WARZONE 04112019

So YHC gets accused of leaving the MuthaShip on occasion. Today was not that day. YHC actually HC’ed the day before after seeing Sludge had the Q, set his clock, actually turned it on, and jumped in the ol'FartSack.  Fast forward a few hours, YHC rolls over to give the check of the time since the clock hadn't gone off yet only to see 5:17 on it. What the ****, how the H**l. So I fly out the bed, throw in some contacts, brush teeth, and fly out the house. YHC rolls up to WARZONE at 5:34(which is a damn accomplishment) and sees the warmup in progress. As I jog up Eisenhower says "Hey, glad you made it. Your Q." Uhhh, wait where's Sludge? (apparently he had a Nueva attack & couldn't leave the confines of his outhouse. If only we all had a "Luggable Loo") Sure I'll take the Q, I mean warm-ups were done.


No Clue but saw some merkins

CowBoy hollered out to take a lap and sprinted off in the dark. (Not sure how he was last back to the circle)

The Thang

ChuckieCheese's WagonWheel (No Music for this but CowBoy did have a speaker with Nipsey Hussle blasting the entire time)

The wagon wheel starts at the hub in the center doing an exercise then you run out to the spoke ends doing same exercise.

Exercises( I may be forgetting 1 or 2 or using different ones-it's been a few days)

ATG Squats 20

Merkins 20

Dips 20

LBC's 40 maybe it was 50??

Derkins (possibly CRS kicking in)

Mary- Eisenhower was giddy to do something

25 IC Flutters

25 IC Something??

10 IC PicklePounders (I think he'd be happy with 45min of these)

CountOff, name-o-rama, Announcements

We had 1 FNG to name Shane Nesbitt now named BadFish


prayer- The Lords Prayer


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