Pre-Blast: Hartsville GORUCK Custom Welcome Party Simulation

Who: Hartsville Custom GORUCK participants. Others welcome but MUST have all the gear.

What: Hartsville Custom GORUCK Welcome Party simulation

When: Saturday 10/22 0650 – 0830 (ish)

Where: War Zone

Why: Because knowing is half the battle

Fadre (Fake Cadre): UHaul (and others)


Ladies….Honored to be asked to help lead a Welcome Party simulation. Well, you can’t have a Welcome Party without first going through an Administrative Phase to ensure you are all properly geared up.

Failure to pay attention to the details is setting your team up for extra opportunities.

Your readiness checklist for 10/22:

  1. Look up the GORUCK Tough Packing list and get ALL of the mandatory items ready to go 0700.
  2. Adhere to GORUCK weight standards for your rucks. Bricks or plates or sand…it doesn’t matter so long as it makes weight.
  3. 5 Ranks in alphabetical order as outlined in the participant event list. Left to right and then right to left as you go down the rank and file at the start point.
  4. FULL event participant list in alphabetical order. Present for the simulation or not, I want their names.
  5. Rucks at your feet with handle facing away. BE ORGANIZED. I WOULD NOT HAVE 6 LOOSE ITEMS IN YOUR RUCK.
  7. You may get wet, prepare accordingly.
  8. Every pax should have 1 Carabiner.
  9. NO PATCHES on your gear.
  10. Team weight is optional
  11. Flag is not optional

Some of you are veterans to GORUCK. Sounds like many of you are virgins.  Many of you know each other.  Some have never met one another.  The Welcome Party will bring you a little closer to knowing one another and lead you faster (hopefully) into becoming a team.  It’s a ruck beat down and your first test of adversity.  Your REAL Cadre is NO JOKE.  He knows the 3 F’s and will see if you live by the standards others have shown GORUCK.  He will bring it HARD on event night. If you haven’t been rucking miles or working out with your ruck…you’re wrong.

F3 has a reputation with GORUCK. ALL OF YOU must uphold that reputation.  GYMR.

As Cadre Dan would say, "What are your questions at this time?"

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Uhaul visits Revolution

Always honored to be asked to Q.  First time at Hartsville’s Revolution.  7 Pax got after it on a warm 52F evening. Thanks for having me out there!

The Thang:

10 Burpees

SSH IC x 15

5 Burpees

Squats IC x 15

5 Burpees

Merkins (10 regular, 10 wide, 10 diamond)

5 Burpees

Through the Tunnel IC x 15

5 Burpees

Plank Jacks IC x 5

5 Burpees

10-1 Ladders: LBC, BBS, Leg Raises

Mosey to front of YMCA for some work on the planters.

10 Step Ups (5 each leg), 10 Jumps Squats, 10 Incline Merkins  3 Rounds

10 Squats, 10 Dips, 10 Decline Merkins 3 Rounds

20 Burpee Box Jumps (crowd pleaser)

4 Corners around War Zone: 

10 Mountain climbers and 10 Plank Jacks at each corner.  Bear Crawl corner to corner on the short side, run on the long side


BOM: Hans


  • Hartsville has a good thing going with afternoon workouts Tuesday and Thursday at Burry Park.
  • March 12 0700-0830 Convergence to celebrate their anniversary.
  • Think about Q'ing...Q other AO's to get a fresh taste of leadership
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The Substation Gets a UHaul

15 Faithful Pax showed to the Substation Gloom.  If you fartsacked Substation this morning and missed my Q…you are WRONG! 

Conditions:  42F

The Thang:

Warm Up:

SSH IC x 25

Squats IC x25

Merkins (complete the set OYO then stay in plank for the 6)

Regular x 10

Diamond x 10

Wide x 10

Hand Release x 10

Regular x 10

Mosey across the street

1-5-1  (4 rounds of 1 rep, run, 2 reps, run, 3 reps…etc)

Round 1: Jump Squats

Round 2: Sumo Squats

Round 3: Jump Lunges

Round 4: Mountain climbers (reps each leg)

Mosey across the street

Escalator 1:

Leg Lifts, Dying Cockroach, Penguins, Russian Twist

4 corners with different exercises on each corner building upon the last one in increasing reps of 10, 20 30, 40.  Looks like:

Corner 1: 10 Leg Lifts

Corner 2:  10 Leg Lifts, 20 Dying Cockroach

Corner 3: 10 Leg Lifts, 20 Dying Cockroach, 30 Penguins

Corner 4: 10 Leg Lifts, 20 dying Cockroach, 30 Penguins, 40 Russian twist.

