Sweet Sixteen – Four Corners

Conditions — Beautiful evening (5:30 p.m.) with cool 58 degrees
Q not that creative so the title was the date Sweet 16

Coupons – Two Bricks and cylinder

• Burpees = X 5 o-y-o
• Overhead Press = Single Count x 16
• Mountain Climbers = In cadence x 16
• WindMills = In cadence x16
• Burpees = X5 o-y-o
• Chest Extension = Out/in single count x16
• Triceps Extension with Brick = In cadence x16
• Chest Press = In cadence x16
• Burpees = X6 o-y-o
• Finished warm up with review of exercises for THANG – four reps of
o Goblet squats, curls, merkins, big boys, leglifts with bricks, brick flys plank jacks and sitting dips

Transition – Two-man groupings. Each man is doing 16 junk-yard dogs in two sets of eight. Partner A goes first for eight, Partner B goes second for eight and then you change sides and A starts 8 followed by B with his eight. (Q confession – no partner did some burpees while PAX was doing junk-yards)

– Four Corners x16 aiming for six rounds == Pax counted off by four then to their respective corners. The transition from corner to corner was a mosey. (If doing this again might add bear crawls between corners two and three and four and one but was not sure I could do it so in light of don’t Q it if you can’t do it, we did not use the bear crawls.) Exercises were : Corner One --- Curls = 16 each round Goblet Squat = 16 Corner Two – Merkins = 16 each round Big Boy Sit Ups = 16 Corner Three – Leg Lifts with Bricks 16 Brick Flies = 16 Corner Four – Plank Jacks 16 Sitting Dips = 16 FOR SIX ROUNDS. Rotations were ended at 6:10.
Modified Mary
Man-maker Merkins -- Q said we would do 16. After 7 Q called rest with lots of mumbling. Then brick triceps extensions at 16 count. Then Q added three more man-maker pushups that reached ten. Then 50 single- count LBCs. Then added the final six man makers to complete the 16 hard commit.

Mud Run sign up is taking place and you can find some of the links on the Group Me
Convergence on Saturday
Working with Substation for an afternoon Q that will be starting on March 7

Reflection (devo) –
HARD COMMIT – Years ago in a corporate training program one of the things being taught was that the most important rule of making it with colleagues in a business situation is to do you what you say you are going to do. In F3 that is called an HC. Ij the exercises, we committed to 16 manmakes and the Q was losing energy. But, the commitment was to 16 so after the first seven the Pax found the way to the next eight. It was an HC, a hard commit. One of the continuing lessons in the Hartsville F3 has been the way we have example after example of men following through on their HCs resulting in really good things happening in Qs or in projects. Be an F3 example and follow through on your HC. to be one of those people.BOM -Closed in prayer for the needs identified and the amazing lives we are able to lead.

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Who is in charge of your happiness? Revolution Q

Pick up cylinder and two bricks - Five Burpees each on your own to get breathing going and muscles aware

Warm Up – We do not usually stretch but it felt like it might be a good idea and PAX went with it - 30 seconds each move
• Stretches – Overhead stretch bend at hands to ground – hold
• Stretches – Overhead arm stretch – Hold
• Stretch – Self hug – Hold
• Plank Stretch – Corba Hold
• Plank Stretch – Downward Facing Dog -- Hold
• Windmills Imperial Walker Wood Choppers

– Indian Bear Crawls Divide into Groups of Three Bear Crawl from Flag Monument to Sidewalk with winning group getting to five burpees, second group gets four burpees, third group gets three burpees, fourth group gets two burpees and fifth group had one burpee

The Thang

-- Cascade Up and Cascade Down
Each Bear Crawl Team will started at one corner of the AO. They took the coupons with them - cylinders and bricks. There were two exercises at each corner. Ihe cascade the Pax did 21 repeats of one exervise and one repeat of the other exercise at each of the corners. Second time around they did 20 reps and two reps and went down and up as they continued to navigate the four corners. Four corner navigation mean mosey from North to South with three burpees in the middle. Lunge from west to east. Then a mosey from South to North with three burpees in the middle and then a Bear Crawl from east to west. The initial instruction was to go in three man teams and stick with teams until all reps are complete. It was not long into the THANG that some people opted to navigate on their own and that made sense for the theme of the workout. Half way through the time all were told they could go as team or as individuals.

