Nurse Monkeys Post 5k Side Staddle Sugar Cookie

39 PAX for Nurse Jackie/Monkey Q post F3 Couch to 5k…….5k!

The Thang


Warmups in Hoppa’s Yard

100 SSH IC (lots of mumble chatter once we passed 40)
30 Carolina Dry Docks IC
30 Jump Lounges IC
30 4-count flutter kicks IC
30 Squat Jumps
10 Burpees
10 Burpees
50 SSh IC

Mosey to parking lot

30 Plank Elbow Taps

Partner up and Mosey to Trinity's Holy Grass

100 BB Situps as a team
100 Merkin as a team

Mosey back to parking lot

30 plank shoulder taps

Mosey to Ebenzer Sand Volleyball Court

30 Sugar Cookie Squats (Monkey got destroyed with sand for calling exercise)
25 Burpee Rolls

Mosey to parking lot

30 plank Hip touches

Mosey to tennis courts

2 Lap Partner Carry(1 full lap per partner)
Alternate was bearcrawl 1 lap.

Mosey to parking lot

Due to time Audible to 15 plank knee taps and 15 plank foot taps.

Unfortunatly we never got to the final station of 100 4 count flutter kicks... Oh well maybe next time.


Katt presented Medals to those that competed in C25K and those winning their bracket.

Nurse Jackie calls out all pax to Spread the word. Make them a better person today than they were yesterday. and not only to the ones that want it, but go after the tough ones that resist his word. Man Up!

BOM- Ginger


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Pre-Blast: THE QUAD Sat 9/12 CSAUP

Pre Blast: THE QUAD

Florence has a small following creating our version of #TheStandard It is triple down consisting of 0415 Murph workout, 0500 Ruck with weighted coupons, and our typical 0700 Bootcamp on Saturdays. Our very own Marv created this madness in his quest to participate in GORUCK Selection in 2016….and thus brought the pax out to train with him.

To up the CSAUP, some joking quickly turned into the creation of THE QUAD (from the triple down). It will consist of:

12 am: PT standards for 2 min push-ups and 2 min sit-ups followed by AT LEAST a 12 mile ruck in under 3.5 hours. This was the old GORUCK HEAVY Standard

We will do 9 push-ups and 11 BBS every mile

4 am: We take a break from rucking to do the Murph workout.

5 am: We continue to ruck with heavy coupons stopping to do 2011 reps of anything and everything

7 am: Saturday bootcamp

So think GORUCK simulation type physical activity from 12 am to 8am. Darkness, PT, rucking with coupons, more PT, Florence CSAUP.  Of course none of this is carved in stone and we can alter exercises and routes at the will of the pax to up the suck.  We've got all night!


We will do this Saturday 9/12 12 am to pay respects for 9/11. Many of you will be participating in GORUCK events but for those that can’t, we invite you to do THE QUAD with us. Not only will it be great training, it will be great fellowship.


Eddie Vergara "Uhaul"   if you are interested in joining us.

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