldover and watching HeeHaw.

Later we overheard Farsight talking about how different the beat down is at Warzone. Pretty sure they will be back now that they broke a sweat again!

Jump squats – 20 seconds (3 rounds)

20 incline merkins – Rnd 1

20 decline merkins – Rnd 2

20 regular merkins – Rnd 3

This is where the fun began. During the last set of squat jumps, Little Jack was still trying to figure out what is happening and lightning struck the Warzone. The flash was right near the field and that was it. The Pax began to walk around wondering why this beatdown was being disturbed. Little did we know, Wall-E came to the rescue. “To the Y!” he yelled, “they have to let us in.” We had to regroup and put all the blocks back and then we all hit a mosey (well most of us) to the Y. We stormed in (no pun intended) like we owned the place and made our way straight to the gym. A little mumbling from the Farsighters hoping they could go home until Belding put a stop to it by motivating through suicides.

Partner Work

Partner A: Suicides down the Court   Partner B: Wall Push-Ups

This was the point where running through the rain and then immediately working out in a gym resulted in a more challenging wall push up, core got a good workout!

Partner A: Suicides down the Court   Partner B: Mountain Climbers

Partner A: Suicides down the Court   Partner B: Flutter Kicks

Partner A: Suicides down the Court   Partner B: Animal crawl of your choice (bear crawl was very popular at this point, Green Acres had all kind of animals going on, Effe, in the spirit of the rain began the trend of the duck walk)


25 LBC on own

25 Flutter Kicks IC

25 Hartsville Hammers IC

25 Big Boys


New Quarterly workout on Wednesday with Red Rowzee being the Q. 5:30 start, be there to find out how you progress through F3.

Prayers for Squat and his mother. Scott Beasley and his mother.

Devo:  Events in life happen for a reason.  Often a correlation exists between our past and the way we live and treat others.  We should utilize past experiences to validate our service to others.  God can create a purposeful future when we examine our past.

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Burpee Launch Pad via Belding

Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hop x 20 (IC)

Windmills x 15 (IC)

Reach Backs x 10 (IC)

Penningtons (forward and reverse) x 10 (IC)

Big Penningtons (forward and reverse) on your own

The Thang:

YHC and Mams decided that we could not spend the entire session discussing the correct name for reach backs – or was it one to the way back or cherry pickers-, so we decided it was time to mosey to the end of WarZone for the main event. Wall-E quickly announced that he had seen this trick before, so he was sure somehow we would find our way back to the other end of Warzone. Well, he was right!

The Pax started at the south end of the field, which served as the Burpee Launch Pad.   5 burpees were done at the south end before running to the north end to complete 10 merkins. You guessed right…back to the Burpee Launch Pad for 5 more burpees before returning to the north end to do 9 merkins. This pattern continued for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, we sensed the Pax was getting bored and tired of watching Wall-E lap everybody. Therefore, we moved to Phase Two. Since the south end of the field was designated at the Burpee Launch Pad, we continued to do 5 burpees each time we arrived at that end of the field. However, at the north end of the field Mams insisted we do jump squats. Once again, we decreased the number of jump squats by one each time we reached the north end. 10 minutes slowly crept by as we completed this cycle.

We again felt the Pax getting bored. We also figured no matter how tired they got, we could forget about getting Love Bug and Chucky Cheese to stray away from doing every burpee and jump squat with perfect form. So, we moved on to Phase Three. Although we were sick of doing burpees, we could not just up and move the Burpee Launch Pad. So, we continued doing 5 burpees at the south end of the field. Once we reached the north end this time, we did 10 Carolina Dry Docks. After decreasing by one rep on each trip to the north side, I knew Dry Docks were nothing like “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.” Mams and YHC figured we would end the work out after 10 minutes of this madness, but Eisenhower ended this session with a full out sprint to the finish line. We knew at that point everyone had a little more to give.

So, we called in the closer, Green Acres, from the bullpen to shut the door on this workout with a few Mary exercises.