Corner One Merkins (21) Big Boys (1) Corner Two – Overhead Presses (21) Squat Jumps (1) Corner Three – Plank Jacks (21) Brick Flies (1) Corner Four – Curls (21) Leg Raises with Bricks (1) The workout kept going around the corners decreasing from 21 to one and increasing from one to 21.

NameoRama -- We had an FNG, which always makes a good COT
The 18-year-old FNG is in school for tool work and that evolved into the name Grinder, which is one of the dirtier jobs a tool and die person must do.

Reflection – Who is in charge of your happiness? Who is in charge of the difference you are making in the world and in your world. A suggestion the Q had is to get some of your own mentors. Your own life coaches, your own relationship coaches. Another idea is that what’s get measured gets accomplished. Q said he reads a guru named Seth Godin and listens to another guy names Michael Hyatt. YHC also noted his interest in the sense that Simon Sinek makes in his book, START WITH WHY. We are at F3 to get better at Fitness so think of what other activities might jump start some other parts of your lives. Scout closed out with a prayer after announcements about the need for additional money for the Boys and Girls Club cook out this week and a note about the Thanksgiving Day challenge in Darlington and Hartsville.

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Rejoice and Five Burpees

Muggy morning 69 degrees with a hint of Fall breeze

Close to start and it was apparent that we had a Steve McQueen moment - one that almost nevers happens at the Clinic - A Failure to Communicate. Designated Q did not know he had Q. Radar - volunteered by BowTie -- who was raring to go, took the Q doing a variation of a recent Q at Revolution.

Warm Up – In Cadence
Windmills x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Mountain Climber x 20
Five Burpees OYO
Merkins x 50 OYO

Transition – Single file line Back to Front bear crawls to parking lot

The Thang – Begin Mosey to Brickyard
Stop as we reach the Road Merkins x 40
Squats x 20
Flag Fell – Five Burpees Continue Mosey toward Brickyard
Stop at Parking Lot Entrance
Five Burpees 20 Squats
Finish Mosey to brickyard – cement block or cylinder form circle
Full merkins slow count up/down x 20
With Blocks -- Curls x 20 LBCs x 20 Shoulder Press x 20 Chest Press x 20 Front Rows x 20
Five Burpees (Q asked individual PAX to lead cadence for several sets)
curls x 20; Shoulder Press x 20; Front Rows x 20; Chest Press x 20
Clinic Circle Banjo Bearcrawls Pax from each side of circle to save on time

Coupons Back – Form up at Island – Five Burpees – Mosey Back with first one back staring Mary to proceed until Six

Announcements – Boys and Girls Club work on Saturday, September24 from ten to one
Devo – Psalm 18/24 “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad.” Idea shared is that maybe we don’t show as much appreciation as we might for the life we are able to live in our community and our country. Added to that an idea from leadership guru John Maxwell who says we can probably help others to rejoice and enjoy by sharing precise words of praise and encouragement for their efforts. The take-away is to find someone today whose day will be made better because of your encouraging word. And finally shared that Nancy McGee had been named the Hartsville Chamber Woman of Distinction and a word of congratulations and appreciation to her for the difference she makes in our Hartsville community. YHC appreciates the opportunity to lead the Q and hang with guys whose goal is to continue getting better. And, YHC continues to be impressed with the Clinic’s numbers of “Respect” as we go through our roll call.