Everyone at the concrete benches before Escalator 2

Alternating toe touches x 20

Step Ups x 20

Dips x 10

Decline Merkins x 10

Pax instructed to do in sequence for 3 rounds

Escalator 2:  Same 10/20/30/40 format as the first. 

BBS, Merkin, LBC, BURPEES (40…crowd pleaser)

Mosey back towards the parking lot but one more set remained…

3 Rounds of Burpee Broad Jump to the cone and sprint back.  Depending on how far you jumped it was 4-5 Burpee broad jumps.

Mosey back to the start.


BOM: Tater Salad

Pledge of Allegiance


Seeing F3 in action in another AO will inspire you.  Today I had the honor of leading the great men at Substation for a brief part of their journey to getting better.  If you haven’t Q’d a workout, you really, really need to.  The energy you have from the pax around you is amazing.  The added benefit is that you see things you normally wouldn’t by just working out.  Part of the Q responsibility is to watch for the ENTIRE pax.  Easy when you know everyone and their abilities, harder when you are new to the pax.

Today, what I say inspired me and reminded me of why I keep coming to F3.  I enjoyed ALL 3 Fs today.

Fitness:  I couldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did today unless I was the Q trying to lead.  I never saw a man NOT working.  If they couldn’t do something, they worked on something else.  It is amazing to see the entire pax hammer out 10 more burpees to push a few guys through.  Showing up will motivate you to get better, be better, and see your brothers through the tough times. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Fellowship:  At one point Tater Salad was on Donkey Lips’ back riding him.  You can’t get much closer than that. Oh, Tater had Yoga pants on…Fellowship.  It’s real in F3.

Faith:  Without it, nothing is possible…with it the impossible is nothing.

Faith binds us brothers through all things.  We may argue, have differences of opinion, have healthy (and unhealthy) competition, maybe joke on each other so much that it strikes a chord the wrong way…BUT when it comes down to it…I have Faith in my brothers and I hope they have the same for me.

Thank you F3 Darlington for the privilege to lead you this morning.  Show up to get better everyone…the pain and soreness of the Gloom will fade and you will emerge a better man in all things.

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The Quad: Florence CSAUP for 9/11

This idea after Florence’s weekly triple down, #TheStandard (Murph, Ruck 4-5 miles, Boot camp).  More as a joke amongst pax...."We should do 4 workouts and make it a quadruple."  Dubbed "The Quad" it became a ruck workout that turned into our mini event to honor those of 9/11.  While many of F3 Nation were killing it at the BRR and at GORUCK 9/11 Memorial events, 3 Pax went out for a training ruck through Florence.

Marv, Uhaul, and Bowtie from Hartsville (aka the ringer) showed up.  Bowtie was quickly sized up to be a MAN amongst the Hartsville pax as he braved this adventure after several unfortunately had to back out.

The Thang:

2330: Ebeneezer park for gear check and PT test.  2 minutes of Push Ups and 2 minutes of Sit Ups to kick it off.

Midnight: 12 mile ruck through Florence with goal of 17:30 minute pace to finish at 3:30 hours per the standard.

Mile 9 brought us to the Civic Center and Veterans Memorial Park

1402 Flutter kicks as a group with rucks overhead

Then a quick ruck to the Florence fountain to get the whole body wet

10 submerged Merkins, 10 squats very quickly to avoid any unwanted attention

Push to West Florence High School track to finish the 12 mile ruck right on pace.

0330 The Murph (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats)  No Australian style push ups possible at West Florence...pull ups turned into slow reps...slooooow reps.

Everyone had foot check (Marv was getting plagued by blisters) and the weaker pax changed into running shoes.  UHaul doesn't run so stayed in his trusty wet shoes.

Bowtie was truly the Hartsville ringer as he blistered the mile runs and Murph (26:25).  Crazy after a 12 mile ruck march with 40+ pounds, crazier after he told us he had only rucked "a few times" before.  BEAST. Uhaul had full command of the 6 and Marv and Bowtie pulled me through the last 1/4 mile.

Foot check and change out of shoes again.  Hydrated, ate...and Uhaul pulled the 80# sandbag out for the final 3.8 miles we had to ruck.  80# sandbag switched every 1/4 mile amongst the three of us.  It was a long walk to Ebenezer Park.