Hartsville Hammers x 30 (IC)

Flutter Kicks x 30(IC)

Box Cutters x 20 (IC)


  • The Fox- need volunteers and donations
  • American Legion Golf Tourney- proceeds go to American Legion Baseball and Boys and Girls State
  • ALM tomorrow @ First Presbyterian
  • See Pavarotti if interested in purchasing tickets to Darlington Co. Chamber Annual Meeting
  • Green Acres awarded El Jefe the WarZone Rock for his dedication and leadership at WarZone!

Devo: Mams devo centered on the quote, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” This quote exemplifies the brotherhood F3 fosters. F3 members continue to encourage each other and build bonds throughout the community.

Prayer: Belding



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Embrace the Temple Life

Weather was foggy and damp at an awesome 51 degrees.  The only danger was staying out of the road on Cargill just in case the cars that fly through there didn't see us.  Morning was perfect for a nice sweat while facing the torture ahead.

Warm Up:

Side Straddle Hop (IC) – 25 reps

Wind Mill (IC) – 25 reps

Way Backs (IC) – 25 reps

Penningtons (IC) forwards and backwards – 15 reps each

The Thang:

The workout was designed to be simple in thought but tough for each pax. By the end, I believe the goal was accomplished.

Temple style torture (as Dumper called it 20 minutes later on Group me)

The workout took place using Cargill from 4th Street to 5th Street

Beginning at 5th Street the Pax would complete four exercises at 20 reps and then run to 4th street and complete the same four exercises at 19 reps. The pax will continue this sequence counting down trying to get to zero or until the time ran out.

The four exercises were:

Jump squats – Mams emphasized the importance of “form” during the exercises keeping with the F3 motto for 2017.

Merkins – be sure to go down and touch the chest to the ground

Carolina Dry Docks

Big Boy Sit Ups

During the workout many comments were made towards Postal and Judge Judy. At first they were words of encouragement and then slowly turned to questioning of how they were able to accomplish everything at the speed they were doing it. I think its safe to say, Wall-E would have had his hands full and Benchwarmer would have filled the group me chat with a lot of chatter of how they cheat and they do not have as good as form as him so technically they are still last. Either way, they killed it!

The rest of us pax kept a solid pace. Pavarotti finished strong as he is quickly getting back to where he was before his injury and car accident. Keep it going! Dumper receives some T-claps as he pushed through some illness and still finished at a strong pace making Wall-E feel guilty for fartsacking due to his illness. Way to set the bar high Dumper.

In the end, no one was able to make it to zero and everyone was moving slow to flag. To top it off, Mams led the pax in a couple rounds of Mary.

Leg Raises (IC) – 25 reps

30 LBCs – OYO

Flutter Kicks (IC) – 25 reps – Led by Belding with a special shout out to Backdraft bc of his weird obsession with flutter kicks


American Legion is hosting a golf tournament on March 18. Shotgun start at 10:00 a.m. It would be awesome to have a few F3 teams compete on the course while having a few beverages. $75 per person (includes a meal). Contact Brad Boob (Mams) to register.

The Fox is fast approaching, be sure to sign up or try to volunteer for the great event.

Devo: (Belding)

Belding attended a Martin Luther King Jr. Ceremony the day before and felt the message was strong. As we all know, Dr. King Jr. made his famous “I had a dream” speech. It is important for us all to continue to dream. The key to the message is that God provides us with the opportunity to dream. Keep dreaming and look forward to accomplishing new and better things. However, be sure to keep God in your dreams and plans. Focus on accomplishing your dreams by doing practicing the model set by God. After all, he is the reason we are able to dream.

Prayer by Mams

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Sports Trivia = Fun Workout

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hops   15x IC

Kick Backs   15x IC

Imperial Walkers   15x IC

Baby Penningtons forward/backwards   15x IC


Question:        What year did the Chicago Cubs last win the World Series?

Answer:          1908

Result:            108 seconds of Mountain Climbers

After 108 seconds of Mountain Climbers, we all understand it has been a long time since the Cubs won a World Series.

Question:        How many points did the Red Fox football team score against Darlington?

Answer:          56 points

Result:            56 seconds of Incline Merkins

Red Foxes scored 49 points in the first half. Mams took over play calling duties in the second half. He knows what was coming today, so he called the second half conservatively.

Question:        Who has won the highest percentage of games between Duke and UNC since Roy Williams returned to coach UNC?