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Revolution Times Ten

5:30 p.m. Weather was beautiful. Temperatures between 88 and 90 sometimes feeling like 95 and sometimes cooled by a breeze. Great afternoon to be outside pushing yourself to get better. F3 Dumper brought us a Flag and before he got there we used Burry Park’s Veteran’s Memorial Flag for a Pledge of Allegiance.
Coupons -- Bricks and Blocks or cylinders

Introduced BOOM. Any member of the PAX is able to call out BOOM during any part of exercise. Boom means doing five burpees on your own. If you are in the Six position you can use this time to catch back up to the PAX. If you think the Q needs to have a little more sweat, you can call the Boom. When YHC was a bit slow in Charleston they used the Boom to help keep the six close.

Warm Up
Running in Place – Starting Position – 10 seconds
Windmill – Starting Position – IC x 10
Running in Place – Starting Position – 10 seconds
Imperial Walker – Starting Position – IC x 10
Running in Place – starting Position – 10 seconds
Mountain Climber – Starting Position – IC x 10
Boom – Five Burpees On Your Own
Shoulder Prayer Claps – Starting Position – IC x 10 – with bricks
Five Manmaker Burpees – Starting Position – IC x 5 with bricks
Penningtons – Starting Position – Forward IC x 10 Penningtons – Starting Position – Reverse IC x 10
Running in Place – Starting Position – 10 seconds

PAX divided into two lines. Single file, one Pax behind the other, they went into Plank Position – head to toe going South to the walkway at the other end of the Park – On command the person at the rear bear crawled to front. He called NEXT and the two lines raced to the other end Indian Style.

Upon Arrival – BOOM – five burpees on your own.

Thang -- Times Ten
Goal – Ten revolutions doing ten reps of each exercise at four corners. Traverse four corners at Mosey, Run or somehow.

The PAX divided into four groups with the four-count and each group was asked to keep fairly close together during their revolutions to give encouragement and help everyone in the group push hard. Iron sharpening iron.

There were two exercises at each of the four corners. Pax did 10 reps of each exercise and moved to next corner. Objective was to push to get as many revolutions in the time allotted (about 14 minutes). Each corner was equipped with needed coupon(s).
Corner One – Merkins and Goblet Squats
Corner Two – Overhead Presses & Big Boy Situps
Corner Three – Curls and Jump Squats
Corner Four – Hand release merkins & Toes to Sky with Bricks


C-O-T – We go right into announcements with YHC/Q forgetting to do the counterama and nameorama until being reminded. And we did get them done. As one PAX observed on Twitter – We had a 16 member PAX ranging in age from 18 to 69 with all 500s accounted for. Devo time was a quick discussion of leadership. One announcement was the NIGHT OUT being sponsored in Hartsville by the Police Department, City and other First Responders. Q noted that F3 was started to enhance Male Leadership in communities and that taking the family or friends and being part of the Night Out would be a great community-leadership move. Then on the theme of personal leadership the Q urged PAX to think hard about what it means to really be “I am third.” He noted that if you find yourself doing your own thing during lots and lots of your non-work hours in a week, maybe you are not really acting “I am third.” Scout closed out session with a Prayer.

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Revolution – Dust off the Rust

Clouds came in to cover some of the sun just before workout time, dropping the temperature to about 92. Still a bit humid.
In addition to getting two bricks each, PAX was asked to stay hydrated. Scout keeps the group supplied with gatorade and there was also water available.

Being part of the Fourth 500, YHC wanted to be sure the Iron was not yet all rust. But knowing if you can't do it, don't Q it YHC opted to stay within the confines of the warzone to try to build the sweat factor.

Warm Up

With Bricks
Running in place knees moving ten seconds
Windmill – IC 14 count
Running in place knees moving ten seconds
Imperial Walker IC 14X
Running in place knees moving ten seconds
Penningtons Forward – IC 14 x
Backward – IC 14 x
Running in place – ten seconds knees moving
Mountain Climbers = IC 14x Q appreciated the assistance with the cadence because breath did not always catch up with rep

The Thang
Jack Webb to 14 count by twos
With Bricks
Two Merkins = 4 shoulder press
Four Merkins = 8 Shoulder press
Six Merkins = 12 shoulder press
Eight Merkins – 16 Shoulder Press
Ten Merkins = 20 Shoulder Press
Twelve Merkins = 24 Shoulder Press
Fourteen Merkins = 28 Shoulder Press

Transition to Thang Two

Low Crawl Plank North to South
Pax in plank position, each Pax low crawls under plank until reaching end of line and planking. This was repeated twice and then Pax went back to flag to pick up the bricks and head to four corners.