0615 With the heavy ruck completed, Bowtie left to join Hartsville pax for their bootcamp while Marv and I suffered through brutal ladders at the hands of Da Hoppa. 1-10 Manmakers, 1-20 V-Ups 1-30 Hand release Merkins, 1-40 ATG Squats. I can't remember the rest...I was delirious at this point.

All in all it was a fun night and our small way to honor those on 9/11. Awake for over 28 hours upon completion. Got to know Bowtie and will be honored to ruck with him at any event. He's definitely ready for a Challenge and even a Heavy.  Marv is not ready for Selection...but who is? and Uhaul is not ready for the HCL.  Training, Training, Training...#DFQ and #KFG

Next?  Ideas tossed probably an HCL simulation. More coupons and hopefully more Pax...looking at you Florence and Hartsville and Cola and anyone else....




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Pre-Blast: THE QUAD Sat 9/12 CSAUP

Pre Blast: THE QUAD

Florence has a small following creating our version of #TheStandard It is triple down consisting of 0415 Murph workout, 0500 Ruck with weighted coupons, and our typical 0700 Bootcamp on Saturdays. Our very own Marv created this madness in his quest to participate in GORUCK Selection in 2016….and thus brought the pax out to train with him.

To up the CSAUP, some joking quickly turned into the creation of THE QUAD (from the triple down). It will consist of:

12 am: PT standards for 2 min push-ups and 2 min sit-ups followed by AT LEAST a 12 mile ruck in under 3.5 hours. This was the old GORUCK HEAVY Standard

We will do 9 push-ups and 11 BBS every mile

4 am: We take a break from rucking to do the Murph workout.

5 am: We continue to ruck with heavy coupons stopping to do 2011 reps of anything and everything

7 am: Saturday bootcamp

So think GORUCK simulation type physical activity from 12 am to 8am. Darkness, PT, rucking with coupons, more PT, Florence CSAUP.  Of course none of this is carved in stone and we can alter exercises and routes at the will of the pax to up the suck.  We've got all night!


We will do this Saturday 9/12 12 am to pay respects for 9/11. Many of you will be participating in GORUCK events but for those that can’t, we invite you to do THE QUAD with us. Not only will it be great training, it will be great fellowship.


Eddie Vergara "Uhaul"   if you are interested in joining us.

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War Zone Suicide Party: Uhaul Guest Q

Conditions: 68 and humid

The Thang:

Uhaul had the guest Q at the #WarZone for a suicide party beat down. I’ve been impressed not only by Hartsville's growth in numbers, but also by their physical fitness growth. From the BBs, these guys didn’t waste any time getting better and making the Gloom their playground. Uhaul’s goal was to try and keep up…..

Scouted the AO and found a treasure trove of concrete blocks and one told me about those...hmmmmm

UHaul doesn’t like to waste time to “warm up” so instructed early pax to stretch and do baby arm circles OYO.

Disclaimer: “I am not a professional and very soon it will be clear that I have no idea what I am doing. I like to design a work out that I don’t think I can finish…I depend on the Pax to carry me through. I won’t quit on you, you can’t quit on each other. AYE!”

Ok…so this is Uhaul’s “warm up”:

Merkin Pyramid

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1   Rep sequence. 5 seconds at the top of plank after each sequence.

Looks like: 1 Merkin, 5 second count then 2 Merkins 5 second count….grunts and groans a plenty by the time we got to 8. 9-10-11-10-9 sequence was rough as usual. 121 Merkins total. Remained in plank for obligatory right arm up, left arm up, low plank…

The Suicide Party

10 rounds of suicides with different exercises that go from 5-10-15-20 reps. Looks like 5 reps, run to first cone and back then 10 reps, then second cone and back 15 reps, last cone and back 20 reps. 50 reps total for each exercise. Sequence:

  1. Straight suicide sprint
  2. Squats
  3. SSH in 4 count cadence
  4. Big Boy Sit Ups
  5. Flutter Kicks in 4 count cadene
  6. Leg lifts or Leg Levers “Who invited you again??” - EPO
  7. Merkins (cause we didn’t do enough of those…)
  8. Bear Crawl (this was the exercise so Bear Crawl the suicide)
  9. Burpee Broad Jumps (again, this was the exercise so Burpee Broad Jump the suicide…about 25 jumps)
  10. Burpees

Still time left and Pax were crushing this so….Merkin Circle (always time for more Merkins)

Merkins until we hit 100 count.


Namearama: Kim (not Ken as I thought..sorry buddy!) Cranford now known as “Twinkle Toes”. Awesome naming skills in Hartsville.