Answers:        Duke has won 59% of the games played between Duke and UNC since Roy Williams returned to his alma mater.

Result:            59 seconds worth of Leg Levers.

YHC wondered aloud how long it would take Divac to check the accuracy of this stat. I was told not long because all he does is surf the internet at work.

Question:        How many points are the Clemson Tigers averaging this year?

Answer:          33 points per game

Result:            33 seconds of Decline Merkins. Dumper was pumped about this and doubled the total decline merkins of everyone else. Pax members who are Carolina fans grumbled something about feeling left out.

Question:        How many points are the Dallas Cowboys averaging this year?

Answer:          26 points per game

Result:            26 seconds of Squats

Few of the Pax tried to throw shade at this stat, but the best record in the NFL speaks for itself.

Question:        How many points per game is the Panthers defense allowing this year?

Answer:          28 points per game

Result:            28 seconds of Merkins (right hand on block)

What the vaunted Panther defense giving up 4 touchdowns a game lead to silence. I could have sworn we had a few more Panther fans last year.

Question:        How long has it been since the Cleveland Indians last won the World Series?

Answer:          68 years ago (1948).

Result:            34 seconds of Jane Fonda (right leg). We don’t want to cheat ourselves or short Tater Salad of his time to talk about Jane Fonda, so we will be sure to make it to 68 seconds before the workout is over.

Question:        How many points is Carolina (Divac, that would be the Gamecocks. Notice the Heels were referred to as UNC in question 3) averaging this year?

Answer:          17 points per game

Result:            17 seconds of Merkins (left hand on the block)

Dumper said something about Benchwarmer not showing up, and Tater Salad all of a sudden wanted to know where were the Citadel stats? This may have resulted from Chuckie Cheese yelling instructions to the returning ruck crew.

Question:        Remediation Time- Who remembers how many years ago the Cleveland Indians won the World Series?

Answer:          68 years ago (1948)

Result:            34 seconds of Jane Fonda (left leg). No, Tater you don’t get 68 additional seconds to dream about Jane Fonda. You had 34 seconds earlier, so you have had your 68 seconds of Fonda day dreaming for the day and the sun hasn’t come up, yet!

Question:       How many years has Keith Sanders coached at Hartsville High School?

Answer:          40 years

Result:           40 seconds of regular Merkins

Any of us who have spent much time around Coach Sanders knows that he has a very colorful vocabulary that a lot of the time includes the MF. Tater, after thinking bout it, I don’t think this word can be considered a verb. If you put ‘ing’ on the end you have an adjective. Plain MF would be a noun…why are we having this debate.

Player/Jersey Trivia: This was also the time that El Jefe came over from the so tough Ruck workout asking for more.  Apparently, he did not get a good workout earlier and needed more to be able to feel accomplished in the gloom.

Question:        What jersey number is worn by every baseball player at some point during the MLB season?

Answer:          42 Jackie Robinson

Result:            Using the block as a prop we completed four exercises at 42 seconds each. There was a 10 sec. break between each exercise. 1) Alternating toe taps 2) box jumps  3) Plank alternating hand taps to top of the block 4) mountain climbers. At this point, Cuervo had to leave for his landscaping job. We took a quick break to give him a name and then we went back to work.

Question:        How long was Joe DiMaggio’s hit streak?

Answer:          56 games

Result:            Using the block, 56 turned into the number of reps for the next four exercises. 1) Arm curls, blocks were not being lifted as high by the end as some mumble chatter began to surface. 2) Chest presses. 3) 28 tricep extensions and 28 air presses. By the end, the pax started to question the hits streak and were wondering if YHC made the number up and the real number was 5 or 6.

Question:        What jersey number was one of the greatest basketball players before he took off to baseball and retired?

Answer:          23 Michael Jordan

Result:            23 seconds of the next four exercises. At this point Divac would gain some redemption to the fact that Jordan played at UNC. However, Belding would not give him the credit. I believe Divac calls them the Dookies. 1) plank shoulder taps alternating hands 2) donkey kicks – Tater got a little mad about the kicks since he was wearing his ruck but he made it 3) Carolina dry docks 4) plank jacks.

