Farsight Turns Two: And It Was Terrible!

28 men, including 1 FNG and 1 recovered sad clown, emerged from the gloom to celebrate a momentous occasion:  Two years of blood, sweat, tears, prayers, laughs, and brotherhood at the Farsight AO.

Many men have passed through the gates at Farsight over the last 2 years, but many have not.  So the FS pax invited all to come and explore the best AO in Hartsville and all it has to offer.  From the track, to the wall, to the basketball court, to the rail, to the playground to the Indian Mound:  the Qs brought out all of the favorites that have pleased the crowds for over 200 gloomy mornings.

Conditions: 70 degrees and cool.  Perfect Beatdown weather.


Warm Up:

• Imperial walkers x 20 x IC

• Merkin x 10 x IC

Main Thang:

Partner Up. Shotgun start at any station. Flapjack every station before moving on (except station 3)

Station 1:

A – Balls to the wall

B – Cinder block rock slider slide across basketball court and back TWICE

Station 2:

A – Incline Merkin

B – One lap around track

Station 3:

A – Rail crawl down walk way (bear crawl modify)

B – Rail crawl down walk way (bear crawl modify)

Station 4:

A – Pull ups (low bar modify)

B – Sprint up hill – 5 burpees

Station 5:

A – Swerkins - Pushup with feet in in a playground swing. As you complete the pushup, bring your knees into your chest and back out.

B – Backward bear crawl up hill – 5 burpees

Left room for Captain Thor up to 10 and back down #crowdpleaser

COT and Devo led by Goldilocks


– Good work by the pax and YHC believes they got their money’s worth this morning. The first 5 minutes of the first stations was full of mumble chatter, especially when some were introduced to rail crawls, backwards bearcrawls, swerkins, and block sliders, all of which brought out some yells.

— T-claps to WarZone for bringing their entire AO across the Lake to help celebrate.  We love you brothers!  Also to the others from Clinique who could not pass up a chance to do something other than run wind sprints and burpees.

— More T-claps to Audit for bringing our only FNG of the day and for shaming Survivor into posting for the first time in over a year.

— Also, for all critical of YHC’s Captain Thor counting:  Remember to respect the Q.  And keep your mouth shut.  Stick to the cadence.

— Continue to think of sad clowns in your work and life to bring and make big  changes in their life.


— Green Acres continues to push the bounds of respectable exercise by organizing the first “Swingers Challenge”  Wives are welcome, but not required.

— Prayers up for the injured pax for speedy recovery, and also those dealing with illness in their family.  Also, to the pax expecting 2.0’s in the coming months.




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