Nurse Monkeys Post 5k Side Staddle Sugar Cookie

39 PAX for Nurse Jackie/Monkey Q post F3 Couch to 5k…….5k!

The Thang


Warmups in Hoppa’s Yard

100 SSH IC (lots of mumble chatter once we passed 40)
30 Carolina Dry Docks IC
30 Jump Lounges IC
30 4-count flutter kicks IC
30 Squat Jumps
10 Burpees
10 Burpees
50 SSh IC

Mosey to parking lot

30 Plank Elbow Taps

Partner up and Mosey to Trinity's Holy Grass

100 BB Situps as a team
100 Merkin as a team

Mosey back to parking lot

30 plank shoulder taps

Mosey to Ebenzer Sand Volleyball Court

30 Sugar Cookie Squats (Monkey got destroyed with sand for calling exercise)
25 Burpee Rolls

Mosey to parking lot

30 plank Hip touches

Mosey to tennis courts

2 Lap Partner Carry(1 full lap per partner)
Alternate was bearcrawl 1 lap.

Mosey to parking lot

Due to time Audible to 15 plank knee taps and 15 plank foot taps.

Unfortunatly we never got to the final station of 100 4 count flutter kicks... Oh well maybe next time.


Katt presented Medals to those that competed in C25K and those winning their bracket.

Nurse Jackie calls out all pax to Spread the word. Make them a better person today than they were yesterday. and not only to the ones that want it, but go after the tough ones that resist his word. Man Up!

BOM- Ginger


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