Announcements: Prayers for Ronnie from Mams' church, 13 year old boy in the induced coma, Thanks to our 2 FNG's, Ruckers will need shadows on Friday night to help take pictures and update social media.  ALM Wednesday at 5:30, Temple at 5:30.

Devo: Rock and a Hard Place

Competition and daily lives can bring us into mental turmoil. There are times where we find we are defeated or too far behind. Moses found himself in what seemed to be an impossible situation. Trapped by the Red Sea, Moses and his men cried out for the Lord. Sometimes it feels that all hope is lost, the men wanted to give up, Moses told the men to “hold still” and have faith. Moses raised his staff and God parted the Red Sea. Faith helps us do the impossible. Faith will bring us through. Don’t let the trouble at work, with family, or strangers cause you to act irrational. HOLD STILL and God will push us through.


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The Battle Begins

Weather:This morning was not the typical October fall weather we have been having. We were reminded of the humid weather from the summer. Easy day to start sweating!

As we were listening to the Ruck team sound off in the background like a bunch of tough guys the Warzone PAX began to emerge out of the gloom. In the past week we were around 6-7 PAX and today we were able to land 12 ready for a beatdown. Benchwarmer (Aka: Badass) came back from the quickest sabbatical I have ever heard of and he was his normal self.  Immediately, the Go Ruck team knew our presence at Warzone as our PAX let them hear it as they walked by.  One thing is for sure, We truly are the Mothership!

Warm Up: Led by Belding

Side Straddle Hop – IC 10x

Windmille – IC 10x

Reach Backs – IC 10x

Penningtons Forward/Backward – IC 10x each way

Imperial Walkers – IC 10x

*Throughout the warm up Benchwarmer made sure to change Burro's name to Silencio since he would never respond to the countless text Benchwarmer sent him over the past month. haha*

The Thang: Mams and Belding

Four Stations around the Field

Station 1 Rd. 1 (Using the Block)

15 arm curls

15 tricep extensions

15 kettle bell swings

Plank on the six

Sprint to Station 2

Stations 2 Rd. 1

20 squat jumps

20 Big Boys

Air Chair on the six

*and this was the beginning of the personal battle between Benchwarmer and Postal. Postal is unreal at a bear crawl and it was Benchwarmers mission to beat him physically from station 2 to 3*

Bear Crawl to Station 3

Station 3 Rd. 1

10 normal merkins

10 wide merkins

10 diamond merkins

30 Air Chair Air Presses

Plank on the six

Sprint to station 4

Station 4 Rd. 1

40 leg raises

40 jump lunges (20 each leg)

Hold six inches on the six

Backwards lunge back to station 1 – We made sure to keep our head on a swivel to avoid fellow PAX members, flower planters, blocks, and more.

Station 1 Rd. 2(Using the Block)

10 chest press

10 block rows

10 pull ups

Plank on the six

Sprint to Station 2

Stations 2 Rd. 2

20 one legged squats

20 monkey humpers

Air Chair on the six

*again, the battle for the bear crawl became more vicious and other members of the PAX were not against Postal and his amazing speed.*

Bear Crawl to Station 3

Station 3 Rd. 2

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Carolina Drydocks

Plank on the six

Sprint to station 4

Station 4 Rd. 2

Leg Raise Alphabet – draw the alphabet with both legs together, all capital letters

Hold six inches on the six

Backwards lunge back to station 1

The Wrap Up

Everyone lined up on the right side of the field and began the ladder phase of the workout.

1 squat – shuffle across field – 10 burpees – back pedal across field

2 squat – shuffle across field – 9 burpees – back pedal across field

3 squat – shuffle across field – 8 burpees – back pedal across field

and so on……

We were able to down to 6 or 7 squats until time ran out. Green Acres gave us a guest appearance for Hartsville Hammers. We all knew where it was headed when his voice changes and he becomes a machine instead of a human!

Devo – Belding

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.” -Steve Maraboli

Reflections of Life and Human Experience

The key is to not let the burdens from yesterday affect your ability to be successful today. Also, don’t let the great accomplishments from yesterday slow down your progress today!


Happy Hour later this week, location will be announced.  ALM tomorrow morning at 5:30 Bojangles and Temple at 5:30 as well.

