Beat The Brakes Off


20 Monkey Humpers
10 Merkins
10 Flutter Kicks

The Thang

Pretty simple. Mosey to the brick pile. Begin Tire Flip Burpees rotating PAX through the line of tires. Once at the end one free PAX attacks the other with kicks and punches while he defends himself. Then rotate and flip-flop. Coming back we did a different technique. It was pretty much a AMRAP for 30 mins. Billy Blanks ain't got nothing on us. At time, we put both the techniques together and rolled each other in the grass. Mosey back.


100 LBC
50 Flutter Kicks IC
50 Merkins
100 LBC

The PAX had fun. They forgot about the fact they had done over 100 Tire Flip Burpees. It was a good strength and cardio workout. I gave them some good training and a testosterone boost. Good sport and fellowship. I got motivated.


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