Clueless and Q-Less

As Pax started showing up it became apparent that there was no Q for Brick City.

As a good responsible member of F3 Little Jack quickly took the warm-ups and told Judge Judy he was not allowed to Q.


25 Chopping wood IC

Random amount of little baby arm circles

Some absurd actual stretching that I have never seen at a workout.


It was around the Little Baby Arm circles that the Stallion started feeling confident he could take the main portion of the Q... Because I did not want to scare away our FNG with a Cluster I had to shut Stallion down and run at the speed of light to the start of the parking lot to institute the Gray Man Walk.


Because Eisenhower and Woodchip complained like little girls we skipped  the Gray Man and went straight to Block Work.

The Thang:

Round 1: Partner one starts 300 overheads while partner two drags a tire to the second light pole and back.

Round 2: Partner one starts 200 sit-ups while partner two does block sliders to the first light pole and back.

Round 3: Partner one starts 200 curls while partner two bear crawls to the first light pole and runs back.

Round 4: Partner one starts 200 chest press while partner two runs to the third light pole and back.

The Pax pushed hard this morning and left us plenty of time for a light mosey back with some mary.



25 Leg Lifts

30 Box Cutters IC



Stallion jumped at the opportunity to join the Q and announced that he had a Devotion for us. Thinking it was going to relate to Easter, we were eager to hear how his egg hunt went.

He told us about a man sent running across enemy fire during a war to deliver messages to allied forces that needed the information. Even though he feared the journey he did his duty and survived. He had an incredible ability to never give up and to push his body past its limits. The Stallion wanted us to know that our lives could suck a whole lot worse so basically just think of how much worse every situation could be will help to keep your life in perspective.




Christmas in April/ help someone out.

Sign Up for the F3 Anniversary No food for you if you dont sign up.

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2018 Mud Run

When: May 19th 2018

Where: 1215 Valley Ridge Road Gaston, SC 29053

The Thang:

It is that time of year again. Time for another CSAUP, the Mud Run. Last year F3 was around 300 of the total runners on the course, with IYAFYL coming in 2nd place (thus making them last by their own motto). This year we will expect more from them and more of you! We need all Hartsville Pax to sign up, take the challenge head on. There are 146 Pax on Convergence lets shoot for getting 80 of you  to sign up! You can Ruck, Run, Walk or Bear crawl through this obstacle course of rope swings, over/unders, that crazy pyramid log challenge. Typically this event is run in teams of four, if you do not have a team sign up anyway and we will place you on a team. This is a test of all the great things F3 can do in a mans life. Grab your teammates and get signed up by following the link here:

We need to turn out in force. If you are not inspired by the fun of the run, be inspired by the food and annual beer boat which will be the cause for a continuation of the Bowtie-Lil Sweet "trip to the woods." I look forward to seeing all of you at this great event.


Cost: $60

Benefits: Unlimited!

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Trip to the Zoo

It was a crisp 45 degrees outside as the pax started rolling in. Where normal clinic numbers are well above 10, today was a few less due to the fear that the workout would be more then they could handle.

We started with a warm up of;

25 IC Side Straddle Hops. About 15 in Bench Warmer decides to join us, he had gone for a slow jog and was disheartened when the four FIA girls lapped him for the 5th time. Still struggling to get those kills....

25 IC Monkey Humpers

25 IC Copper Head Squats

The Thang:

The Pax was eager to find out how many animals I could fit into a workout. So we went to the edge of the soccer field where YHC kindly placed enough blocks for all of the AO's combined.

Grab a Block 50 Curls, then with the block Gorilla walk with block across both fields to where the bench with bricks was located. (A Gorilla walk is feet spread, hands together, moving both hands, then both feet.)

At the bricks, swap blocks for bricks. 50 overhead claps, orangutan walk with bricks back to the other side. (Similar to the Gorilla walk, however your feet are together and your hands are spread.)

Drop bricks. 50 Merkins, Bear crawl to other side of field

Grab blocks. 50 overhead press and Gorilla walk with block across field.

Drop block pick up bricks. 50 triceps extensions and you guessed it orangutan walk with bricks back across field.

Drop Bricks. 50 Big Boys and crab walk to other side of field.


The pax needed a few more moments of animal power.

Banjo Duck Walk with squats

Banjo Bear Crawl with Merkins



Today the Pax was challenged. Noah did something that seemed completely crazy to those living in the same time period. He built a giant boat and started bringing animals onto it two by two. Today I handed each remaining pack a F3 business card and ask them to go find their pair. not only to find someone to give the card to. But to also write their number on the card and post with their new brother wherever he decides to post.



Little did the Pax know that it was Groundblind's idea to exercise on the long double soccer field instead of the single football field. It was better that way!

After missing part of the warm up Bench Warmer was excited to work out. He managed to talk up the work out the night before and then when it came time to exercise he got in his car and drove away shouting "So long SUCKERS." He has since been nominated and declared DHOTW.

Most of the Pax remained mighty quiet. However there were a few moments of excitement.

During the first orangutan walk Lil sweet bolts by YHC practically standing saying "its easy when your short and don't have to bend your legs"

Bowtie and Woodchip modified a few times saying when I get that old I will modify too..... but Paperboy and Paula Dean didn't modify, I guess that is why they get RESPECT.

Stepshow was very encouraging, as always making sure he separated himself from the dickhead Bench Warmer.

At the end everyone expressed how much they loved the workout and that they want me to bring it to a Convergence soon.

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