  • Florence Convergence on May 30th!! Food provided by PSCOG Mens Group. Ebeneezer Park 6:50 am with start time at 7 am. “Core Four” Banjo, Foxy, Da Hoppa, Thunderbird on Q.
  • NO workout at War Zone or Clinic on Saturday.  Meet at War Zone 6am to Clown Car it to Florence
  • Double Down opportunity. Florence will ruck with coupons 5am – 6:30 from Ebeneezer Park


Its great to be able to guest Q at the #WarZone. Thanks for welcoming me back. Great workout today. It was clear to see everyone had different strengths. Some of you blazed through Merkins and Bear Crawls but slowed down during the Ab fest. I saw Pax planking on the 6 and going back to encourage others to finish. STRONG work. You guys in Hartsville have it down solid. Keep it up.

If you haven’t Q’d, you need to. It will change you when you lead guys through a beat down. It will let you see F3 in a whole new light. Take the challenge and Q. Your potential to lead is greater than you think. If you have Q’d think about going to a different AO to lead others. We grow/learn from each other. Keep yourself challenged.

I needed more time…I had planned to get to your concrete blocks and bricks behind the wall…maybe you’ll have me back for a Saturday.

Here’s to taking the Red Pill in Hartsville THANK YOU….so when can I Q the #Clinic?




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Warrior Wednesday, Flo Ops 007: War Machine

Dedicated to F3/FiA GORUCK Light Class 730

Lots of pre-workout chatter congratulating Band Aid for bringing FNG Chris Cawthon and saving the pax from a 150 "No FNG" Burpee penalty. It’s just as well since we probably didn’t have enough time to do all of that and the 730 reps in honor of class 730. Rucks and weight on!! Let’s get to work.

The Thang:

0531 (Thanks for pointing out the time Milton) Everyone on the line in plank to receive instructions. The AO was dark so I made them turn on the parking lot lights for us. Nowhere to hide your suffering now…


4 stations. Do the reps with your rucks/weight on and run to the next station

Station 1: SSH x 100

Station 2: Merkins x 100 (Lots of mumble chatter here…seems Foxy has competition today)

Station 3: Squats x 100

Station 4: Flutter Kicks x 100

0545 400 reps in 14 minutes #WarriorWednesday …That went faster than expected. Q was feeling it and pax were killing it. Everyone in plank to wait on the six…right hand up, left hand up, stay in plank to receive instruction.

Up and Down the Mountain

Lunges in sequence of 5-10-15-20-15-10-5

After each lunge set, bunny hop 35 steps up, run down and continue lunges and bunny hop again…repeat until done. That’s 80 lunges and 245 steps bunny hopped.

Plank for the 6.

Short Mosey to the hill

Low Crawl up the hill then Jump Lunges x 20, run down the hill and Jump Lunges x 20

Mosey back to the shovel flag

Merkin circle to count off.


730 reps for F3/FiA GORUCK Custom Light 730. BIG TCLAPS to all of you for being the most prepared light ever, for conquering demons, for ranger panties, and for representing F3/FiA to GORUCK and the nation. Today pax showed grit and heart pushing each other through the volume of reps. Strong work everyone!   CSAUP is waiting and after today…I know Florence is more than ready.  Raise the bar and the pax will overcome it.  If you haven't had a chance to Q, I highly recommend it.  Nothing more uplifting and motivating to see pax push themselves through a workout you designed.  Q'ing is addictive...get in on it!



  • Welcome FNG Chris Cawthon aka Knobby. You saved the pax from 150 burpees…they will pay at a later Uhaul Q. #promise
  • 2nd F Thursday night at Tacos and Tequila 6:00pm then Avengers movie at 7:20
  • 3rd F Friday morning at Dunkin Donuts 5:30am
  • Shirt orders due Sunday. Go to F3 Website for gear. REPRESENT FLORENCE F3!!!
  • Saturday double down opportunity. 5 am Ruck starting at Ebeneezer Park. We’ll go right into Saturday bootcamp. Coupons will be provided.
  • Our annivesary is coming up!!  Hartsville and all others welcome to join us in celebrating the birth of F3 Florence!




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Bring an FNG or I bring Burpees…you decide

Conditions: 59

I showed up to the AO to get it ready for today’s workout. Walk up to the picnic table pavilion, turn on my headlamp and scared a drunk guy off. Actually, he scared the Shitake out of me but he grumbled and walked off leaving his unopened Bud Light in the bag. I walked back to my car and waited for more pax to arrive. Speedwalker was out running a 5K before the workout….and finally Foxy showed up. Be careful out never know who is in the dark at your AO.