Prayer Requests: Lovebug's Mother-in-Law; Pawnstar; Two families and people involved in the terrible wreck last night

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It’s Football Season…

Also known to BA as the “Jerry Sandusky".....

Benchwarmer called out Mams and Squat for a football coach related workout.  As a result the weather matched a perfect football atmosphere.  It was foggy, dark, and the ground was wet. Perfect conditions to get dirty and remember some of the old drills from the good ole' playing days.

Warm-Up - conducted by both Q's

SSH x20

Merkins x15

Imperial Walkers x20

Penningtons x15 Forward and Reverse

Field Work – Mams

Tunnel of Love Bear Crawl under all PAX once across the field.  If you remember the rainy football practice days from your time, the first thing the coach asks of the players is to crawl around or do up/downs just to dirty the uniform and set the tone for the day.  The tunnel of love had its excitement right from the beginning as Krispy Kreme took out three PAX in the bridge and practically carried them across the field for his crawl.  As we all recovered we figured out there were no painted lines of the field because our line angled about 10 yards in the wrong direction.

Next came the field goal versus touchdown rep segment.  The PAX showed their NFL combine skills by launching out on a Broad Jump 7x then completing 3 Burpees. This was repeated across the field and back.

With knowing whats coming later, the PAX stretched the legs out doing Backwards Lunges 7x then 3 Burpees. This was repeated across the field and back.

4 Corners – Squat

Reps – round 1 -3/7. Increase by 3/7 each round for 4 rounds at each corner.  To continue the football theme, Never Fumble the Football (in this case, bricks).  Each PAX carried two bricks tucked like a football from corner to corner.

1st Corner – Donkey Kicks/Merkins.  This moment got the best of us.  FNG - Scratch began feeling the brotherhood of F3.  Corner 1 was a rude awakening to the "don't get beat in the 4th quarter mentality."

2nd Corner – Big-Boys/Flutter Kicks.  Lovebug sprinted out and took the lead headed to corner 2 pushing the rest of the PAX.

Planters – Box Jumps/Dips.  Wall-E aka Blue Falcon began to chirp at this point and decided he was going for two during this segment.  Increasing the reps to match a 2 pt conversion.  I'm not sure how many more took on the same mentality.

3rd Corner – Wall-Sit “Football Spelling Bee.” This was the most interesting moment of the workout.  Holding two bricks out while doing a wall sit, each PAX took turns yelling a football term and then spelling that term with the bricks in the air.  Touchdown was first followed by a couple generic terms.  El Heffe changed the pattern by using tackle as a Fútbol term.  Krispy Kreme added Scrum from Rugby (the real "football" as he calls it).  Arms were burning as we got to the end and QB was one of the last to be spelled.

4th Corner – Jump Lunges/Squats.  As the minutes were closing down, we made it to the final station.  Some PAX joined for jump lunges while others did the standard walking lunges.

2 minute Warning - Green Acres is having to cut back on some of the pounding to his leg in hopes of the bones healing.  As a result, we rejoined GA at the flag for two minutes of Mary.  Intensity was at a new level as people were laid out, Benchwarmer was taking pictures and GA was like a machine.  Flutter kicks and Hartsville Hammers finished out the day.

Announcements - Reminder to speak with Divac about the upcoming opportunities to help our community, donate money, and try to make the big day of Boys and Girls Club and the Beer Mile.  Wednesday will include early temple 4:45, normal temple 5:30, and ALM at 5:30 - Bojangles.  We are all pretty sure there will be a 4:30 ruck at Bojangles before ALM.

Devo –

Don’t give up on the lost sheep. Jesus has never given up on us and don’t feel jealous when he does not answer every call to the every day follower. He understands that the everyday follower is there and will continue to be there. However, like a shepherd, he must leave the 99 sheep to retrieve the one lost sheep. We feel the same way here at F3. There are a set group of men that do it all and never miss a workout. While there are others that become lost throughout the year. To those everyday most consistent guys, we know who you are and appreciate everything you have done and are continuing to do. For the ones that get lost, just remember, our PAX will continue to hunt you down and remain a brother even if you have not been around.


Take this into life, do not give up on the ones that go away. Continue to praise the consistent followers but also continue to leave and seek out the ones that are lost.

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