Thang TWO
Four Corner Waterfall (Approximately 15 Minutes)
Start with 14 and move through the numbers to One
Corner One = 14 --- Merkins
Corner Two = 14 – LBCs
Corner three = 14 – Squats
Corner Four = 14 – Brick aided flies
Bear Crawl from corner one to corner two (even time around)
Lunge Walk from corner three to corner four (odd times around)
Half way between corners two and three (two burpees)
Half Way between corners four and one (two burpees)

The waterfall was mostly sweat and not many Pax were into single figures when time was called.
Counterama - 9 total
Announcements -- Happy Hour had been set for Macs and Pax was told that sweat would be acceptable after Revolution at HH. Convergence on Saturday at War Zone.

F3 Discussion
After more than a year as a member of F3 I finally put the book about F3 – FREED TO LEAD on my Kindle the other day. It is about three hour read and I enjoyed learning more about where this organization came from and why it might be growing so quickly. I want to encourage you all to pick up a copy if you get a chance. YHC read from page 94 of the book where Dredd and OBt talk about the magic of 43 - represented by Groundbug this afternoon. In the book they talk about the impact of getting toward mid life and the strength men need to make this time profitable for their families, their own work and their communities. YHC urged real attention to the idea of living each day to the fullest and noted how the fellowship of the PAX at F3 is catalyst to this focused life. He also thanked the PAX for the amazing examples they provide for him - a member of the Fourth 500. Groundbug closed the COT with prayer.

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Tabata-Tough Revolution

Location – Revolution QIC – Radar

Condition — 90 degrees Sunshine Slight Breeze – Great Day

Bench Warmer was a visitor dressed in his pressed white shirt and bow tie -- sort of rubbing it in that there was no way he was doing two-a-days but he was wishing ups well and greeting early arrivals and our FNGs(2).

Temperatures were up so Scout supplied a cooler of GatorAid and the Q had a cooler of water. Those muggy afternoons add a little stress that is not always there on the dew covered grass of the early gloom. We wanted to make the Thang as intense as the temp so chose Tabata as the main Thang for the afternoon -- after a sort of fun warm up just to ensure the sweat glans were working.

The Thang
Abe Vigodas to start (old-guy windmills that give a good stretch)IC x 15
Reach Throughs IC X 15
Legs to Sky OYO X 15
Penningtons IC x15 forward/reverse

Next was a little core and little shoulder
Indian style Bear Crawl -- Pax lined up behind Divac with room to spread out. Last in line bear crawled to front of line, called "Front" and next Pax moved up to the front. All Pax in plank position until their turn to be on the move. Not much question the sweat was dripping after that fun little transition to Tabata.

Thursday Tabata -- six exercises in eight-twenty second sets with ten second rest between. QIC stressed the point of tabata is high intensity with maximum effort producing best results - as well as most pain.

Freddy Mercury was the first exercise == sort of core cardio on your six
Imperial Walkers -- freddy mercury standing up full-body cardio standing
Merkins were next and after first two sets the mumble chatter had just about stopped
Squats followed and there was a lot of good form around the circle
Mountain Climbers worked core and cardio and legs and kept the sweat pouring
Final Tabata was shoulder press with bricks