Q put out the challenge to pax to bring at least one FNG and I would not call one single burpee. 14 Pax showed up but not a single FNG showed up sooooo…..

The Thang:

Don’t want an injury…let’s warm up our shoulders….series of 20-30 second holds of:

High plank, low plank, high plank, low plank, high plank wide, low plank wide then

Baby arm circles 15 forward, 20 reverse both IC

Back to High plank, low plank, wide high plank, half way wide low plank

Mosey to the picnic tables….no drunk guy to be found but the beer was still there.

Dead Arm Hang for increasing time followed by burpees for increasing reps. Looks like:

Dead Arm Hang 30 seconds

5 Burpees

Dead Arm Hang 40 seconds

10 burpees

Dead Arm Hang 50 seconds

15 burpees

Dead Arm Hang 60 seconds

20 burpees

Mosey to tennis courts:

Forward lunge to cone and reverse lunge back x 3 Big Worm proceeded to call out Uhaul for putting hands on his knees. “You’re not the Q of me Big Worm!!”

Burpee broad jump to cone and backwards run x 3

People’s chair on the wall for 60 seconds

Two groups: “A” group SSH x 10 and plank until “B” group finishes 10 reverse burpees (burpee with handstand to the wall) x 10. Flap Jack

Mosey to parking lot for the big finish.

4 exercises in sequence with increasing reps matching the count (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …). Exercises were: Merkins, Squats, SSH, Burpees.

Looks like:

1 Merkin                              5 Merkins

2 Squats                               6 Squats

3 SSH                                     7 SSH

4 Burpees                            8 Burpess….and so on to 20.

Total Counts for this are: 43 Merkins, 50 Squats, 55 SSH, 60 Burpees.

TCLAPS to the pax for doing extra to push people to get done. HUGE DFQ to Stoudt who kept pushing and knocking burpees out. It’s easy to quit but quitting is forever.

BUT we’re still not done…

Plank for Merkin circle x 100+ to finish it off.

130+ burpees were paid for not bringing an FNG. Congrats to Hartsville for having an AO problem…too many pax so Tuesdays are now offering 2 boot camps. We can get there Florence….keep EH’ing…or keep doing burpees…



  • EH Challenge for Warrior Wednesday. Bring someone new … or so help me we pay up again.
  • 2nd F Thursday night at Tacos and Tequila 6:30pm Avengers Movie at 7:20
  • 3rd F Friday morning at Dunkin Donuts 5:30am
  • Shirt orders due next weekend. We need at least 10 to make it happen. REPRESENT FLORENCE F3!!!
  • See Foxy for sign ups for Spartan Trifecta. You all are ready.




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“When given a choice…do the HARDER thing”

Warrior Wednesday with all pax wearing rucks or weighted vests.

Conditions: 65 and awesome.

The Thang:

Mosey to Hamburger Hill. 45 Minutes isn't a long time...move with a purpose

3 Man Team Effort to complete reps. Rotation when the sprinter gets back so everyone gets the suck. Rest position is with the weight OVER your head…not resting on it.

A: Sprints hill                                      B: Sprints Hill                                      C: Sprints Hill

B: Performs Exercise                      C: Performs Exercise                      A: Performs Exercise

C: Holds weight overhead            A: Holds weight overhead            B: Holds weight overhead

Exercises performed:

  1. 100 Arm Circles
  2. 100 Merkins
  3. 100 Flutter Kicks IC
  4. 100 SSH
  5. 100 LBC IC
  6. 100 Squats (Hill sprints felt great after this...)
  7. 100 Plank Jacks
  8. 100 Burpees (Crowd pleaser as always)

Mosey back to base and line up facing each other for Team Merkin Claps

Team Merkin Claps x22 (22 for the number of Veteran suicides that happen each day. 1 is too many, help our Veterans and remember those who served)

Start in plank position facing each other.

Down command: Both go down

Up command: Both go up and complete Merkin with alternating arm high five to partner.

Everyone needs to work on Merkins…lots of groaning after 10, 15, 20….yeah I’m calling you all out….

Burpee Circle to count off the pax



  • 2nd F Thursday night at Tacos and Tequila 6:30pm
  • 3rd F Friday morning at Dunkin Donuts 5:30am
  • EH Challenge for Saturday 4/4. Bring someone new or bring someone who hasn’t been in a while. Don’t give up on them!! Chances are someone isn’t giving up on you!
  • April 25th Jacksonville launches…see UHaul for info


In Team Spearhead Pathfinder training the motto is “When given a choice…do the harder thing.” Today that choice was made for the Q by the pax. Flanders scouted out the AO the night before and gave us the green light to use hills (previously unable due to poor conditions from all the rain) for some continued Mud Run training. This made the Q change his initial workout plan and it was for the better. The hill work was definitely the harder thing. Good to see some old faces come back out (Hobo, Threadcount) and to see Roscoe come back from his first workout yesterday. TClaps to Roscoe at 63 and Moped at 72 years of age who continue to come out and lay it out there. They could not do everything on the program today but they didn’t fartsack it. THEY DID THE HARDER THING and that was to show up and push themselves forward.



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Dr. Tabata Meets the Filthy Fifty at ” The War Zone”

Dr. Tabata Meets the Filthy Fifty

Conditions:  Shorts and tshirts.  Bring on Summer

The Thang:

Dr. Tabata:

After a brief explanation of Tabata exercise regimen we dive right into it. 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

  1. Plank (encouraged Pax to plank for the full minute) Explained to Pax that plank was the F3 “rest” position and that traditionally when you completed the exercise round, you planked until the six was done or you went and helped the six finish. “You are always doing work”
  2. LBC
  3. Flutter Kicks
  4. Arm circles forward
  5. Arm circles backward
  6. Merkins
  7. Mountain climbers
  8. Squats
  9. SSH
  10. Burpees (crowd pleaser)
  11. Plank with 20 seconds high plank, 10 seconds ½ plank (crowd pleaser judging from the groans)

The Filthy Fifty:

5 exercises done one at a time in increasing reps.  Start at 5 reps then sprint to each station for 10, 15, 20 (50 reps total) then sprint all the way back and plank for the 6.

  1. LBC
  2. Squats
  3. Mountain climbers. Reps were for each leg. Mumble chatter decreasing, groans increasing…music to the Q
  4. Merkins
  5. Burpees: Crowd pleaser…so much so that Tater Salad decided to field goal kick the first cone…which had my keys and phone under it. No harm done, we all laughed before the pax got smoked.

Pax did great despite the 50 burpee blast at the end.  Finished ahead of schedule! Extra time means extra work.

Circle up for Plankarama with a healthy dose of arms up, legs up “I don’t do that gymnastics sh*t” – Pawn Star

Dying cockroach IC x 10



  • AO officially named "The War Zone” (nice job Divac) as part of the Veteran’s memorial honoring those who served
  • T-Shirts waiting on approval today or tomorrow. Will post details up as they come. Shirts will be loose, black, short or long sleeve (I want one Tater Salad!).
  • Monday/Thursday Run groups. 20 mins down and back to start…
  • Wednesday 3rd F at Bojangles
  • 2nd F Happy Hour Thursday at Nuevo 6:00
  • Continue to EH friends. Post up on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Shovel Flags may be presented to out of town Qs
  • Blue Hawaii from Swamp Fox bringing coupons Thursday…Yeah, that’s another level of suck. Bring it BH!



First of all thanks to F3 Hartsville for letting me Q.  It is an honor and a privilege to be able to pay it forward.  Mumblechatter award goes to Pawn Star who was an eager beaver this am.  Not sure if he was on the “juice” or angry but he brought it and vocalized it. Great work

Makes it fun for the Q and made me laugh a few times. 

Q’ing is an opportunity to serve the Pax.  You design a workout that will have everyone in the group working from the most fit to the least.  Keep the workouts different and the pax guessing to keep it interesting.  It’s designed to be hard but it’s not the Q’s job to smoke you, you should be doing that to yourself.  You don’t come to the AO at 5:30 just to “hang out with a bunch of dudes”.  You’re here to push yourself harder, to do what you couldn’t do yesterday, to get better.  F3 gets better togetherIT IS NOT A RACE and the only real competition is with yourself.  Finished? Work in plank for the six to keep them motivated or better yet, go back or hang back to help the six.  One day the six will move to the front and you will have helped him get there. 

I’ve seen non-runners go from 1 mile to 6 to 10 to training for marathons.  I’ve literally seen bodies transformed by  dropping as much as 40 pounds since I started F3 in May 2014.  Stories come from all over F3 nation of people losing weight, getting stronger physically and spiritually.  I invest in F3 because I believe in it and I believe in the pax.  Together we can be better, we can be something so much more than we were last year or last month or even last week. 

You showed up and that’s the hardest part. You’re F3 now. Welcome Brothers!


Tammy Faye

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