COT -- Counterama and then Nameorama
Announcements - Discussed the Friday workout at the warzone, the convergence workout for Saturday at the WarZone and the Convergenc MURPH planned for Memorial Day during which each Pax will remember a fallen warrior. Happy Hour was happening as we were exercising. FNGs were a highlight of the afternoon with A. J. Sanders becoming CineBun and Bobby McGee liking his RagTop moniker. The COT discussion focused on F3 definition of third F being Faith and Purpose. The QIC discussed this as having a belief in something bigger than yourself. He also noted how uplifting he finds it with the sharing that takes place among PAX members about their fights for faith. In transition from the believe in something bigger than yourself he borrowed from a discussion at another AO that focused on the need for community leaders and for the need for all of us in F3 to take the leadership idea seriously especially in things like local voting. We have a primary coming up and chances are good a couple of those elections will be decided by a small number of votes. In local elections your vote does count. Divac's closing prayer nailed the fairly intense Tabata Time and lots of PAX hung around for some time re-hydrating after the beat-down.

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Countdown Four Corners

PAX: Wolfgang, Powder Boy, Rossi, Scout, Fall Guy, Head, Repo, Ompalumpa, Schroom, Postal.

Condition — Sun beating down and temperatures flirting with the 90s. Rossi warned everyone to watch out for ground bees.

Revolution is an exciting AO as it continues to grow and serve a need for those whose mornings are just too tight. YHC appreciates being able to sometimes double down at Revolution and really appreciated being able to lead the Countdown Q. F3 says “I am third.” YHC did not follow that with this Q making it about the idea that in just a couple or more classes he will be retired as communication prof at Coker College. Hence - the Countdown.

Got worried as the Pax arrived. Scout had done a workout in the morning that was a three-way countdown. Did not want him bored. Borrowed heavily for the Four-Corner 21 Countdown from Lucky Charm’s Clinic Q a couple of days ago.

Prior to starting each of the Pax went over to grab a block from the stash.

Warmup – loosen up Start with Countdown
“If you can’t do it, don’t Q it” is our refrain so there was no speedwork in the THANG

Imperial Walkers X 15 (in cadence)
Wood Chopper x 14 (Needed help with breathing cadence – thanks Rossi)
Mountain Climbers x 13 (In cadence with help)
Elevator Planks x 12 (oyo)

The main event was a four corner countdown routine starting at 21 and going odds on the way down. The long stretches between two corners were interrupted by two burpees.
First corner was big boy sit ups – 21
Second corner Block curls – 21
Third corner – Merkins – 21
Fourth corner – Squats – 21

Then it was continue at 19,17,15,13,11, 9, etc. for 35 minutes. Rabbits were told that as they finished they start going back around on the even count. No one started the even count.

FNG – Ben Depris, 19, college student hoping to become a doctor studying brain problems. He was awarded the F3 Name – Schroom.
• Announced Mud Run for Saturday
• Announced the Convergence at War Zone on Saturday by Bench Warmer for all not heading out.
• Announced F3 Happy Hour in progress at Roof Top.
• Fall Guy discussed the movie and tickets.
• Pushed signing up for the Falcon on May 14

Q Thoughts on the Third F –
Opportunity to tell PAX how much the F3 experience means. Told of the awesomeness of the Act Like Men experience with the sharing that goes on among men who working through life and who are getting the opportunity to experience the community/support of the PAX.
Used a quote by Rich Harwood whose life is spent working to build communities and to revitalize community leaders: “When we talk with others about our aspirations we improve the chances that we can find some common groun t come together and get things done.” Q then noted that the lack of coming together was (in his opinion) hurting communities from the national to local level and that a relationship expanding group like F3 gives opportunity to talk to those you might not interact with daily.

Used a quote from Joel Osteen – “You’ll never be truly happy if your’re only focused on yourself. When you help others succeed, God will help you succeed.”
And concluded with a quote from THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

These quotes went back to YHC making the Q about him. Sixteen years ago when I was in a job transition and not sure if there was more coming in life the universe conspired to get me the best career of my life as a full-time college professor. Now counting the days left in that career and wondering what the universe has next – sharing with the PAX that if you work toward a goal – others will help meet it and that in the year + we have been at F3 in Hartsville we have lots of evidence that it works.

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